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Are you planning to travel onboard Air France to your favorite destinations? Well, then you might want to learn a little about your travel partner. So, let’s start with discussing all the ways to get in touch with the airline.

Contact Information – Customer Service Number

There are multiple ways through which customers can quickly contact Air France. 

Mentioned below are all the contact details of the airline through which customers can contact the representative to solve his/her query. 

Customer Care Support0124-2720272 
Reservation Number (8 AM to 11 PM)+1 800 237 2747
711 833 648 2072
Flying Blue Support (8 AM to 10PM)+1 800 375-8723
Twitter Handle@airfrance 
Facebook MessengerLive Chat
WhatsApp Messenger1-458-237-2747
Postal AddressAir France / KLM
P.O. Box 981975
El Paso, TX 79998-1975

Now that you know all the ways to get in touch with Air France, let’s move on to learning a bit about the airline and its services.

A Brief Overview of Air France

Air France is one of the well-known airlines operating in France and was founded in 1933. It serves around 36 destinations in France, operates worldwide in 211 destinations in 93 countries, and has carried the highest number of passengers in 2019, i.e., 46,803,000.  

Headquartered Tremblay-en-France, France 
Fleet Size 212 
Unique Selling Point High-quality services 
Hubs Paris- Charles de Gaulle Paris- Orly 

Some of the Destinations Covered by Air France 

Air France flies to 175 international and 36 domestic destinations across 6 continents and 93 countries, along with 14 in the United States. 

Look for Your Favorite Vacation Spots – Popular Destinations of Air France 

Being such an oldest airline, it’s expected for Air France to travel to some of the most popular international destinations in the world.  

There are multiple destinations where a passenger wishes to travel. And not only travel, but one also searches for a mind-blown and comfortable in-flight experience. 

Thus, below is the list of some popular destinations that one should be aware of before traveling: 

  • International Destinations
    • Australia 
    • Brazil 
    • Czech Republic 
    • Georgia 
    • Germany 
    • Greece 
    • Hong Kong 
    • Japan 
    • Netherlands 
  • Domestic Destinations
    • Ajaccio 
    • Paris 
    • Nice 
    • Bastia 
    • Brest 
    • Lyon 
    • Nantes 
    • Marseille 

Brief Analysis of Air France Cabin Classes & Their Features 

Everyone wants to travel with ease. And every airline in business offers its customers seats according to their affordability. So, Air France has also differentiated the seats in different fare classes. And in total, there are four types of cabin classes on Air France. 

These cabins’ fares vary and are different in their seat size and onboard services. At the same time, passengers flying with Air France can also select their choice of seat at the time of making a reservation. 

Thus, given below is a brief about every cabin class and its services. 

Economy Class 

As the name suggests, it is one of the most affordable seats for passengers traveling on short-haul flights. The economy cabin class seats are comfortable with a width of 17inches and can recline up to 32 inches. 

Passengers who are traveling on long-haul flights can also book their seats under an affordable budget.  

Facilities provided to the customers under economy class are 

  • Complimentary Meal.
  • Personal Screen with 12 languages. 
  • One hand baggage with the dimensions of 55X35X25cms.  
  • One personal item with the dimensions of 40X30X15cms and the weight of both the items should not exceed more than 12kgs. 

Premium Economy Class 

It is the upgraded version of the economy class. Under this fare, Air France provides its passengers with most of the luxuries and services. Not only the luxury, but it also provides a seat with extra leg room.  

The width of the seat is 19inches, and it can recline up to 38 inches. The premium economy cabin class flight seats are 2 inches wider than the economy cabin class and have 6 inches of extra leg space. And it is suggested that passengers traveling on long-haul flights should choose this seat for extra comfort. 

Thus, facilities provided to the passengers under premium economy are 

  • 13.3inches high-definition personal screen. 
  • Priority Check-in. 
  • Complimentary travel care kit. 
  • Seats with 40% more extra space than economy cabin class. 
  • Business class food. 
  • 2 carry-on baggage of 23kgs each. 
  • 1 checked & 1 hand baggage of up to 18kgs.  

Business Class 

Passengers traveling in business class can have complete comfort while traveling on Air France. Seats in this cabin class have more comfort as they can get reclined into the flatbed.  

The amenities passengers will get under business class are 

  • 6.5 inches of a flatbed. 
  • Express security. 
  • Access to the business lounge. 
  • Welcome drink. 
  • Food menu by Michelin star chef. 
  • 2 checked-in baggage 32kgs each. 

First/ La Premiere Class 

It is the top cabin class of Air France. You can enjoy the private suites under first class. Passengers traveling in this class can experience the airline’s exclusive access and personalized service.  

The amenities that passengers will get under La premiere class are 

  • Private chauffeur service. 
  • Private suites and check-in. 
  • Gourmet food menu. 
  • Award-winning travel kit with eye mask & earplugs. 
  • Essentials such as bathrobe, socks, and slippers. 
  • 3 checked-in baggage 32kgs each.

Air France Flying Blue Program – Services & Eligibility

Customers traveling with Air France can enjoy the benefits of the flying blue program. The airline always wants to have their customer intact. That’s why they make sure that their frequent flyer always feels appreciated.  

For that, they have provided the customer with the flying blue miles points, which they will get upon making a reservation. Thus, these flying blue miles points can be used to book a flight ticket and purchase additional flight services. This program is called the flying blue program. 

Using the Flying Blue points, customers can purchase: 

  • Rental cars 
  • Hotel bookings 
  • Buy beauty & home products 
  • Donate miles to the charity 
  • Dining at the airport 
  • Upgrade your cabin classes 
  • Add-on Baggage 

Luxuries Onboard Air France – Inflight Services

Besides all the pre-ride services, Air France offers multiple inflight services that a passenger can use it. Moreover, all these services’ availability depends on your cabin class.  

Thus, given below is the list of the services which you should be aware of before making any reservations: 

Inflight Services Economy Premium Economy Business Class La Premiere 
Personal Screen     
Inflight Wi-Fi     
Journals & Magazines     

Air France Policies – Terms & Conditions for Servicess

To have smooth day-to-day functioning, Air France has various flexible policies. These policies offer every amenity and service that the airline provides related to baggage, cancellation, or refund. 

Learn About Baggage – Allowance, Fee & Restrictions

  • Customers who are traveling in economy class can carry a personal item and carry-on baggage for a total of 12kgs. 
  • Air France allows its customers who are traveling in business and premium economy class to carry a weight of up to 18kgs. 
  • You can carry checked-on luggage depending on your cabin class, but the dimensions of the luggage should not exceed more than 158cm. 
  • Air France allows carrying checked-on baggage depending upon your cabin class. Thus, given below is the table for the checked-in baggage. 
Cabin Class Weight  Number of Baggage 
Economy 23kgs  0-2 
Premium Economy 23kgs 
Business 32kgs 
La Premiere 32kgs 

Abort Flights with Ease – Flight Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • Air France allows free cancellation of tickets within 24 hours of booking, but the booking should be made at least 7 days prior to the departure to avoid cancellation charges. 
  • Tickets booked using a travel credit voucher are not eligible for any cancellation. 
  • Air France offers travel credit vouchers for the cancellation of non-refundable tickets. 
  • You can cancel your international refundable ticket 4 hours before the scheduled departure and your domestic ticket 2 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • Air France charges a cancellation fee between $200-$250 if a cancellation is made after 24 hours of booking. 
  • Tickets purchased at least 7 days prior to the scheduled departure and canceled under 24 hours of booking are eligible for a full refund. 
  • Air France doesn’t provide a refund on the basic economy ticket in any situation. 
  • Passengers traveling with Air France can get a refund if the ticket has been booked in the original mode of payment. 
  • Air France provides credit card refunds in 7-8 business days. Whereas a refund for a debit card takes 18-20days. 

Learn to Quickly Alter Your Itinerary – Flight Change

  • Passengers can make a date and time changes within 24 hours of booking at no cost. 
  • You can change your flight within 24 hours of booking at no cost. 
  • The airline charges a fee of $20-$35 if the passenger changes a flight after the risk-free window. 
  • You can make same-day flight changes using the same method you have booked the ticket.  

Make Corrections in Your Ticket – Name Change 

  • You can correct or change your name at no cost before the 24 hours of scheduled departure. 
  • Air France allows legal name changes to its passenger. But, they are asked to submit supporting documents such as marriage certificates, divorce papers, or court orders. 
  • You are allowed to change or correct your name 72hours before the scheduled departure if you have made the booking with any partnered airlines. 
  • Name correction or change will cost you a fee ranging from $20-$50. 

Rules for Advanced Seat Selection 

  • Air France doesn’t charge any fees if a passenger selects a seat within 24 hours of booking. 
  • Passengers traveling in Business and La Premier class don’t have to pay any seat selection fee. 
  • Air France offers free-of-cost seat selection in Economy and premium economy classes 30 hours prior to scheduled departure.  

Pet Policy – Rules for Traveling with Your Little Buddy

  • Passengers carrying a pet should be at least 15 weeks. 
  • You can carry a pet as carry-on baggage of up to 8kgs with a dimension of 46cmX28cmX24cm. 
  • Air France allows carrying a pet as checked-in baggage between the weight of 8-75kg. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get a hold of Air France?

Air France provides passengers with many options through which they can get in touch with the airlines, for example,

Air France Service Line – +1 800 237 2747, 711-833-648-2072

Social Media Handles – Facebook Messenger, Twitter

Q. What are Air France customer service hours?

The Air France customer care representatives are available 24X7. So, whenever you’re in need of assistance, just get a hold of them through the official helpline number.

Q. Does Air France have a chat line?

Yes, passengers can live chat with the airlines representatives through the Air France Facebook messenger chat.

Q. How do I speak to a live person at Air France?

There are two primary ways through which passengers can directly speak with an Air France representative,

Firstly, through the customer care helpline.

Alternatively, they can use the Live Chat support through the official website.

Q. Does Air France have WhatsApp?

Yes, Air France does provide customer care services through the WhatsApp messenger. The number for the said service line is 1-458-237-2747. Passengers can get solutions for their queries or add services to their itineraries through this channel.

Q. How do I complain to Air France?

There are a couple of ways to lodge a complaint with Air France. Firstly, try visiting the official website and clicking on Contact Us in the footers. Alternatively, you can also, connect with the customer service through the helpline phone number, Live Chat or the WhatsApp number.

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