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Fly on the Flag Carrier of the UAE, fly Emirates. With a whole suite of services and luxuries. So, first, let’s discuss how to get in touch with the representatives of Emirates Airlines.

Learn the Simplest Ways to Get in Touch – Emirates Airlines Contact Information

Reservations 022 3377 3377 
Customer care 916 700 3333 
TTY Support +18883201576 
Changes 1 (800) 777-3999 
Baggage Assistance 916 708 3333 
WhatsApp Support Link 

A Quick Overview of Emirates

Emirates, one of the biggest airlines in the world, is owned by the government of Dubai and has its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the biggest airline in the Middle East and has a hub at Dubai International Airport, from where it runs more than 3,300 flights a week. Dubai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, London, Amman, Baghdad, Bahrain, Basra, Beirut, Cairo, Dammam, and Doha are just a few places the airline flies to. 

The airline started operating flights in August 2016 to Hanoi, Vietnam’s second-most popular destination after Ho Chi Minh City and Yangon in Myanmar. 

Headquarters Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
Fleet Size 253 
Unique Selling Point Premium Services 

A Whole Suite of Destinations Covered by the Emirates Airlines 

Emirates is among the most significant international carrier. It flies to more than 157 destinations in 85 countries. However, you must adhere to the rules of each country you are transiting or visiting to board Emirates flights. Emirates airlines also provide nonstop flight services to different cities in the United States. From the next month onwards, Emirates will operate 78 flights weekly to 12 destinations in the United States. 

The Best Travel Spots – Popular Destinations of Delta

Below is the list of popular destinations, both domestic and international. 

Domestic Destination 

  • Dubai 
  • Abu Dhabhi 
  • Sharjah 
  • Ajman 
  • Ras Al Khaimah 
  • Al Ain 
  • Al-Fujairah 

International Destination 

  • Los Angeles 
  • Dublin 
  • Newcastle 
  • Kenya 
  • Stansted  
  • Birmingham 
  • Manchester 
  • London 
  • Glasgow 
  • Lagos 

Different Levels of Luxury Aboard Emirates – Cabin Classes & Their Features

Special Fares 

It is the cheapest fare and has the most restrictions on using this fare. With the special fares, passengers can travel without busting their budget. But there are cons to it as they are non-refundable, and you cannot be upgraded using either cash or miles. In addition, you cannot buy by redeeming your frequent flyer miles.   

In business class, passengers are not eligible for seat selection, cancelation, or lounge access. In addition, economy passengers’ special fares can only carry 15 kg of checked baggage.  

Saver Fares 

Saver fares have more flexibility than the special fares of Emirates. Passengers can earn more miles when flying saver fares. Passengers with Saver fares are entitled to upgrade and will get a refund after paying the required fee.  

Business class passengers having saver fares can select their seats for free, but economy class passengers need to pay the price. Passengers can utilize their miles and upgrade their classes for both fare classes. Passengers will also earn miles when flying business and economy class. 


Passengers flying first, business, and economy class can have the flex fares on Emirates. It provides excellent flexibility. Changes are possible for all the cabin classes, but for a fee; however, passengers need to pay the cancelation fee only for first and economy class.  

For business and economy class passengers, upgrades are possible via miles. However, passengers cannot buy flex fares outrightly via miles.  

Flex Plus 

Flex Plus provides more flexibility but is also a more expensive fare type. It allows free changes and cancelation to all the cabin classes. Passengers of all the cabin classes will get free seat selection with flex fare. Business and economy passengers can upgrade their tickets via miles. 

However, chauffeur services and lounge access are only available to first and business class passengers. 

The More Your Travel, The Less You Have to Pay – Emirates Miles Program 

Emirates Skywards is the airline’s frequent flyer program used by Emirates rewards frequent flyers. 

Skywards is a four-tier flier program. More than 8.4 million passengers use it. 

Silver, Blue, which require 25,000 miles to enter, and Gold, which need 50,000 miles to enter, are the three main tiers. To join the Platinum tier, passengers need 150,000 miles. 

The airline and Virgin America started a frequent flyer program in October 2013. Members of the frequent flyer programs of both airlines can accrue and use Skywards miles. 

Alaska Airlines, EasyJet, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, JetBlue, Jetstar, Korean Air, Qantas, S7 Airlines, South African Airways, TAP Portugal, and Virgin America have frequent flyer programs similar to Emirates’. 

Passengers can use Emirates Skywards miles on 

  • Banks 
  • Hotels 
  • Car rentals 
  • Luxury products 
  • Upgrades 
  • Retail products

Enjoy all the Services Easily by Learning Emirates Policies 

Baggage Policy – Allowance, Restrictions & Fees

Carry-on Bags:  

First- and business-class passengers are allowed two pieces of carry-on bags: a briefcase (maximum dimensions: 18” x14” x 8”) and a handbag (maximum dimensions: 22” x 15” x 8”) or clothes bag (max 8” thick after folded). Any item’s weight cannot be greater than 7kg. 

One piece of carry-on luggage is allowed for customers traveling in economy class, and it cannot be larger than 55 x 38 x 20 cm or heavier than 7 kilograms. 

Checked Baggage 

To determine the allowance for their flight, customers can provide their trip and travel class using the airline’s luggage allowance calculator.  

Regarding all flights except those to North America, Canada, and South America: 

Passengers in the economy who have “Special” fares are allowed 20 kg of checked baggage. Passengers in the economy who have a “Saver”/“Flex” fare are granted 30 kilograms of checked baggage, while those who have a “Flex Plus” fare are allowed 35kg. 

Passengers of business class are eligible for 40 kilograms of checked baggage. Whereas passengers of first-class are eligible for 50 kilograms of checked baggage. 

No single piece of checked baggage may weigh more than 32kg, though passengers are free to check as much as they desire. Additionally, the combined dimensions of each bag cannot be greater than 118” ( width x length x height). 

Regarding all flights to and from North America, Canada, South America, and Africa: 

In first or business class, passengers may check in two 32 kg bags, while Economy Class flyers may check in two 23 kg bags. 

For When Your Plans are Scrapped – Cancellation & Refund Policy 

  • Passengers can cancel their flight before departure; otherwise, the airline will show it as a no-show. 
  • Emirates allows passengers to cancel their flights within 24 hours of purchase without paying any charges.  
  • Beyond 24 hours, a certain cancelation fee per the fare condition will apply. 
  • Passengers can cancel their Emirates flight tickets via online, mobile app, or over a phone call.  
  • To start the refund process, you should complete and submit the refund form. 
  • The airline will take 14 business days to process the refund after receiving the documents. 
  • Flex Plus fares qualify for full refunds for all cabin classes.  
  • You will get refunds in the original payment form. 
  • You can only request your refund within two years from the ticket purchase date. 
  • If passengers do not qualify for a full refund, the amount will vary depending on the fare conditions.  

Make a Reservation Again with Ease – Rebooking Policy 

  • Ask Emirates’ representatives to rebook your tickets on the available flight operating by either Emirates or the other airlines at no extra charge. 
  • If you missed your flight due to the airlines’ fault, then the airline will rebook you on the earliest flight or will extend your ticket’s validity, if needed, at no extra charge. 
  • If passengers rebook their flight within the validity period, they do not need to pay any additional charge for rebooking. 
  • Passengers can rebook their flight online through the manage my booking option, over the phone, or at the airport counter. 

Confirm Your Plans from Anywhere – Check-in Policy 

Online check-in:  

Emirates allows online check-in to passengers on its official site. Online check-in starts 48 hours and stops 90 minutes before the flight departure. 

Airport Check-In 

Travelers who have not done or cannot do online check-in can be done at the airport check-in counter. The check-in time at the airport will change at the based departure airport.   

Before You Alter Your Travel Plans Learn About Flight Change Policy

  • Emirates airlines offer 24 hours change facility to its customers where they can modify or alter their original flight under the Emirates flight change policy.  
  • However, passengers cannot change their flight one hour before the scheduled departure.  Significantly, Emirates does not allow same-day flight changes on its long-haul flights.  
  • If you have already checked in online or offline, you are not eligible to select an earlier flight. 

Make Corrections to Your Personal Details on the Fare with Ease – Name Change 

  • Passengers are allowed to fix the misspelled name on their tickets by paying a small fee, if applicable.  
  • Passengers can change their names up to 4 characters. 
  • You can also swap your first or last name only under legal conditions such as divorce, marriage, or legal name change.  
  • The changes to the name should be made before the flights’ scheduled departure date. You can make changes by going to the website, calling the Emirates’ representatives, or at the Emirates’ ticket offices.
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