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Here is the list of 10 popular Travel Agencies in Tulsa

Are you looking for the best option to book your flight? Do you need help to reserve your flight without taking any stress?

When you plan any trip, the first question that comes to your mind is to find the best travel agency to book your flight.

Travel agencies have all the necessary information in booking flights ,if you like to visit a travel agency in Tulsa and book a ticket for Tulsa in the United States.

Here you can find to book tickets through a travel agency. The travel agency will respond to your needs and plan your trip accordingly. There are also several offers and packages that travel agencies offer to users to provide them greater benefits.

Usages of Travel Agencies in Tulsa

According to a recent survey by the American Society of Travel Advisors, 39 percent of people who have traveled more than six times in the last three years have used a travel agency/advisor.

Fortunately, after the pandemic, that number increased to 44%. In addition, the survey found that 33% of those chose an all-inclusive resort, 35% chose to stay abroad, and 35% chose a cruise.

Importance of Choosing Travel agencies for your Journey

No one does more travel analysis than a travel agency because of the well-trained professionals

. They are the best of all they do because of their several years of experience and expertise.

And with their expertise, they can provide professional advice and warnings to monitor your desired vacation.

 They have a wide network to give you information that you cannot be able to find on online platforms.

Travel agencies also offer their costumers great packages and offers. Travel Agencies understand the value of your time and money. They also understand your dream, which you have seen to make your trip wonderful.

So, they always recommend you

  • Good Destinations
  • Accommodations
  • Plan excellent tours for their customers
  • Rental Transportations

And there are many other advantages, when we choose the Travel Agencies, like

1. It helps in saving time

2. They always value their customers.

3. Personalized services

4. Convenience

5. Right document

6. Best services in least budget

7. Facilitate expert guidance.

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What are the Duties and Responsibilities of Travel Agencies?

All travel agencies perform their duties as well as responsibilities. But what happens is, some agencies try to trap customers and make them fool by making exciting offers, beating people, and robbing their money.

Therefore, above all, the point of reliability must be there. Travel agencies need to be honest in their obligations and responsibilities and are therefore able to serve their customers.

So, here are some duties and responsibilities of travel agencies you need to know


  • Travel agencies can help their customers to organize their travel arrangements.
  • Travel agencies make the travel process as easy as possible by helping customers decide where to go and presenting travel and accommodation options.
  • Travel agencies also have extensive knowledge of local  attractions and can recommend itineraries and excursions  when clients arrive.
  • Many travel agencies have a considerable personal travel experience or have worked on cruise ships and Airlines.


  •  Arrange air and land transportation for their customers.
  • They conduct a survey to find the best cost and option based on the needs of the client.
  •  Work to reach their company’s weekly and monthly sales goals.
  • Tours and vacation trips are promoted through local media and public relations channels.
  •  Coordinate with other business partners in the travel industry to provide customers with a comfortable experience.
  •  Book a hotel for their visitors wherever you want and make sure your stay criteria are met.
  •  Organize and distribute documents about potential locations and local excursions to clients.
  •  Plan and promote accommodation and travel services.

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Benefits of Planning Your Travel through Travel Agencies :

If you really need to make your trip interesting, and what kind of benefits are provided by the Travel Agencies to their costumers.

Here is some information you need to know

  • Provide attractive offers and a good bargain.
  • Free Flight changes and tax exemptions.
  • Extension of Airline credit expiration date.
  • Getting vacation insurance is very easy.
  • Can expect something exciting.

Flexibility and cancellation:

Flexibility gives an advantage and it is good for both the business as well as to the customer, there is an option of multiple cancellations such as:

  • Free cancellation
  • Partial cancellation
  • There is no cancellation fee
  • Price is non-refundable

Alternative payments such as credit cards should also be flexible.

  • Book now and pay later
  • Prepaid is flexible.
  • Save money with local payments.

Useful Services that satisfy customer’s needs:

If your travel agency decides to build its own empire, the first aspect of branding is good customer service that impacts your customers.

1. It is very important to recognize your customer’s needs.

2. Pay attention to their feedback.

3. Set realistic goals for yourself.

4. Keep an eye on your competitors.

5. Maintain consistent communication with customers.

6. Prioritize user experience.

7. Loyalty can be promoted through active customer relationships.

If the travel agency follows all of the above techniques, the customer will receive an all-in-one package, untroubled commuting, and a special price with an offer.

Some Popular Travel Agencies in Tulsa:

If you are looking for the best travel agency, so we are providing you with a list of travel agencies to check:

Spears Travel
AddressEmailPhone NumberWebsiteRating
8180 S Memorial Dr Tulsa, OK 74133 +1-(918)- 254-1608 Spears Travel4/5
World Travel Vacations
AddressEmailPhone NumberWebsiteRating
3613 E Tremont Ave Bronx, NY 10465 +1 (918)-743-8856 World Travel Vacations 4.5/5
Superior Cruise & Travel Tulsa
AddressEmailPhone NumberWebsiteRating
1539 N 66th E Ave Tulsa, OK 74115 +1 (918)-215-2012N.A5/5
Broken Arrow Travel
AddressEmailPhone NumberWebsiteRating
Broken Arrow, OK 74011 +1-(918)- 940-9144 Broken Arrow Travel 5/5
Warren Place Travel
AddressEmailPhone NumberWebsiteRating
6100 S Yale Ave Ste 100P Tulsa, OK 74136 +1 -(918)-492-4724 Warren Place Travel 4.7/5
The Travel Group Tulsa
AddressEmailPhone NumberWebsiteRating
9238 S Sheridan Rd Ste 200 Tulsa, OK 74133 +1-(918)- 494-0649 The Travel Group Tulsa N/A
Let’s Wander Vacations
AddressEmailPhone NumberWebsiteRating
10953 W 91st St S Sapulpa, OK 97066 +1-(918) 248-2563N.AN/A
Village Travel Tulsa
AddressEmailPhone NumberWebsiteRating
19414 E Admiral Pl Catoosa, OK 74015 +1-(918)- 739-3673 Village Travel Tulsa 4.6/5
X-marks the spot Travel    
AddressEmailPhone NumberWebsiteRating
Broken Arrow, OK 74012 +1-(918)- 406-3796 X-marks the spot TravelN/A
Service Travel Tulsa    
AddressEmailPhone NumberWebsiteRating
9726 E 42nd St Ste 137 Tulsa, OK 74146 +1- (918)-610-0871 Service Travel Tulsa 4.5

 Which is Better? Travel Agencies Or Booking Directly with Airlines?

Some people prefer to book  flights via Airlines, while others prefer to travel through travel agencies. The similarities in booking ticket by Airlines and travel agencies to help you plan your trip are:

                        Traveling through Travel Agencies                                
1. Everyone is busy with work, if you want to save money and time, it’s an ideal way to organize your vacation with travel agency. There is no additional charge. Some travel agencies do not charge and are funded by their providers. 2.  Excited by interesting offers, customers can easily choose a travel agency.
3. Due to customer health concerns, travel agencies often offer insurance.  
Finding a reliable travel agency is difficult.  Some travel agencies charge a fee for changing arrangements. The timetable does not follow your exact plan.  Sometimes vacations brochures don’t fit your needs.Package tours are very popular and famous destinations can be very crowded. You should not rush to sacrifice  quality for travel agency bundles and promises.
                                             Traveling through Airlines  
Booking a flight with Airlines is very easy. You can easily cancel your ticket by calling customer service or going online. People can easily check  flights status online. Airlines may offer their customers unique benefits and discounts. You have the internet, and it is your best option to build a package that suits your needs.  
It may be difficult to use because some people are unfamiliar with the Internet and cannot use it.  Some Airlines may charge low-cost fares, but this is not always the case. Those who book through the Airlines will only receive a certain amount and will not receive any interesting offers or discounts.

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What People Are Saying About Travel Agencies in Tulsa:

Keli. F- Gayla is an excellent agent!!! She helped us find the vacation of a lifetime coming up in late July! We can’t wait! She found us a great deal! So helpful and friendly!!

Jerry L.- Definitely use these folks.  Gayla is awesome!  don’t do the internet sites to save $5 when they can help you with everything for about the same price. and back it up and get you out of a jam if you need it.

Abel k.- Austin was a great agent. The way he got. Us those amazing deals says a lot. But wish I could contact him in a. Better manner. Especially during the times of Covid u have to make sure your clients are safe. But, overall a very polite and courteous individual and great service.

How  can airline tips help me collect accurate information?

 If you have any questions about travel, check out the travel advisory. Here you will find answers to all your questions. Here you can find  information about Airlines, Airports, Travel Agencies, and Destinations. This is the place  to  get the most reliable information.

 The latest updated information is also available here.