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Do you need to cancel your flight? If yes, don’t need to go anywhere; This guide addresses the same question – how to cancel a Turkish Airlines flight, in detail. 

Thus, whatever your reason, if you have to cancel a Turkish Airlines flight reservation, we have got your back. So, If you don’t know how to do it, we have already written the process below. If you want not to read but talk to someone competent, that is why the TFN (+1-888-573-3166) displays on the website. Everything that can help you is here – you just need to observe in the right direction – so that the process becomes easier for you. 

Along with that, the essential policies are also discussed here. In particular, the guide extensively elaborates on the cancelation and refund policies – in case, before the cancelation, you need to refer to them.

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How to Cancel a Turkish Airlines Flight?

How to Cancel a Turkish Airlines Flight?
Cancel Your Turkish Flight with Ease

In this section of the Guide, we’ll show you the way to cancel your Turkish Airlines flight. Specifically, first, we will discuss how many ways you can cancel and then proceed to the actual process. 

Several Ways to Cancel a Turkish Flight

On Turkish Airlines, there is more than one option to cancel a flight. If you have the time and facility, you can go and cancel your flight reservation by the official website, i.e.,

In case, you are not comfortable with that option. You can proceed to cancelation by the Turkish Airlines flight cancelation helpline number. However, in my opinion, the best option is the Turkish Airlines app. 

Thus there are a total of the following three ways you can use to cancel a Turkish Airlines flight. 

  • Online via the Official Website
  • Online via Mobile App
  • Offline by Calling Turkish Airlines on its Cancellation Helpline Number — +1-888-573-3166 

How to Cancel a Turkish Airlines Flight Via the Official Website or Mobile App?

The process below is how you can cancel a Turkish Airlines flight. In addition, you can follow these steps below either by the official website or the app. For the cancelation on any airline, you must first access your flight and then cancel the same. Thus on Turkish Airlines, the procedure is the same, too. The process of accessing your booking details or itinerary by the Turkish Airlines website is given below:

  • First, open Google and do a search for Turkish Airlines on the web;
  • Second, click on the link to the website;
  • Third, locate the Plan&Book button on the top navigation bar – refer to the image below:
How to Cancel Turkish Airlines flight?
The Plan&Book Button
  • Fourth, click on it to get a drop-down list. On the list, locate and click on the Check-in/ Manage Booking facility – look at the image below; and,
The Drop-Down List from the Plan&Book Button

The fourth step will lead you to the following search facility that you can now use to access your Turkish booking: 

The Turkish Airlines Manage Booking Search Facility
  • Fifth, fill out the search (above) and hit the red arrowed button on your right. Once you have done that, the search will retrieve and present your booking details to you for management.

That is the way to access your Turkish Airlines flight reservation. And, thus after accessing it, go ahead and cancel the reservation. If you find this way of cancelation a piece of hard work, you can use the following helpline number – +1-888-573-3166

Cancelation and Refund Policies — In case you need them,

Thus Always Be Attentive While Making the Reservation

Turkish Airlines Fare TypesBefore discussing any policies,

It is crucial to mention all the fare types that Turkish Airlines offers before discussing the cancelation and refund policies. 

That is because both the policies vary with the fare types. And thus, in short, you can say that Turkish Airlines’ policies depend on the fare types. 

For example, if you purchased a flight of fare-A type and your friend fare-B, the cancelation and refund policies that apply to you will be different. Thus before dealing with the cancelation and refund policies, it is imperative to have a look at the fare types. 

The List of the Fare Types:

  1. Domestic Fares:

1.1. EcoFly

1.2. ExtraFly

1.3. PrimeFly

1.4. Business Flexible

  1. International Fares: 

2.2. Non-Branded, and 

   2.2.1. Promotion

   2.2.2. Semi-Flexible

   2.2.3. Flexible

   2.2.4. Business Promotions

   2.2.5. Business Semi-Flexible

2.3. Branded 

    2.3.1. Economy

    2.3.2. Economy Class Exceptional

    2.3.3. Business Class

    2.3.4. Business Class Exceptional

These are the fare types Turkish Airlines offers. Now, it will be much easier for you to digest the cancelation and refund policies. 

Turkish Airlines Cancelation and Refund Policies

Domestic Fares: the cancelation and refund policies

1.1. EcoFly
  • 12 hours or fewer before the departure, you cannot make a cancelation request when flying EcoFly on Turkish Airlines. It is not allowed. And, therefore, you don’t have any right to claim a refund too.  
  • More than 12 hours before the departure, you can cancel your EcoFly ticket on Turkish Airlines. However, a fee of 200 TRY applies to you. And, further, after such a cancelation, you are eligible for a refund holding the remaining value after considering all the deductions. But, even that is not always true; if your EcoFly ticket comes under any of the following classes, L, V, P, W, or U, you are not entitled to get a refund.
  • If you want to cancel a TRNC-Ercan flight more than 12 hours before, cancelation and refund both are allowed with a fee of 300 TRY currency items.
  • If you have been a no-show recently, you cannot get refunded for the flight you missed. However, you can apply for the money you have already paid as landing charges.

Warning: Suppose you have a connecting flight between AnadoluJet and Turkish Airlines and you need to cancel the flight. In that case, Turkish Airlines’ cancelation policy will apply. 

1.2. ExtraFly
  • In no case, a cancelation is allowed fewer than 60 minutes before the departure. 
  • For the cancelation of an ExtraFly ticket when fewer than 12 hours are left before the departure, you have to bear a deduction of 200 Turkish currency notes. And, further, you get a refund of the same value as remaining after making all the required deductions from the original ticket price, which you canceled; however, that statement doesn’t stand valid in the cases of V, P, W, or U classes.
  • 13 or more hours before the departure, you can cancel your ExtraFly flight ticket. However, for that, you have to pay a fee of 150 TRY units. And, Further, you get a refund amounting to the value that remains after deducting the fee from the canceled flight ticket’s original value. 
  • If you cancel a TRNC-Ercan flight more than 12 hours before the departure, a cancelation fee of 200 TRY units gets deducted from the canceled ticket value and the remaining value is refunded to you.
1.3. PrimeFly
  • No cancelation for a refund is allowed when only 60 minutes or fewer are left before the departure. 
  • For the cancelation and refund, you have to pay a fee of 150 units of Turkish money if only 11 or fewer hours are left from the time of departure. Further, if your flight is TRNC-Ercan, the fee becomes 200 from 150 TRY (Turkish Currency).
  • There applies no cancelation fee if you cancel your PrimeFly ticket 13 or more hours before the departure; that is the biggest benefit of flying PrimeFly on Turkish Airlines.  
1.4. Business Flexible
  • Canceling your Business Flexible flight ticket just a few minutes before the departure is not allowed. Thus when just 60 or fewer minutes are left before you depart, the cancelation is not allowed.
  • 12 or fewer hours before the scheduled departure, if you cancel your Business Flexible for a refund, you have to pay a fee of 300 TRY units. The refund you receive after the cancelation holds the value remaining after deducting the fee from the canceled flight value. Further, in the case of the TRNC-Ercan flight cancelation, the fee increases by 100 TRY units; it becomes 400 TRY units. 
  • If there are more than 12 hours before you fly your ticket, you don’t have to pay any fee at all for the cancelation. It means it is totally free to cancel a Business Flexible ticket 12 or more hours before the departure.

International Fares: the cancelation and refund policies

2.1. Non-Branded, and 
   2.1.1. Promotion
  • You cannot make a cancelation and refund request in the case of such flight tickets on Turkish Airlines.
  • If you have paid any taxes, they are refundable. Thus taxes will be refunded to you after the cancelation.
   2.1.2. Semi-Flexible, 2.1.3. Flexible, 2.1.5. Business Semi-Flexible,  2.1.6. Business Flexible, 
  • In the case of Semi-Flexible fare tickets for international Turkish flights, cancelation is allowed before the departure, being subject to deductions. 
  • if you are flying Semi-Flexible (Economy Limited), you can even get refunded after the departure though some deductions apply here too – that is in case you miss your flight
   2.1.4. Business Promotions
  • In this category of fares, cancelations, and refunds are not allowed.
2.2. Branded 
    2.2.1. Economy
  • ECOFLY: You cannot cancel such a flight ticket on Turkish Airlines. In other words, if you have purchased an EcoFly international branded fared ticket, you are not entitled to make any cancelation, change or refund requests.
  • EXTRAFLY: On such a fare type, change is allowed with a fee. However, you cannot make a cancelation request after the reservation. And, thus no refund is allowed either.  
  • PRIMEFLY: You can cancel your flight but that requires you to pay a fee of not fewer than either 120 TRY units or 140 dollars. And, therefore at the time of refunding, Turkish Airlines deducts such a fee first and then gives it to you.            
    2.2.2. Economy Class Exceptional
  • ECOFLY: Cancelations are not allowed.
  • EXTRAFLY: Cancelations are not allowed.
  • PRIMEFLY: Cancelations are allowed but deductions apply.
    2.2.3. Business Class, and  2.2.4. Business Class Exceptional
  • BSINESSFLY: Cancelations are allowed for any other purpose but getting a refund.
  • BUSINESSPRIME: cancelations and refunds are allowed with no extra charges.