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Important Information on Travel Agency in Evansville, IN

In today’s time, people will not likely spend their days and nights planning their perfect trip. Anyone does not have time to do that. This is when a Travel agency come to the rescue. To escape from the stress of booking, people hire travel agencies. The travel agency will make your trip smooth and hassle-free and fill you with a lot of memories. Here you can find important information on Travel Agency in Evansville, IN that could help you in your journey.

How effective are Travel Agencies in Evansville, IN?

As per the MMGY Global Annual “Portrait of the American Traveler” report, last year, traditional agents have aided 13% of all the vacations up from 8% in 2018. The customers who have used travel agents in the past year have told MMGY that they think travel agents are better because of their vast knowledge of destinations and ability to provide extra amenities.

According to the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) newly released 2018 Global Passenger Survey (GPS) , 43 percent of passengers have booked their reservation through a travel agency or travel management company.

Some Famous travel Agencies in Evansville, IN

Travel AgencyAddressPhone No.Website
Cruise Planners Dream VacationsEvansville, IN 47712(812) 783-8736Cruise Planners Dream Vacations
Inimitable ExcursionsEvansville, IN 47711(618) 698-2999 
Ambassador Travel5236 Vogel Rd Ste B Evansville, IN 47715(812) 479-8687Ambassador Travel
Katie Waits– MickeyTravelsEvansville, IN 47725(812) 589-0446Katie Waits– MickeyTravels
Paradise Travel by PaulaEvansville, IN 47720(812) 598-9056Paradise Travel by Paula
Cruise Planners-Kathy PaytonEvansville, IN 47715 (812) 204-0306  Cruise Planners-Kathy Payton
India Elaine TravelChandler, IN 47610  (812) 453-5249 
LAC CruisesNewburgh, IN 47630(812) 518-0159 
Rachel FerreeEvansville, IN 47714(812) 461-1557Rachel Ferree

In what way Travel Agency in Evansville, IN will help you?

There are endless reasons that travel agencies could be helpful for your journey. Travel agents have more understanding of local places than anyone and can add to your itinerary to make your trip more worthy. Though there are some points mentioned below that Travel Agency in Evansville, IN will help you.

  • Car Rentals
  • Cruises
  • Land Packages
  • Resort vacations

Why use the services of Travel Agency in Evansville, IN?

Many travelers do not know what they are missing out on when they are traveling and not using the travel agents. Here is the list of things that a travel agent can do for travelers.

  • Exclusive Access To Resources

A travel agent has the access to exclusive resources that the consumer does not have or even know about it. They can sometimes make available certain amenities on airplanes, seat selection, event tickets, and room upgrades. 

  • Better Destinations

Travel agents know very well about when to go to the crowded destination as they have insider information about it.

  • Save Money

Travel agents always try and save you money as they have relationships with suppliers or even match you with the price you want while saving your efforts and time too. There are hidden savings on trips that travel agents can do for you.

  • Convenience

You do not want to waste your time searching for deals or offers when it can be done by the travel agent. Travel agents make it happen you’re the travel that you want. They help you in defining the difference in destinations of what you saw on TV looks in real life and what could be ideal for you in real.  

  • Value Added

Travel agents can add value to your trip by adding additional amenities which passengers do not know about it.  

  • Advocate

If something wrong happens on your journey or you are stuck in another country, a travel agent could be the one who can be there for you and get you out of the problem. They can make your travel back on track.

What are the responsibilities of a travel agent?

Travel agents assist their customers in planning their trips. Passengers who never hired travel agents are always in doubt whether they should hire a travel agent or not. But it’s not their fault to be a little reluctant as it is their first time to hire a travel agent. Still, in doubt, go through the points to know what travel agent is responsible for and then make your decision.

Some of the responsibilities are mentioned below:

  • Assist customers in planning their trips.
  • Research the famous place and destinations on client’s behalf.
  • Give suggestions to make the trip better.
  • Gather information about weather conditions, reviews, local and famous places.
  • Coordinate with travel partners to give a better experience to customers.

How does Travel Agency in Evansville, IN works?

Most of the travel agencies do not charge for any inquiry. Customers can ask them about flights, hotels, rental cars, possible destinations, and many more. These types of services are provided free because of the reason that people will come and may be influenced by the services they are provided and book with them when the time comes. It shows that travel agents are well-versed and professional in their travel arena to the customer.

  • Commission services

Travel agents always work with several companies and set their accounts with them. The companies could be hotels, cruise ships, wonderland or Disneyland, and rental cars, and many more. When an agent books customer for some vacation then the customer does not need to pay any additional fee to the agent. However, the agent will receive a commission from he/she booked the vacation with. The commission they charge lies 10%-18%.

Customers take most benefits out of this as they do not need to pay anything and the agent will do all the research work for them.

  • Business Services

Sometimes travel agency offers business partners real services. For instance, the company is in another country and they need to send someone for their urgent work. So they will contact the travel agents so that they can make arrangements on their behalf in lesser time.

  • Services With a Fee

Travel agency only charges a fee for their services from customers. If the commission is paid by the airlines to the travel agency then it will not charge any fee from its customer whereas, if the travel agency has been paid any commission then it will charge a fee from its customer for its services.  The agent will charge a fee of around $30-$40.

Pros and Cons of Using Travel Agents Vs. Booking Online

Booking Through Travel Agents

Travel agents deliver clients a more personal level of customer service experience in comparison to online sites.A travel agent has access to numerous information in this industry as he is in regular contact with other tour operators, hotels, car rentals services.Travel agents do all the research work for you and can save you time.  Travel agents may not be available all the time and offer services to passengers anytime they want.The travel agents sometimes cost you more as personal experience, time-saving, and advocacy cannot come free. Travel agents may charge a commission along with convenience fees and service charges.

Booking Online

Booking online could be a better option if you are expecting 24-hour service. Online sites are available round a clock, so you can log in anytime, book, or modify your bookings.Booking online can save you tons of money as you can get steep discounts and deals on vacation packages.Online sites may not offer the number of services that an agent can offer. Booking online needs you to scroll through several websites to research vacation and hotels options.If any trouble arises on your trip and you had booked your tickets online, you have to do it all by yourself to get out of the issue.

What people are talking of Travel Agency in Evansville, IN?

Kirk F.

“I had a meeting with Kathy and she is awesome!  In this world of “competitive online rates”, she informed me that ANY deal that I could find online would automatically be matched by her company!  That sort of competitiveness matched with someone that I can speak to and voice my concerns to is amazing.  This makes me feel much more at ease.”

Rick H

“Kathy works harder than anyone I’ve ever seen to find the best deals. She also offers valuable advice that makes vacations trouble-free. She genuinely takes a personal interest in making sure things go perfectly. I can’t praise her enough!”

Cassie T.

Strolling along on a beautiful day with the glistening Ohio River on one side and an adorable town on the other. The homes made me envious of their style and point of view. The town is quite charming with some good eats and seasonal farmers’ markets. The vibe was purely relaxed and easy overall. The trail itself is clean and marked for runners, cyclists, and motorists in specific areas. There’s a museum along the trail that offers tours in advance. I didn’t travel the entire 5.5 miles but I think I would like to one day!

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