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Experience best air travel with Japan Airlines

Everyone has their list of destinations where we want to go out for trip. But to go to all our dream destinations it is important to find the reliable and comfortable airlines. Air travel is the most luxurious travels but it remains luxurious only when we are able to find the best airlines. We all get too excited when we think of boarding a plane. Getting all the services at one place is so rare now a days. Ticking our bucket list becomes more interesting when we fly with the right airlines. Before finalizing the airlines, it is important to do a lot of research and then make the final bookings. It is important that we look for the airlines which is there to assist and guide their passengers throughout their journey. Airlines with the experienced staff and trained professionals should be passenger’s priority when thinking of making any bookings. Talking about the best airlines we cannot forget talking about Japan airlines. It is a very well-known airline and provide the best services to all their customers. If you are thinking to choose the right airlines, then do not forget to look for Japan Airlines.

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Know Your Travel Partner | Japan Airlines

Japan airlines is a very well-known airline. Japan airlines is also known as Nikko. It is an international airline. Japan airlines is the National transporter of Japan. It is the second biggest airline in Japan. It is the most prominent airlines. Headquarters of The Japan airlines is in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Talking about the main hubs of this airline, they are Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, Osaka’s Kansai International Airport, Haneda Airport and Osaka’s Kansai International Airport. Japan airlines provides the best services and hospitality to all its passengers.

All the aircrafts of this airline are new and well maintained and proper sanitization is done of all the aircrafts. This airline provides not only the best fares to all its customers but also provides amazing inflight entertainment which makes the journey of people full of fun and they don’t get bored. Both national and international destinations are covered by this airline. 48 domestic and 46 international destinations are covered by the Japan airlines. These airlines fly to 23 countries. Not only this, these airlines also provide cargo services to around 220 destinations all over the world.

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Hub airport:  Narita International Airport Fleet size: 279 
Headquarters- Shinagawa, Tokyo  No of destinations covered- 94
International-46 Domestic-48

Current Operating Routes


Top 5 Destinations

1    Australia
2    Brazil
3    China
4    Hongkong
5    Denmark

Destinations with Cheap Airfares

1    Paris
2    Vienna
3    Helsinki

Important Policies of Japan Airlines-

               Policy-1            Policy-2             Policy-3
         Baggage Policy– Every passenger is allowed to carry one carry- on bag with them. Weight of that bag should not be more than 10 kgs. Measurements should not be more than 55 cm*40 cm*25 cm. Apart from this an individual is allowed to carry one personal item which maybe any handbag, shopping bag or any coat etc. Talking about the domestic flights, the dimensions of the checked baggage should not be more than 50*60*120 cm. For the first-class ticket holder weight allowed is up to 45 kgs and for the economy class passengers weight allowed is up to 20 kgs. For the international flights two bags of 23 kgs each are allowed and for the first class three bags of 32 kgs each is allowed.       Cancellation policy– Japan airlines offers easy cancellation policies. The whole procedure of cancellation is very easy so that the customers don’t get tensed. A person can easily cancel his/her tickets if he/she could not board the flight. These reasons can be anything like health, weather conditions or any other emergency. Cancelation protection will be added to an individual booking during the check out.      Check-in There are two ways to check-in. A person can choose the option according to his/her preference. Online check-in– Online check-in is the most used way now-a-days. Online check has to be done 24 hours before the departure time.   Airport check-in For the airport check-in a person has to reach the airport one-hour prior the departure of the plain. There the individual can either use the check-in counter or can-do self-service kiosk. Make sure to reach the airport on time so that there is no mess created at the end moment.  
            Policy-4             Policy-5          Policy-6
    Change date policy– There are certain conditions if you want to get the dates of your tickets changed. If all those conditions are fulfilled then a person is eligible for changing the dates. Here are some of the conditions that should be followed to get the dates of your tickets changed. Go to ‘rebook option’ on the ‘’manage booking’’ of the japan airlines official site. Here you will be able to change the dates. Conditions for getting the dates of the tickets changed are as follows :1- If the tickets purchased is an E-ticket purchased through Japan airlines site. 2-The booking done is not the upgraded one.3-Ticket was purchased using the credit card.4-In your booking there is no infant who is occupying the seat.4-Your booking does not hold Deutsche Bahn Rail Services.5-Your booking does not hold paid seat Services.   Pet policy– There are some rules for carrying a pet when traveling in Japan airways. Dogs, small birds, cats, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, marmots, squirrels, chinchillas are allowed in the flight. Dogs and cats should be of age at least 8 weeks and not less than that.Bull dogs and French bull dogs are not allowed in the flight. Pregnant pets will not be allowed. Health of the pet must be good and the pet should not harm other animals.Pets must not have offensive odour.        Special assistance policy   The whole team of Japan airlines is very well trained and are very experienced. They are always there to help all their customers. In case of any assistance required, you can contact Japan airlines for help. An individual can request for a wheelchair and ask for any other help he/she need.

Frequent Flyer Program

The airlines offer the regular customers the JMB mileage as the frequent flyer program. These miles can be earned through travel and other activities like coupons, merchandise, award tickets and other travel awards. This JBM program has no membership to be paid. The last valid day will be the 36th month after your flight. The program is the frequent flyer service status and is separated into different levels like crystal, Diamond, Sapphire and JGC premier. Fly on points of the person are used for calculating the members eligibility during the membership year. Other benefits such as bonus or other additional baggage permission, priority boarding is also given to the people.

Program is divided into two parts –

  • First one begins after two months of the membership.
  • The other one begins in the month of April of the following year.

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Safety Precautions Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 times is two sensitive for traveling. It is important that all the precautions are taken while traveling. Especially when traveling it is important that all the strict steps are taken to ensure the safety. Traveling using air as the means is not easy as there are many people traveling all together. So here are some steps that are taken by the Japan airways to ensure complete safety-

  • Providing hand sanitizers and PPE kits to all their customers.
  • Japan airlines has teamed up with the Allianz travel to provide cover for medical, quarantine costs and testing. Help will be given to the passengers who will be tested positive.
  • Providing the face coverings and the face masks to all the passengers.
  • Sanitizing the areas which are most touched again and again such as seats, counters etc.

Tips to book at better airfare

There are some ways through which we can book tickets at better airfares. Using these ways we will be able to save the money while making the bookings of your tickets.

  • Tickets should be booked in advance.
  • Try and book tickets at least 6-12 weeks in advance. This will help to save a good amount of money.
  • Avoid making your bookings on the weekends. On these days the tickets are much expensive.
       Best time to book         Time to avoid
              April            Weekends

How to contact Customer Support Team?

There are many ways to contact the travel experts. An individual can choose whichever option he/she is comfortable with. Some of the ways are as follows

  • Chat-box option

Using the chat-box option passengers can clear all their doubts. The travel experts will solve their query there.

  • Helpline number

Using the helpline number, the customer scan contact the travel representative themselves and talk to them directly. It is the easiest way to get your problems solved.

•   E-mail assistance

E-mail is yet another way to get your problems solved. Drop in an e mail and find answers to all your questions. A person can ask about check-in, baggage etc.

Customer Ratings-

WIFI & Connectivity                                 ****

Seat comfort                                              ****

Inflight entertainment                              ***

Staff service                                                ****

Value for money                                        ***

Ground service                                           ***

Cabin staff service                                     ****

Contact Information:

Official Websitehttps://www.jal.co.jp/in/en/
Email addressNA
Customer service800-525-3663
Wait time7
Calling Hours24 hours, 7 days
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