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The joy of flying with United Airlines – Contact United Airlines Customer Service

About United Airlines

United Airlines has become a household name and a benchmark in aviation industry when it comes to providing world class facilities and impeccable travel experience since last 89 years. The airline was founded on 6 April, 1926, as an amalgamation of various airlines under the name Varney Airlines but commenced its operations on March 28, 1931. United, is officially written as United Airlines, Inc, is a major American airline and is one of the first five founding members of the largest alliance named Star Alliance, with a total of 28 member alliances. United is headquartered at Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois. The airline has an impressive fleet size of 812 and operates flying to 342 destinations. It is considered the third largest airline in the world when measured by fleet size and number of routes. In terms of passengers carried and the number of departures, Chicago-O’Hare is United’s largest hub along with possessing eight other hubs.

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United Airlines Customer Service

The aviation industry is a highly Customer oriented business. Without customers the industry would completely cease to exist. United is well aware of the fact that they cannot possibly think of becoming a leader if their customers are not satisfied with their services. Every organization is bound to make mistakes at some point, with airlines being no exception, it is how you deal and then overcome them, that really leaves an impact. Being ready to listen to your customer’s dissatisfaction and treating every single customer as the most- important -person in the world to them is what United Airlines Customer Service focused on.

 United Airlines Customer Service is committed to providing service that makes every flight a positive experience for their customers. United has their United Customer Commitment which explains their specific service commitments in consistent and understandable fashion in order for them to continually provide you with high level of performance and leaves enough room for improvement wherever possible. United enrolls their employees in detailed training programs and system enhancements to meet up with customers’ expectations and live up to their name.

Why do you need United Airlines Customer Service?

There is something comforting about the presence of a human on the other side of the call, that makes a person feel heard and understood. Despite the technology being on an all-time high and new gadgets that can substitute for man power, cropping up every second; nobody knows how to navigate through different emotions of customers than a compassionate Customer help. Just a quick call to the United Airlines Phone Number and the frustration is resolved in seconds.

Security Regulations

The entire globe is dealing with outbreak of COVID-19 and is trying to somehow come up on the other side, unscathed. The aviation industry is no exception to this predicament. It is beyond comprehension how the aviation industry manages to make sure they don’t involuntarily participate in spreading of the virus and fly people to their loved ones. The security regulations have gone through some major changes in 2020 and its not possible to keep yourself updated through each and every one of them. This is where United Airlines Customer Service comes into play. The team will keep you updated and assist you with any documents that you may require or with any such help. United Airlines Customer Service Phone number is available to you before, during and after your flight.

Baggage Policy Information

The baggage policy of United is quite direct but in case of any queries or exceptions, the United Airlines Customer Service notifies you immediately via call, E-mail and SMS. The location of baggage terminal can be a source of nuisance, there is no need to fret, the customer support will provide you with the correct location every time you choose to fly with United.


United Airlines Customer Service stays alert round the clock so that they can assist their customers at every pit stop, be it before their booking, during or after they have completed their United Airlines Reservations.  United Customer Commitment pays priority to customer’s every minute issue from making sure the customers book the right flight, to helping with their check-in, baggage claim, informing them aboutCOVID-19 updates, rules and regulations to helping them with exclusive offers and deals.


United Airlines Customer Service not only provides impeccable customer service, it also keeps conducting surveys on different platforms and for different departments. These surveys let them in on the corners that got ignored and areas that needs more polishing. The customers are asked for their feedback and then is worked upon diligently.

Assistance and Guidance provided by United Airlines Customer Service

Lowest Cost fares

When a customer calls the United Airlines Customer Service Phone number, and inquire about a reservation or fare, they will assist them in finding the lowest fare on the flight available at their sales department

Delays, Cancellations and Diversions

The COVID-19 outbreak and government-issued travel guidance has caused many airlines to ground their fleet thus resulting in a lot of delays, diversions and United Airlines Cancellations. The team at United immediately informs the customer vie e-mail, and SMS; upon request with the United Airlines Customer Service, given at the time of the flight booking. They use other mode of communication such as providing information in the boarding gate area of flight, on flight display boards and in status updates on their official website.

Delivering baggage on time

 The airlines work hard to make sure you get your checked bags on time and in case of delayed or misplaced baggage requests, United Airlines Customer Service

Moves swiftly to deliver your bags within 24 hours. If you report lost baggage, they also reimburse you for any fee charged to transport that bag.

Ticket refunds

The eligible tickets are refunded within seven business days, provided that the refund request was completed properly and for purchases made with credit cards. It takes around 20 days to refund if the purchases were made with cheque or cash. Customers can apply for a refund by any of three possible modes. They can fill a form available on their official website, They can call United Airlines Customer Service Phone number and apply for refund. They can also make a written request to any United ticketing facility.  United has made a lot of information regarding refunds, available on their website and in Frequently Asked Questions as well. Please read them carefully before applying for a refund or call United Airlines Customer Service Number and ask about certain rules and regulations.

Assistance to customers with disabilities and other special needs

As required by Part 382 of U.S. Department of Transportation rules and other special needs, United accommodates passengers and look after them throughout their flight.

The aircrafts and their services are designed keeping in mind that all of the customer’s needs are being met without making them feel uncomfortable or alienated.

The customers can easily ask for any certain accommodations, at the airport or calling at United Airlines Customer Service number, that you might require during your travel. By asking in advance, it allows the airlines to plan ahead and eliminate any discomfort. You can also read about in the Special Needs Page, available on their website and get yourself acclimate to the services.

Minors unaccompanied by an adult.

The airline is very welcoming and warm to its young travelers, but asks to adhere to the rules specially designed for the minors who are travelling without an adult. Children who are 5-14 years of age and are travelling with minor, first mention in advance to prevent chaos and must use United’s unaccompanied minor service and accordingly pay the applicable service charge. Children above 14(14-17) are allowed to travel without adult, on all flights. Customers can relieve any doubts about travelling by calling United Airlines Customer Service and get accurate assistance.

Contact information in table:
Customer service1-855-695-0023
Baggage1(800) 335-2247
Wait timeNA
Best time to call3:15 pm
Best time to avoid Weekends

Ways to connect with United Airlines Customer Service

As per United Customer Commitment, the airline has crafted several ways to get in touch with their customer service. The assistance is provided 24*7 without a halt. The three ways to contact the United Airlines Customer Service are mentioned below;

Call – The customer comes first for United and are aware how troublesome it can be to call on the helpline number for assistance and either get declined or put-on hold. Therefore, the United Airlines Customer Service Phone number available in different countries is a comfortable way to get your problems solved without unnecessary waiting. The highly skilled and trained representatives are happy to be any service to their customers.

E-mail– If calling feels like a chore you would rather avoid, then e-mail assistance is for you. Just drop a simple mail requesting the details of any issue you might have and you can be rest assured, the Customer Support team will reach out to you, with the solutions, as soon as possible. However, it is requested to be a little patient with Unites Airlines as they are looking at hundreds of issues, triggered by COVID-19, and doing their best to reach out to every single customer.

Chat– The homepage of the official website offers Chat box where you can ask for assistance and receive it, in real time. 

The website also has an icon name Help at the top right of the homepage. By clicking on it you will have plethora of information available regarding different things, such as Covid-19 updates, important links and FAQ’s, Travel Help, Baggage Help, Mileage Help to name a few.

Features of United Airlines Customer Service

24*7 assistance – The United Airlines Customer Service serves all of its customers round the clock with no exceptions, whatsoever. The customer’s needs come above everything.  Get your queries resolved at any time of the day. United also avails assistance in your preferred language for better understanding and more comfort.

Transparent Attitude- United doesn’t entertain any thought that might them appear as mischievous. United Airlines Customer Service believe in 100% transparency and honesty toward their customers. They will never keep you in dark or lead you astray.

Latest updates– The airline regularly come up with latest updates on its website and on its app, regarding travel regulations, COVID-19 updates and policies.  There are exclusive offers and deals on flights that can be taken advantage of. The representatives at the United Airlines Customer Service would be delighted to inform you about all the updates and such information.

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