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If a passenger needs to travel with several carry bags to their destinations, then Turkish airlines is definitely not enough for them. Turkish airlines are an affordable option for passengers who carry less amount of baggage. They have set the limits for the baggage but if it will be exceedingly more than the set limits or if you are traveling in peak season then the passenger needs to pay an extra charge for the extra baggage.

And, thus if that is your case, the following reference talks about it in great detail. The following post is a definitive guide on Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance. So, use it to get yourself educated on the same topic.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance for Students

Turkish airlines provide discounts to the students who are holding the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This is the only card that is internationally recognized as proof for full-time students, which is closed to 130 countries. The card is also recognized by academic institutions, student organizations, universities, national governments, and the ministry of education around the world.

Turkish airlines allow the students to check in the baggage allowance of 40kg on a flight with the single piece baggage and 2×23 kg on the flight under the piece of baggage application, convenient extra luggage charges on domestic flights. However, make sure passengers will not be carrying any extra restricted or prohibited items, to avoid trouble entering.

Are Students Allowed to Get an Extra Baggage Allowance?

Usually, every airline has its own rules and regulations to carry extra baggage but Turkish airlines is not allowing extra baggage allowance privileges exclusive to students, but students can enjoy up to 20% discounts if they are using extra points.

Is Turkish Airlines strict with baggage? – No Flexibility!!!

If a passenger is traveling with Turkish airlines, then they can take baggage along with them in the cabin but make sure they are not compromising any security checks and meet the airline size and weight criteria.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance – The Other Information

In the preceding section, we talked about Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance from the perspective of a student. And, we discussed that in great detail. Further, in the following sections, we are going to discuss the same policy with respect to economy class, extra baggage fees, international baggage allowance etc.

Thus for more, you can read what follows.

What is the baggage allowance for Turkish Airlines economy class?

Turkish Airlines baggage allowance consists of two types of baggage which include carry-on bags and checked-in bags for both classes (business and economy).

Carry-on bags for economy class- Passengers who are traveling in economy class are allowed 1 bag in addition to one 1 Personal Item with the following size and weight:

  • Maximum weight of carry-on luggage: 8 kg
  • Maximum dimensions of carry-on luggage: 23 x 40 x 55 cm

Checked baggage – Here are the details for the passengers who are traveling in economy class:

Turkish Airlines Domestic Flights Free Baggage Allowance:

Economy Eco Fly15kg
Economy Extra Fly20kg
Economy Prime Fly25kg

*Arriving at and departing from Turkish airport*

Turkish airline International Flights Free Baggage Allowance:

Travel classMaximum piecesMaximum weight per piece(kg)Maximum dimension per piece (L+W+D) cm
Economy class223158
Infant (up to 2 years old)1+1 collapsible baby buggy/carriage23115

Domestic Flights Excess Baggage Fees:

Travel ClassFree baggage allowance/kgBaggage charge per/kg
Adult Infant
Economy20 1012
Promotional15 1012

*Arriving at and departing from Turkish airport*

Turkish Airlines Sports Equipment

Passengers can carry sports equipment listed below or any similar items with you on Turkish Airlines flights.

Golf EquipmentWater Skiing/Skiing EquipmentSurfing EquipmentDiving Equipment
Tents to stayEmpty CanistersInflatable DinghiesRafting Equipment
Paragliding EquipmentParachute EquipmentMountaineering EquipmentBicycles
Archery EquipmentCanoesIce Hockey EquipmentHang-gliding Equipment
Hunting RiflesSporting Rifles and Scopes

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Turkish Airlines international baggage allowance 2021

Please have a look at the essential information relevant to the Turkish Airlines baggage policy on all International and Domestic flights – 

  • If any passengers lost their bags and do not have any tags, names, or personal information then the passengers can check at the Turkish airlines lost baggage forum.
  • The airlines will carry all the checked baggage on the equivalent aircraft where the passengers are traveling. In specific structures due to excess baggage then these excess bags will be carried in the next flight as the space available.
  • The Turkish Airlines free baggage allowance will be according to the purchase of the tickets, types, and class of services.
  • Turkish Airlines has set a limit on carry-on bags, passengers need to be sure that the carry-on baggage should fit under the seat in front and should fit overhead cabins without disturbing your co-passenger and cabin crew. Any excess size or weight will not grant permission other than what is given in the Turkish Airlines booking.

Turkish Airline’s extra baggage price and consideration

Turkish Airlines thoroughly understands the excess baggage expectations and sensitivities of the passenger. So, no need to worry about your excess weight and size of the bags in Turkish airlines. Here are the details about the Turkish airline extra baggage price:

  • Turkish airlines extra baggage and fee may be different from domestic and international.
  • As per the fare rules mentioned in passenger’s tickets, Turkish Airlines extra baggage fee is also determined based on the registered baggage policy 
  • Turkish Airlines extra baggage fee on all interline agreement flights and code-share varies between 350-450 USD. 
  • Hopping or connecting flights have an additional excess baggage fee that varies between 10-180 USD.
  • On the tickets of Turkish airlines, passengers can get the extra baggage fee before departure. 

How many bags are allowed on Turkish airlines?

Passengers who are traveling with Turkish Airlines that work on a piece allowance for some international routes with business class allowed 2 pieces (70 pounds each) and economy passengers allowed 2 pieces (50 pounds each). Some destinations work on a weight allowance where passengers are not restricted on the number of bags, just maximum weight.

How strict are Turkish airlines with baggage?

ClassBags allowedDimensions of each piece
Infants1 piece + 1 fully collapsible stroller115 cm
Business Class Guests2 pieces158 cm linear
Economy Class Guests2 pieces158 cm for one piece, but the two bags cannot exceed 273 cm combined

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How strict are Turkish airlines with prohibited items?

Passengers cannot carry these items as cabin baggage

  • Any type of sprays is not allowed which are not flammable or toxic and do not cause any adverse side effects.
  • 1(one) lighter or Packet of safety matches 
  • Gun-shaped lighters or toy guns
  • Movement aids and Wheelchairs with non-leak batteries
  • Movement aids and Wheelchairs with lithium batteries or batteries which may leak
  • Aids and Foldable wheelchairs with batteries or lithium-ion batteries
  • Safe bags, money bags, etc.
  • Sharp objects (walking stick-style umbrellas, penknives, knives, etc.)
  • Medical oxygen cylinders that are belonging to the passenger
  • Equipment containing radioactive material such as chemical imaging devices, emergency alarm diagnosis devices monitors
  • Fuel cell engines or Internal combustion 
  • Personal self-defense items 
  • Camping stoves containing inflammable liquid fuel
  • Arms and ammunition

Passengers cannot carry these items as checked baggage

  • Foldable wheelchairs and movement aids with batteries or lithium-ion batteries
  • Spare lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries, or standard batteries
  • 1(one) lighter or Packet of safety matches 
  • Non-infectious samples in small quantities packed with inflammable liquid
  • Barometers or Thermometers containing mercury
  • Personal self-defense items like pepper spray
  • Money bags, Safe bags, etc.
  • Personal self-defense items like electroshock devices