KLM Airlines – All the Necessary Information

Find all the important information related with traveling onboard KLM. However, before that, let us tell you the quickest ways to get in touch with KLM.

KLM Airlines Contact Information – Learn How to Connect with KLM

Below find all the ways to contact KLM quickly.

KLM Customer Service Number+1 800 618 0104
KLM Flying Blue+1 800 375-8723
Twitter @KLM 
Facebook @KLM
Postal AddressAir France / KLM
P.O. Box 981975
El Paso, TX 79998-1975

KLM Airlines Page Overview 

KLM, also called KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, is the airline and flag carrier of the Netherlands. The airline is a member of the Skyteam Alliance and part of the Air France KLM group. It was founded in the year 1919, which means 102 years ago, and is one of the world’s oldest-running airlines. As of the year 2021, the airline had 35,488 employees working. 

Headquartered Amstelveen, Netherlands 
Fleet Size 110 
Unique Selling Point People Comfort and known for its punctuality 
Hubs Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 

Destinations Covered By KLM Airlines 

KLM and its partnered airlines operate around 133 destinations in 5 continents and 70 countries from the hub of the KLM airline that is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. And as of 2022, KLM airlines fly to over 170 destinations, providing passenger and cargo services to its customers. 

Popular Destinations Of KLM Airlines 

Every airline in business tries to serve famous destinations because this will lead them to have more profits and more passengers they will carry. Being the world’s oldest airline KLM has multiple partnered airlines via which they also help their customers to travel to their favorite destinations without any hassle. 

Thus, to know the destinations that KLM specifically serves are mentioned below: 

  1. International Destinations 
    • Buenos Aries 
    • Vienna 
    • Manama 
    • Bridgetown 
    • Brussels 
    • Rio de Janeiro 
    • Calgary 
    • Toronto 
    • Santiago 
    • Shanghai 
    • Cartagena 
    • San Jose 
    • Dubrovnik 
    • Prague 
    • Billund 
    • Cairo 
    • Helsinki 
    • Nice 
    • Frankfurt 
    • Athens 
    • Hong Kong 
    • Budapest 
    • Delhi 
    • Denpasar 
    • Dublin 
    • Florence 
    • Tokyo 
    • Mombasa 
    • Kuwait City 
    • Kuala Lumpur 
    • Cancun 
    • Warsaw 
    • Lisbon 
    • Singapore 
    • Cape Town 
    • Seoul 
    • Geneva 
  1. Domestic Destinations 
    • Amsterdam 
    • Maastricht 
    • Rotterdam 
    • Eindhoven 

KLM Airlines Cabin Classes And Its Features 

Every passenger’s topmost priority is comfort, and everyone wants to travel with a comfortable seat. For that, KLM has distributed its cabin classes into three categories. So, that one can choose a seat depending on his pocket.  

Thus, you can make a seat selection while making a new reservation. But, before making a reservation, one should be aware of the cabin classes’ services offered by the airline. 

Below is a brief about every cabin class, including their amenities.

Economy Class 

This class falls under one of the cheapest fares of KLM airlines. This cabin class is recommended for passengers traveling on short-haul flights and falls under the customer’s budget.  

The economy class seats have also got differentiated between standard and economy comfort seats. The dimensions of both seats vary a little.  

The standard seat gets reclines up to 12.5cm and has a leg space of about 79cm. At the same time, the economy comfort seat gets reclines up to 16cm and has a leg space of about 89cm. 

Thus, the amenities you will enjoy in economy class are 

  • Standard seat: 1 carry-on and 1 personal item. 
  • Economy Comfort Or Flex seat: 1 checked-in baggage. 
  • Complimentary food and beverages. 
  • In-flight entertainment. 
  • In-flight free wifi. 
  • Pillow and blanket set. 

Premium Comfort Class 

Passenger who is looking for more convenience, comfort, and choice should go for the premium comfort class. Flyers traveling under this ticket have better space, especially on intercontinental flights.  

You will get 17cm more leg space than the economy class, and the seat can recline up to 20cm with a movable foot and leg rest.  

Thus, the amenities you will enjoy in the premium comfort class are 

  • Free 2 carry-on and 1 personal item of max 18kgs. 
  • Free 2 checked-in bags of 23kgs each. 
  • Complimentary food and beverages (Alcoholic). 
  • Premium comfort amenity kit. 
  • Sky Priority. 

Business Class 

Passengers who like more comfort, privacy, high-quality drinks, food, and a seat that gets reclined to a flatbed should choose the business class. It is the most luxurious cabin class of the KLM airlines.  

It is recommended that passenger traveling for long-haul flights should opt for business class because it offers more comfort to its passenger and many other amenities which doesn’t fall under the economy and premium comfort class. 

Thus, the amenities you will enjoy in the business class are 

  • Free 2 carry-on and 1 personal item of max 18kgs. 
  • Free 2 checked-in bags of 32kgs each. 
  • 3-course meal and beverages(Alcoholic). 
  • Business Class Amenity kit. 
  • Sky Priority. 
  • Lounge Access. 

Travel Luxuriously with KLM Flying Blue Program 

Flyers traveling with KLM Airlines can enjoy the multiple benefits of the KLM Flying Blue program by earning reward points. However, these reward points can be achieved on KLM by making a reservation using the airline’s official site. At the same time, this will also be helpful to keep the traveler intact and appreciated.  

Customers who earn Flying Blue miles can redeem their points on various in-flight and on-board services. Therefore, given below is the list that one must know where they can use their Flying Blue Miles. 

  • Hotel stays. 
  • Car rentals. 
  • Sky priority. 
  • Lounge Access. 
  • Baggage handling. 
  • Merchandise. 
  • Flight booking. 
  • Vacation packages. 
  • Flight upgrades. 
  • Add meals and beverages. 

Learn About all the Facilities Onboard Your Flight – KLM Airlines In-Flight Service

In order to make travel comfortable & enjoyable, KLM offers a suite of onboard services to their passegners. These services are available to all types of flights, be it One-Way, Roundtrip or a KLM Multi-City Flight.

In-Flight Service Economy Premium Comfort Business 
Free wifi service    
In-Flight Entertainment    
Free Carry-on & personal item    
Complimentary Food & beverages    
Amenity Kit NA   
Pillow and blanket set    
Lounge Access NA NA  

Rules & Guidelines for KLM Services – Airlines Policy

Baggage Policy 

Carry-On Baggage 

  • The airline in economy class allows you to carry 1 carry-on with dimensions of 55cmX35cmX25cm and 1 personal item with dimensions of 40cmX30cmX15cm for free of cost with a maximum weight of 12kgs. 
  • Passengers traveling in Premium comfort or business class are allowed to carry 2 carry-on baggage with dimensions of 55cmX35cmX25cm and 1 personal item with dimensions of 40cmX30cmX15cm for free of cost with a maximum weight of 18kgs. 
  • Passengers traveling with an infant or a child in their lap are allowed to carry 1 carry-on baggage of a maximum of 10kgs with the dimension 55cmX35cmX25cm. 

Checked-In Baggage 

KLM Airlines allow its passenger to carry checked-in baggage depending on the cabin class in which they are traveling. Thus, to know the exact measurements and number of baggage allowed per passenger and its weight, carefully read the table given below. 

Cabin Class Weight Dimensions Number of Bags 
Economy 23kgs 158cm Economy Comfort or Flex seat – 1bag 
Premium Comfort 23kgs each 158cm 2 bags 
Business 32kgs each 158cm 2 bags 

Easily Scrub Your Travel – Flight Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • According to the 24-hour cancellation policy, passengers who cancel their tickets within 24 hours will not be levied any cancellation fee. 
  • To avoid any penalty, passengers traveling to and from the U.S are eligible to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking. Still, the booking should be made using the airline’s official site. 
  • 24 hours KLM flight cancellation policy of the airline implies in all cabin classes and both international and domestic travel. 
  • Passengers who have canceled their ticket after 24 hours of booking have to pay a minimal cost as a cancellation fee.  
  • KLM charges a penalty between $45 – $300 as a cancellation fee. 
  • The airline offers a full refund on fully flexible tickets regardless of their fare class. 
  • The airline will provide you with a full refund if your ticket gets canceled by the airline and you choose not to board the alternative flight offered by the airline.  
  • The airline will provide you with a full refund if KLM denies your boarding. 
  • The passengers traveling on the intercontinental flight will get a full refund if their flight gets delayed for 3 hours or more. 
  • The passenger will be given a full refund if his intercontinental flight is unintentionally delayed.  
  • Passengers will be given a full refund if they face delays of more than 90 minutes while traveling to Europe.  
  • KLM provides a full refund if the passenger faces sudden death. 
  • Bookings made via a 3rd party agent are eligible for a refund via the agent itself. 
  • KLM gives a refund to its passenger if their visa gets refused. 

Amend Your Itinerary – Flight Change 

  • KLM allows its passenger to change flights within 24 hours of booking at no cost. 
  • The airline allows its passenger to change flight date, time, and destination within 24 hours of booking by paying the difference in fares. 
  • KLM date and destination change are only eligible on the tickets booked using the airline’s official site, customer service, and at the ticket counter. 
  • Flights booked via any agent or third party are eligible for change but by paying a minimal amount of fee to the airline. 
  • The airline charges an admin fee of $200 for a KLM flight change on all international bookings. 
  • The airline charges a fee of $75 for a flight change if a passenger flight is within Europe. 
  • The passenger has to pay a fee of $35 as a flight change fee if he makes the booking via an agent or a third party. 

Make Correction – Name Change 

  • KLM allows you to change your name 30 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • The airline offers name changes or corrections to booked tickets only via the airline’s official channels. 
  • KLM doesn’t allow same-day name changes for its travelers. 
  • In case one of your connecting flights is with KLM’s partnered airline, it is suggested to make changes or corrections 72 hours before the scheduled departure. Thus, the airline doesn’t charge any fee for name changes/corrections. 
  • KLM doesn’t charge any name change or correction fee if changes are made within 24 hours of booking. 
  • The airline charges more than half of your ticket price as the KLM name change fees. 

Perform Advanced Seat Selection 

  • KLM allows seat selection to its passenger using online and offline methods. 
  • The airline charges a minimal cost for selecting a seat. 
  • Passengers traveling with KLM airlines can also select a preferred seat by paying a minimal amount. 
  • Passengers who are Flying Blue or Skymiles Elite Members can make a seat selection for free of cost or at a discounted price. 
  • The airline will give you a complete refund if you don’t get your preferred seats being on the flight. 
  • According to the airline, a passenger who has selected a seat near the emergency exit must be aware of the safety measures. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I contact KLM customer service?

Passengers can use the KLM Customer Service Number (+1 800 618 0104), to get in touch with any representative of the airline. Just dial the number, and follow the IVR instructions.

Q2. How do I chat with KLM?

There are 2 channels of live chat support for KLM passengers,

Q3. How do I claim for delayed baggage KLM?

You can claim for a delaye/lost baggage with KLM, through the official website. In order to do this, follow these simple steps-

  • Firstly, click on this link.
  • Then, fill in your booking information & click on Search Flight.
    • Booking Code
    • First Name
    • Last Name
  • Once the page loads, follow the instructions given to file a lost baggage claim.

Q4. How much does KLM compensate for delayed baggage?

The compensation amount for lost baggage with KLM, depends on the lenght of the flight, or to be precise, the air distance. So, below we’ve given different compensation ranges for all the distances of flights-

Flight Distance (Kilometers)Compensation Amount (U.S. Dollars – $)
Up to 1500248.35
1500 to 3500396.88
More than 3500595.31

Q5. How do I cancel my KLM flight?

There are multiple ways to make a flight cancellation with KLM, namely-

  • Manage Booking/My Trips
  • KLM Customer Service Number
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