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What if you plan your travel with lots of exciting deals and discounted offers that make your trip worthwhile and pocket-friendly too..? Is there any better way to save your time or money at the same time? Planning a trip is quite interesting for some people or some find it so hectic to do. In the trend of instant making or instant ready-to-eat, people also want to have instant solutions for their problems. Hiring a travel agency is only one way to plan your trip according to your needs or desires. 

Well, If you are planning to visit the beautiful city of Portland then here is, you may get all the information about which is the best travel agency in Portland, and that is under one roof. Travel agencies are the best solution and that too with backup. They provide you with the best holiday packages and perfect management. So here we gather some information that may help you to find the best travel agency in Portland.

What are the stats to hire a travel agency in Portland?

Travel agency always remains a choice for those who are busy in their life and do not get time to plan their journey. According to the survey, 43 percent of travelers plan their trips from travel management companies or corporate travel departments to make their reservations. 

A newly released 2018 survey shows that passengers want new technology that gives them more control, accurate information. Improve efficiency, when they travel but human touch also plays a very important role. It can not remain untouched. And this survey is being done by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

What is the significance of choosing travel agencies?

As we all know, planning a trip is a little tricky and also takes time. So to save our time, we hire travel agencies to help us make perfect management and accurate information. Lots of queries jumping in our mind and how can wee= deal with it. So here we are listing we do we need it? And what are the signs of a travel agency in Portland?

Please find them below:

Convenience – everyone needs a convenient and comfortable trip without any hindrances. Hiring a travel agency is the one that is ready with a strong backup solution. If you are stuck in any problems and difficulties then they are there to help you out of that.

Expert Management – There is also one perfect advantage for hiring a travel agency is that they plan your trip under expert management. They have a very large network to provide accurate and perfect information which is not available on online websites.

Time-Saving- By hiring a travel agency it helps you to save your prestigious time. Travelers do not get time to spend time on doing research and book accordingly to save their time and money. But travel agencies save your time and money by providing you with the best deals and offers.

Personalized Attention- who does not want personalized attention? Everyone needs it or wants it. For example, if you are traveling to new places which are unknown to you and you encounter some issues and the internet is also not ready to give you support then only a travel agent will do it for you.

Value – travel agencies have a large network and that is why they can provide you with the best deals and exciting offers at the best value. They also provide many choices to rely on.

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Top 10 Travel agencies in Portland

Sl. No.Name Of Travel AgencyAddressContact NumberEmail AddressWebsiteRatings
1World travel7931 NE Halsey St Ste 309 Portland, OR 97210 Montavilla, Northeast Portland(503) 231-1600support@wtpdx.comwtpdx.com5*
2Williamtte international travel1314 NW Irving St Ste 101 Portland, OR 97209 Pearl District(503) 224-0180inquiry@wittravel.comwittravel.com4.5*
3Bridgeport travelTualatin, OR 97062(503) 740-4660shelly@bridgeport-travel.comBusiness website bridgeport-travel.com4.5*
4Sodha travelPortland, OR 97229(877) 564-7526sodhatravel.com4.5*
5Unforgettable honeymoons2128 SE 11th Ave Portland, OR 97214(503) 249-8444unforgettablehoneymoons.com4.5*
6Island journeysLake Oswego, OR 97035(503)
7Bliss travel serviceVancouver, WA 98642(360) 322-4610  blisstravelservice.com5*
8Travel and cruise desk601 1st St Ste B Lake Oswego, OR 97034(503)
9Great world travel2738 SE 82nd Ave Ste 201B Portland, OR 97266 Powellhurst – Gilbert, Southeast Portland(503) 255-12664.5*
10Oregon city travel Oregon City, OR 97045(503) 656-1623CONCIERGE@TRAVELCRUISEDESK.COMoregoncitytravel.com5*

What is the responsibility of a travel agent?

The travel agent is the only one who can guide us properly and help us out from any difficulties. They are with us so that we can rely on them and make our traveling hassle-free. Safety comes first for all of us and to stay safe we hire travel agencies or travel agents because they know accurate and exact safe places to explore.

Responsibilities of travel agents

  • Research to find the best pricing options and deals according to client’s desires
  • To Book air and ground transportation for clients
  • By keeping in mind the client’s specifications, make hotel or resort reservations for guests in their desired location, 
  • Their goals (weekly and monthly) are set to finish within the given time. 
  • To do promotions, tours, and vacations on the platform of media and PR channels.

Comparison between Travel Agencies and Airline reservations

If you are confused, what should we choose either booking through travel agencies or from airline reservations. Then we gather some detailed information about it.

 Booking through travel agencies

Reasons to chooseReasons not to choose
This is the best way to get discounts and excited offers in the packageThere might be some hidden charges that you may get to know after getting a deal confirmed. So be careful before you choose.
This is best for those who do not have time and are busy with their work so they do not plan their trip .It is hard to find a reliable travel agency to whom you can trust.
They also offer insurance for the trip.Sometimes they offer a package in which they include their charges to earn some commissions.
They plan your package according to your budget and save your money.It may happen that the accommodation is not according to your choice as you want to be perfect.
Get advice from experts to make your trip stress-free.To plan travel by myself, sometimes it gets a little bit hectic.

Reservation through Airlines

Reasons to chooseReasons not to choose
People find it very convenient to check -in and cancel your reservations on your own.Airfare may fluctuate according to date time or any occasions. 
If you are familiar with the internet then you just need to visit the official airline site of airlines and book your tickets directly.You may find so uneasy to make a reservation if you are not familiar with the internet.
Through online reservation you can modify your plans according to your needs.It’s hard to get your desirable seats.
You can plan your trip according to your needs and also you are not supposed to pay any additional charges.
You can also avail special amenities and medical services.

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Here are some reviews of the clients who experienced their travel with these top travel agencies.

Jennifer s.

 We use this place for all of our business arrangements, and all I can say is….wow. There is definitely something to be said for hiring professionals to book arrangements.I have a boss who is, how do I put this delicately? Manic. She changes her mind every ten seconds and never knows what she wants, so is constantly disappointed by everything and everyone. These people seem to please her which says a whole helluva lot. Sharon is a rock star/god-send/travel vixen. Not only is she great at her job, but she is so much fun to talk to. These people really go above and beyond for their customers.

Morgan E.

Fantastic organization! We booked our honeymoon for May 2020 to Greece and the team was so great to work with, planned a great itinerary for us and even gave us pay in full discount. After COVID-19 hit, the team was SO fast to push our dates back a whole year, no change fee! When recently we decided to cancel entirely due to the lack of certainty for international travel, Renee was fabulous and helped us get a refund of our payment in full, minus the deposit. We will absolutely be booking with them again down the road when travel internationally becomes safer.

Connie C.

I really can’t say enough GOOD and GREAT about Kim Moore at Julie’s Travel desk! She and have worked together for over 15 years at my former employer, and Kim is the best! She is an easy person to communicate with, she cares about each client and she is so knowledgeable about travel routes and getting the best prices, too! Sometimes she can match “online” prices, but even if hers are a little more, it is well worth it to pay the extra fee…because…when (not if) you get stuck, Kim is just a phone call away to help work with the airlines. You aren’t alone to navigate this crazy world of airline travel…she is your advocate and your friend!

I also used her to book my personal adoption travel and she was amazing to handle that and all the crazy of that quick trip.

She’s gotten me and my colleagues out of some spectacular jams and it was so nice to have an actual travel agent to get you “unstuck” in whatever city you’re currently in!

She’s become a friend! In my new job, I’ll be “taking her with me” to help others with adoption and personal travel plans. She’s amazing!!

Kip F.

Trustworthy, fast, knowledgeable, and friendly. And isn’t that exactly what you want when handing over your travel-related info to someone? I felt very comfortable going through Great World Travel for my Chinese Visa. I will recommend this service for my friends and family.

How AirlinesTips help in making the trip most memorable?

AirlinesTips gathered all the relevant information about your trip. From takeoff to land. People find it very convenient if they get all the information on one page. Here you will get whatever information you want to have. We are providing the best travel agency’s name along with it all the contact details. AirlinesTips helps you to find genuine and authentic information at one time. So, you can contact them directly and make your reservation