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Are you doubtful about ticket bookings and want to get the best deal? Is it advantageous to fly Turkish Airlines First Class? When you travel to Turkish Airlines first class, you will have the most enjoyable experience. However, by flying Business Class, you can make yourself feel exceptional in the sky and travel in maximum comfort. There are several reasons to fly business class, like maximum comfort, delicious meals, lounge experience, preferential check-in, extra luggage, etc. This blog will cover the amenities in more detail.

Benefits of Flying in Turkish Airlines First Class

Flying in Turkish Airlines first class has more benefits than upgrading a half-step to a premium economy. Purchasing business class tickets comes with a slew of perks, some of which you may enjoy even before boarding.

Turkish Airlines First-Class Seating Features

The unique characteristics of Business Class seats allow you to enjoy your flight even more.

  • Lie-flat seats that open into a 193 cm bed.
  • Massage feature.
  • Exclusive mirror.
  • Touchpad seat control panel.
  • Bed width reaching up to 66 cm with fully adjustable armrests.
  • Adjustable privacy screens.
  • Adjustable head support.
  • Cocktail table.
  • Eighteen inches IFE screen with adjustable angle.
  • Adjustable and rotating 51 cm tray table.
  • Touchpad IFE remote control with 4 inches screen.
  • Comfort cushion on the seatback.
  • Closed & locked storage.
  • Personal reading lamp.
  • Suit hanger.
  • Universal power outlet and USB charging units.

Turkish Airlines First-Class Seating

Maximum comfort

Business Class seats have been thoughtfully designed to ensure your maximum comfort. In addition, the airline provides unique facilities like an in-chair massage, a power supply, a reading lamp, & the ability to screen off your own space to double your enjoyment of travel.

Massage Time

The Business Class seating includes in-chair massage capabilities that give added comfort on lengthy flights. You may use the seat’s control panel to activate the massaging feature at any moment to help you relax during the travel.

Sleep with Comfort

You can sleep well with completely lie-flat chairs and complimentary pillows and blankets in Business Class. In addition, your amenity kit includes goods such as an eye mask, earplugs, lip balm, and socks that you may find handy throughout your flight.

Work & Pleasure

With the ability to screen off your private area below elbow level, you may enjoy an uninterrupted inflight entertainment system that allows you to watch the most recent films, music playlists, and specifically produced documentaries on your destination country.

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Turkish Airlines First Class Dining Details & In-Flight Offerings

For Domestic Flights

They skillfully produce dishes using only the freshest ingredients. Their menu includes Turkish specialties like meatballs, karnyark (eggplants with minced meat), mant (Turkish ravioli), filled grape leaves, and various flavors worldwide. They also provide exclusive dining services. In addition, they provide bottled water on the flights.

For International Flights

Business Class meals onboard service varies depending on the flight’s departure schedule and length on international flights. They provide a constantly changing cuisine cooked with consistently fresh, high-quality ingredients and served on beautiful porcelain dinnerware. Some flights additionally provide snack service and hot/cold breakfast and supper service.

For Transatlantic Flights

They meet travelers with “welcome beverages” before presenting them with the delectable food cooked by their flying chefs. Furthermore, the meals delivered on elegant porcelain tableware are prepared and cooked according to your specifications. The menus change depending on the nature of the flight, and they are regularly updated and improved.

On transatlantic flights, they provide three meals and, on some routes, a snack. After tasting the flavors of our delectable meal, you may read their extensive hot drinks menu and make your selection, or you can continue your culinary trip with Turkish coffee and Turkish delight.

Choose the Taste You Desire

For the most pleasurable journey, select the food of your choice. On Business Class flights, you can expect delectable red and white meat options, a variety of pasta, regional specialties, and more. You may easily pick your main dish on the official website, or mobile app before your journey to enjoying the numerous tasty delicacies served on Business Class flights.

  • You may examine images and select various delectable food options a week before traveling on any international airline departing from Istanbul.
  • However, they advise you to choose your meal at least 48 hours before your departure.
  • The dining selections vary depending on the flight.
  • Due to operational reasons, your lunch option may not be available.
  • You may choose your meal using your ticket details and a website or mobile application.
  • The offerings are prepared following Islamic guidelines.

Pre-Flight Perks of Flying Turkish Airlines First Class

Preferential check-in

Checking in at a dedicated Business Class counter is an option for passengers who choose Business Class.

Extra baggage allowance

Traveling in Business Class allows you to bring more luggage. It also means that owing to the Business Class priority baggage marking, you will be able to receive your luggage considerably faster after your journey. Get further details on Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance.

Earn more Miles with Miles&Smiles

Discover the benefits of Miles&Smiles by traveling in Business Class and earning more points than other travel classes.

Access to Club Lounge

Their Lounge Business service gives their Business Class clients much more than simply a private passenger lounge. You may have a massage, try some food, or engage yourself and your children with one of the various entertainment choices available, including a theatre, media screens, video games, a golf simulator, and a children’s playground.

Welcome Drinks

This flight will not leave you thirsty. The staff will bring you a welcome drink once you’ve been seated. The cabin crew will then provide another drink, depending on the length of the journey. If you need help then contact turkish airlines customer service.

What are the different classes on Turkish Airlines?

When reserving a Turkish Airlines ticket, you see 3 distinct booking classifications available – promotion, semi-flexible, & flexible.

How long before you can check in with Turkish Airlines?

Online check-in opens 24 hours before departure and closes 90 minutes before departure. From the list of online/mobile check-in facilities at airports, you can see if there is an option for online check-in at the airport where your flight will take place.

What are the steps to upgrade seats on Turkish Airlines?

Select the one you want to upgrade and select “Upgrade my Reservations.” You’ll now be prompted to choose a cabin class, and when the seat map appears in front of you, touch on the one you want.

How do I upgrade from economy to business class on Turkish Airlines?

1) Firstly, visit Turkish Airlines’ official website.
2) Secondly, go to the reservation section.
3) Thirdly, log in to your account.
4) Click on the manage booking and select edit.
5) Upgrade option will display on the screen.
6) Press upgrade.

What is comfort class on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines Comfort Class was the airline’s answer to premium economy. The whole experience boosted the usual economy, with additional room, priority boarding, business class level meals, and enhanced facilities.

What amenities are included in business class?

The flight attendants can provide pillows, bedding, and blankets to business-class passengers. They also receive free cosmetic kits, earplugs, eye masks, loungewear, slippers, and pajamas. In addition, several airlines provide turn-down service in their business class seats.

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