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It is everyone’s dream to travel. Traveling is no less enjoyable for people with disabilities, but wheelchairs are required for comfort. In accordance with the travelers’ needs, airlines provide the maximum amount of facilities. It is therefore very important to inform airlines about wheelchair assistance in advance. Many people need the same service, so to avoid any issues at the last minute, it is best to apply in advance during the booking process. As a passenger, you should know what precautions to take even though the airlines do their best to make you feel comfortable. You can gain a better understanding of how do I request a wheelchair on United Airlines by reading this blog.

Wheelchair Assistance on United Airlines

  • When booking a flight online, passengers can choose the Manage Booking option and follow the instructions to submit a request for wheelchair assistance.
  • Passengers can make the same request by calling customer service.
  • Access to facilities and services is guaranteed for customers with disabilities by United Airlines.
  • Request to speak with a Complaint Resolution Official if you are traveling and have a service concern relating to a disability (CRO).
  • Each airport has a CRO a specially trained employee who can respond to your inquiries.
  • He ensures adherence to United policies as well as Department of Transportation Regulation 14 CFR Part 382.
  • You can reach United’s 24-hour accessibility desk from anywhere in the world at 1-800-228-2744 if you have a question regarding a disability before your flight with United or after it has ended.
  • The board offers suggestions and counsel to enhance our service during regular meetings where they discuss issues pertaining to air travel and accessibility.
  • The organization’s goal is to guarantee that United will continue to provide reliable, hygienic, accessible transportation for all clients, including those with disabilities.

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Seating Accommodations For customers with Disabilities

  1. In the same class of service as your reservation, the airline will be happy to assist you in finding a comfortable seat that best suits your needs if you have a disability.
  2. More than 24 hours before the scheduled flight, we strongly advise you to submit your request.
  3. The airlines make every effort to fulfill requests from passengers with a disability and at least one of the following:
  4. I need help using an aisle chair to get inside the plane.
  5. require seating in a row with a movable aisle armrest because they find it difficult to cross a fixed armrest.
  6. Take a companion who can help you during the flight, and request adjacent seats.
  7. A person with a disability needs more legroom.
  8. You should get in touch with airlines if you want to ask for this kind of accommodation because of your disability or if you intend to travel with a special seating device.
  9. Please be aware that submitting a request online does not ensure that a particular accommodation will be made.
  10. You won’t be able to choose a seat during the booking process if you require special accommodations due to a disability and are flying in basic economy.
  11. Once your reservation is complete, contact them by phone or fill out the form.
  12. You must call to make your seating accommodation request if you are traveling within the next seven days; do not make this request online.

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United & United Express Wheelchair Equipment

Airport wheelchairs

  • All of their airports provide wheelchairs to customers with disabilities.
  • It’s best to request a wheelchair in advance of the day of travel.
  • Please notify a United customer service representative or skycap (if skycaps are available at that airport) that you need assistance getting to the departure gate.
  • A wheelchair of this type usually has a width of 18 inches (45.7 cm).
  • Below are airports that have assistance centers near their lobbies for your convenience:
    • DEN – Terminal West, Level 6, Door 608
    • EWR – Terminal C, Level 2, Door 4
    • IAD – Main Terminal, Door 4B
    • LAX – Terminal 7, Door L2-10
    • ORD – Terminal 1, Door 1G
    • SFO – Terminal 3, Door 11

Aisle wheelchairs

In addition to aisle wheelchairs, they also provide assistance for non-ambulatory passengers.

Onboard wheelchairs

There is at least one wheelchair on board every aircraft with more than 60 seats. These wheelchairs can be used to access the restroom because they were specifically made to fit the aisle of the aircraft. The staff will help you because their flight crew members are professionals in using this wheelchair.

Accessible boarding

There may not be any jet bridges available at all domestic and international airports. There are passenger assistance lifts, mechanical lifts, ramps, and (in international locations only) stair chairs that airline staff physically carry during boarding and deboarding.


United feels proud to provide transportation to customers who may need additional assistance. The airline makes wheelchair arrangements for passengers with special needs at every airport. To avoid last-minute hassles, it is advisable to request a wheelchair in advance by getting in touch with the customer service team. Simply let the United staff or skycap know that you need a wheelchair for transportation. Hope now you get the answer to how do I request a wheelchair on United Airlines.

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Do airlines ask for proof of disability?

In most cases, airline staff members are not allowed to inquire about a person’s specific disability, but they are allowed to do so about that person’s ability to carry out certain air travel-related tasks, like boarding, deplaning, or moving around the airport.

Is a wheelchair considered a checked bag?

No, your baggage allowance does not apply to assistive devices.

How Do I Request a Wheelchair on United Airlines?

When booking your flight on, you can ask for wheelchair assistance as well as other types of assistance. Call the accessibility desk if you have any questions.

What is the cost of flight assistance?

Free special assistance is available at the airport.