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Air Canada Contact Information 

Passengers find multiple ways to contact the airlines. Air Canada has ample ways through which a passenger can contact the airline’s customer representative. The representative is available 24*7 to solve your queries. 

Thus, given below are the contact details through which flyers can contact Air Canada: 

Customer Support 1-888-247-2262
Flight Reservation & Info 1-888-247-2262 
Damaged or Delayed Baggage 1-888-689-2247 
EmailContact Form
Twitter Handle @AirCanada 
Gift Card Assistance1-855-281-1761
Password Assistance1-866-689-8080
Website Accessibility Assistance1-844-347-4268

Air Canada Overview 

Air Canada is the flag carrier and is one of the largest airlines in Canada by its passenger carried and fleet size. It was founded in the year 1937.  

It also serves 64 domestic destinations & 158 international destinations around the world. Air Canada is the first Canadian airline to provide in-seat Wi-Fi service. 

Headquartered Montreal, Canada 
Fleet Size 353 
Unique Selling Point Preferring customer’s comfort 
Hubs Calgary Montreal- Trudeau Toronto- Pearson Vancouver 

Destinations Covered by Air Canada 

Air Canada flies to 158 international and 64 domestic destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas. At the same time, it serves 222 destinations in 47 countries and 6 continents worldwide with its regional partnered airlines.  

Popular Destinations of Air Canada 

Being the largest airline in Canada, it is entirely expected from the airlines that they must travel to a few of the most visited international destinations. 

However, the customer traveling with the airline doesn’t only see the comfort but also watches out for the amenities and services that the airline offers. 

Thus, given below is the list of the top popular destinations that Air Canada operates on 

  1. International Destinations 
  • Sydney 
  • Zurich 
  • Hamilton 
  • Amsterdam 
  • Santiago 
  • Los Angeles 
  • Dublin 
  • Paris 
  • Frankfurt 
  • Athens 
  • HongKong 
  • Venice 
  • Paris 
  1. Domestic Destinations 
  • Edmonton 
  • Hamilton 
  • Vancouver 
  • Victoria 
  • Toronto 
  • Halifax 
  • Calgary 

Air Canada Cabin Classes and Its Features 

Booked your next flight with Air Canada? Everyone wants to travel with a comfortable seat. For that, Air Canada has distributed the cabin classes into four classes. So, that one can choose a seat depending on his budget.  

Thus, Air Canada provides multiple on-board and in-flight cabin class features. At the same time, you can make a reservation while booking and later use the manage booking feature. 

Below is a brief about every cabin class and its amenities. 

  1. Economy Class 

The seats in economy class are best for travelers who want to fly on a budget. It not only helps the passenger to cut the cost but on the other hand, it is also helpful as Air Canada offers multiple in-flight services to the passenger traveling with the economy class ticket. 

It is suggested that passengers on short-haul flights must opt for economy class because of its budget-friendly fare, and the services provided under this fare are suitable enough for short-haul flights. 

Thus, the amenities passenger will get in economy class are 

  • Personal touch screen T.V of 8.9inches. 
  • In-seat power for laptop. 
  • Reading light. 
  • Pillow and blanket at a nominal cost. 
  • Audio jack for your own headphones. 
  1. Premium Economy Class 

Passengers traveling with premium economy tickets have more benefits than the economy class. The airline offers both on-board and in-flight services to travelers with premium economy class.  

Travelers will not get luxury services but will likely get a few of them as this class falls near the business class. Air Canada offers extra leg room in premium economy class.  

You get a seat larger than the economy class, which can get reclined up to 7inches and has ample space to stretch out. Thus, the amenities passenger will get in premium economy class are 

  • 2 free checked-in bags. 
  • Priority boarding. 
  • Priority Check-in. 
  • Baggage Handling. 
  • 11 inches personal screen. 
  • Clean care Kit when flying internationally. 
  1. Business Class 

This class comes on the second-highest rank in terms of cost and amenities. Not all aircraft of Air Canada have business cabin class. It has more leg space in comparison to the premium economy, and the seat is more spacious and can get more reclined. 

Passengers traveling in business class will either get a window seat or an aisle seat. Thus, given below are the amenities that passengers will get in business class are 

  • Security clearance on priority. 
  • Priority baggage. 
  • Zone one boarding. 
  • Access to maple lounge. 
  • Food and beverages on flights above 2 hours. 
  • Business class check-in. 
  • 2 checked-in baggage of 23kg each. 
  1. Signature Class 

It is the top cabin class of Air Canada. Passengers traveling in signature class can experience all the luxuries on the flight. The signature class is known for its classic or executive pods.  

The business class bed can fully get converted into a flat bed of 6’7 inches. It is the luxurious cabin class of Air Canada. At the same time, the airline tries to fulfill the on-site requirements of the passenger. Thus, given below are the amenities that the signature cabin class will get is 

  • Personal screen with 1000+ hours of entertainment. 
  • 2 checked-in baggage of 32kg each. 
  • Security check through speed security lanes. 
  • Personalized check-in. 
  • Fast-track baggage and immigration handling. 
  • Signature lounge access. 

The Aeroplan Program 

Customers traveling with Air Canada can enjoy the benefits of the Air Canada Aeroplan program by earning reward points.  

Thus, these reward points can be achieved on Air Canada by making a reservation using the airline’s official site. At the same time, this will also be helpful to making the travelers feel appreciated. 

Passengers who earn Aeroplan points can redeem their points on various flight services. Therefore, given below is the list that customers should know where they can use their Aeroplan reward points. 

  • Hotel stays. 
  • Car rentals. 
  • Gift cards. 
  • Merchandise. 
  • Flight booking. 
  • Vacation packages. 
  • Share reward points with your family. 
  • Purchase elite class status. 
  • Flight upgrades. 
  • Add meals and beverages. 

Air Canada In-Flight Services 

Except for all the services which are provided to the customer before the flights take off. Air France offers multiple in-flight services to its flyers which they can use while traveling. However, all the services are available depending on your fare class.  

Thus, below is the list of the inflight services you must know before booking. 

In-Flight Services Economy Premium Economy Business Signature 
Inflight Wi-Fi     
Free checked-in baggage NA    
Personal Screen     
Priority boarding NA    
Personal care kit NA    
Meals & Beverages NA on flights less than 2 hours    

Air Canada Policy 

Every airline in business has its own guidelines for smooth functioning. Moreover, Air Canada offers multiple amenities to its customers but has different approaches to every convenience, whether it is related to baggage, anime change, flight change, or many more.  

Thus, given below are the policies in detail: 


  • Air France offers its passenger to carry one carry-on baggage with dimensions of 55X40X23cms and one personal item with measurements of 43X33X16cms at no cost. 
  • If you are traveling with an infant in a lap, then you can carry an extra article such as a small Stoller with a diameter of 10inches and a length of 36inches. 
  • Air France allows carrying checked-in luggage depending on your fare class. However, you can carry checked-in baggage not exceeding the dimensions of 158cms. 
Cabin Class Number of Baggage and Weight 
Economy NA 
Premium Economy 2 bags and 23kg each 
Business Class 2 bags and 23kg each 
Signature Class 2 bags and 32kg each 


  • You can cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking at no cost. 
  • The airline will levy cancelation charges if you cancel after 24 hours of making a reservation. 
  • In case you cannot board the flight, the airline will not provide you any refund unless specified. 
  • Cancelation of tickets should be made at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure. Otherwise, it will be counted as No Show. 
  • On international travel, the airline will charge a fee ranging from $500 – $1000 for every cabin class except the economy class. 
  • The airline will charge a cancelation fee between $225 and $250 while traveling between US and Canada. 

Flight Change 

  • You can change your flight for free of cost under 24 hours of booking. 
  • Flight changes made after 24 hours of booking will tend you to pay a flight change fee depending on your route and fare type. 
  • Air France offers same-day flight change to its passenger by paying the same-day change fee. 
  • The fee for flight change depends on your fare type. But at the same time, the approximate fee falls between $75 – $150. 

Name Change 

  • You can change or correct your name within 24 hours of booking at no cost. 
  • Minor corrections up to 3 characters or numbers are permitted on Air Canada, such as date of birth and misspelled name. 
  • Air France allows legal name change to its passenger in case of marriage or divorce at a minimal cost. 
  • For a legal name change, the customer has to submit the documents authorized by the court. 
  • The airline will charge $200 as a name change/correction fee. 

Seat Selection 

  • You can select your seat within 24 hours of booking by paying a nominal fee if required. 
  • Passengers who are the part of any airline’s program then they are eligible to select or upgrade a seat at no cost. 
  • Air France offers seat selection 3 hours before the scheduled departure by paying the seat selection fee. 
  • The airline doesn’t charge any seat selection fee on Premium economy, business, and signature class. 
  • In economy class, the airline charges a fee depending on the domestic or international flight. Thus, the fee ranges from $20 – $100. 

Pet Policy 

  • According to the airline’s policy, your pet should be 12 weeks old and fully vaccinated. 
  • You can carry a dog or a cat as carry-on baggage, and the weight of the pet carrier and pet should not exceed 12kgs. 
  • Air France allows pets to be carried as checked-in luggage with the maximum weight of the pet being 45kgs, and the dimension of the pet carrier should not exceed 27X40X55cms. 
  • Air France charges a fee of $100 on international travel and $50 within Canada and U.S except for Hawaii. 


  • Passengers who have made the booking using the airline’s official site can claim a full refund if they have made the booking 7 days before the scheduled departure and cancels it within 24 hours of booking.  
  • Tickets purchased through a third-party agent are only eligible for a refund from a third-party agent. 
  • You will get the refund within 7 days of cancelation if you have purchased the ticket using a credit card. 
  • If a reservation is made using cash or any other mode of payment, then the airline will give the refund back within 18-20 business days. 
  • Air Canada doesn’t offer refunds on group reservations of 10 or more people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Air Canada have a live chat?

No, Air Canada does not offer a live chat service to their passengers.

Q. How do I connect to Air Canada customer service?

There are multiple ways to get in touch with Air Canada Customer Service:

  • Customer Care Helpline – 1-888-247-2262
  • Email
  • Social Media – Twitter & Facebook

In order to get customer support, just use any one of these methods to connect with an Air Canada representative and make your request.

Q. How do I talk to a live person at Air Canada?

The best way to talk to a live person at Air Canada is to use the Customer Assistance Phone Numbers.

General Queries/Reservations1-888-247-2262
Baggage Grievances1-888-689-2247
Aeroplan Support1-800-361-5373

Call on the number suitable for your request, and let the airline officials deal with your issues.

Q. How long does it take for Air Canada to reply to email?

The response time on email depends on the a couple of factors like the subject of the email, the level of emergency and the volume of emails that Air Canada is receiving. Although, on average, it takes about 2 business days for Air Canada to respond to a passenger’s email.

Q. What is aviation customer care?

Aviation/Airline Customer Care is a service dedicated to providing support services to passengers/potential passengers at any point throughout their journey. These services ensure that the customers have a comfortable and hassle-free traveling experience with the airline.

Airline Customer Care include but not limited to services like – Reservation, Cancellation, Name Change, Fare Upgrades, Purchasing Inflight Services, Flight Status, etc.

Q. What are the hours for Air Canada customer service?

Air Canada provides a 24X7 Customer Support Service, passengers can call on the customer support helplines anytime they wish to address their queries or any grievances. In order to get detailed contact information on the Air Canada customer service, check out the top of the page.

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