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Travel Agency In Chicago
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Get Accurate & Beneficial Information On Travel Agency Chicago

Do you need help with booking your next trip? Looking for the best options for flight reservations, hotel bookings, and car rentals? Well, one-stop to avail all of it, travel agencies. Meanwhile Travel Agency Chicago offers great deals and offers to its customers. You can easily find all of it anytime you need. 

Planning a trip with the help of travel agencies is keen. It not only eases the process of planning but also brings better options. While booking package deals, you can score excellent price ranges. You can save immensely instead of booking separately. Also, the Travel Agency in Chicago will help you plan the best time for your choice of destination. Agencies are reliable to get accurate and helpful information.  

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How effective are Travel Agencies in Chicago?

  • On average, noticeably, there is a raise of 39% of people visit travel agencies. Out of which, a minimum of 12% people are must avail of the services. 
  • Furthermore, there is a possibility to rise to 44% on-demand. People are more likely to avail themselves of the services by Travel Agency Chicago after the pandemic. 
  • Also, booking through travel agencies offers exclusive deals. 
  • From booking a flight or car to entire packages is possible. Additionally, you will save up to 75% on your travel through travel agencies. It is a remarkable difference while planning a trip. 

Why use the service by Travel Agency Chicago? 

Chicago is a populous city. It has high demand in all sectors. And traveling is a passion for all residents of Chicago. Also, it is a major tourist hub for tourists. Hence, there are numerous travel guides and agencies to help you through. But you will have to avail of its services first. And the best way to avail of easy access to everything is through a travel agent. They will help you in all factors for your trip-


  • Accommodation
  • Flight reservations
  • Booking of sight-seeing packages
  • Car rental


Complete package of Flights, Stay, and Rentals. They can also, help with booking conference halls, arrangement of meetings, and other requirements. 

Hence, it makes your life easier. Travel Agency in Chicago is dedicated to making your trip successful. Without any hesitation make use of the services and make your life easy and hassle-free.

How can a Travel Agency Chicago help you?

There are various reasons for availing of services from a travel agent. However, the most common reason is to avail package discounts and deals. Also, another reason is to get hassle-free bookings for all purposes. But, there is more to it. You may not be aware but these agencies offer much more. Some of the common amenities that most Travel Agency in Chicago offer are-

Easy and Free Cancellations. While looking through the sites or individually, you may have to incur cancellation charges. But with the help of travel agents, you can easily cancel reservations at an additional cost.  

Flexible Payment methods. Most agencies maintain flexible payment methods. You will only have to pay partial while booking and later clear all dues accordingly. You can even select the time of clearing dues any time before the completion of the trip. In this way, you will not have to bear heavy expenses at once. 

Group Booking Discounts. Usually, on group bookings, you will always find deals. But nothing can be better than a package deal with Travel Agency Chicago. Therefore, instead of looking for separate bookings for the trip. Directly approach a travel agency for availing of the best rates. 

Worry-Free Journeys. While looking for services by a travel agency, you can lose 90% of your worry. They will be responsible to make all the necessary arrangements. You can easily lose your burden and enjoy the trip. Make your trip memorable and hassle-free. 

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What are the Travel Agencies responsible for? 

Mostly, these agencies are responsible for ensuring the safe travel of their customers. Yet, it is not very simple. These agencies have far more responsibilities. And the utmost duty of any travel agency is to make its customers satisfied. This is why they ensure that all the needs are fulfilled. However, the agencies always try their best to perform them with priority and transparency. Yet, here is a list of the responsibilities of any Travel Agency-

  • To find and offer the best deals possible on the destinations. 
  • Always include all the needs or demands of its customers. 
  • Work on specifications and specialty of the agency. 
  • Promotions and collaborations with maximum places to find the best deals. 
  • Encourage people to travel and avail of services from them. 
  • Make itself available on various platforms, to reach out to most customers. 
  • Further, to always respond quickly and on point. There is no beating around the bush. Customers prefer direct and prompt solutions. Therefore, the agency should be prepared to offer what is required of it. 
  • Preferably, operation of 24 hours. People may fly overseas by availing of services through any Travel Agency in Chicago. And they may face problems. Hence, the agency should be available and ready to help its customers. 

Top Travel Agency Chicago

Now, it is even simpler. Here is a list of the top 10 travel agencies in Chicago. You can find all the basic information on them. Further, you can contact according to your needs. 

Sl. No.Name Of Travel AgencyAddressContact NumberEmail AddressRatingsOfficial Website
1.Windy City Travel1357 N Wells St Chicago, IL 60610(312) 951-07104 stars  
2.JK Travel & Tours              3601 W Devon Chicago, IL 60659(773) 506-08005  
3.MTA Travel211 E Ontario St Ste 225 Chicago, IL 60611(312) 944-27794 stars
4.WLM World Travel            Chicago, IL 60660 Edgewater(773) 472-16345
5.Sunset Travel & Cruise732 W Fullerton Ave Ste A Chicago, IL 60614(773) 929-8155vacations@sunset-travel.com4
6.Liberty Travel200 N Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60601(312) 517-72974 stars  
7.Mena Tours & Travel5209 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60640(773) 275-2125sales@mena.travel4.5  
8.Island Getaways Travel AgencyChicago, IL 60660 Edgewater(262) 781-1748info@myislandgetaways.com4.5
9.Costa Rica Experts3166 N Lincoln Ave Ste 424 Chicago, IL 60657(773) 935-10094.5
10.Janus Travel6121 N Nw Hwy Ste 101 Chicago, IL 60631(773) 763-27674.5

Detailed Comparison on Travel Agency v/s Airline Reservation

Every person has their own opinion. And you are entitled to make your choices. But, it is necessary that you learn details on the pros and cons of both. Hence, here is a list of the best and worst reasons for availing of the services. People have varied opinions. And this may help you decide better-

Through Travel Agency

Why choose?Why not to choose?
Travel agencies always are cheap and offer deals and discounts.  Also, it saves ample time. Easily make a call or approach through the websites. You do not even need to reach physically. The Travel Agency in Chicago will help you save time.  Planning trips may seem expensive. But hiring a travel agency will make it budget-friendly.  Also, there are no additional charges. These agencies maintain transparency. Hence, you can stay worry-free from paying any extra money.  If you are insured about the trip. Travel agencies can also offer insurance for the trip.  Get an expert to plan your trip. Experts are aware of all the flaws and problems. Therefore, they will ensure that you do not face any of them. It can be difficult to find a reliable travel agent. Vacation packages during peak season can be not worthy enough. Sometimes, during these seasons, it can be crowded. If you want to skip the crowd, then this may not be an ideal choice for you. Also, the timings are planned according to demands. Therefore, if you do not approach accordingly, you may have to bear high rates. Further, there is a possibility that the plan does not work according to your needs. Reservations may be made according to availability. Therefore, you may have to adjust accordingly.  

Reservations through Airlines

Why choose?Why not to choose?
All airlines offer online booking. You can easily make reservations online. It is easy and convenient for all. Further, customers can easily manage the bookings on their own. Modify your bookings online. Also, you can online check-in and cancellations any time. Even airlines offer discounts and deals. You can also acquire special amenities. Also, avail of special medical amenities.In case you are not used to online booking. This may be confusing. Therefore, it may not be helpful for you. Airfares fluctuate according to demand and time of booking. It may be inconvenient for some to understand and book tickets. Also, in low-fare airlines, you may have to pay extra for baggage or meals and other amenities. Also, reservations through airlines are reserved to particular destinations only. The airline may offer only in destinations it flies to. Therefore, you may have to find other means for bookings.

Reviews by customers on Travel Agency Chicago     

Paul K.

Vancouver, WA

“Lynn was really helpful and booked an awesome trip to the Maldives through Dubai for my honeymoon. It was an awesome trip on the nice island. I highly recommend Wind City Travel, had an amazing experience.”

S.M. K.

Modesto, CA

“JK travel is incredible. Janet booked us an amazing 2 1/2 week European honeymoon. From start to finish my husband and I felt at ease with all of Janet’s amazing recommendations and planning. Janet is the most professional agent who is truly passionate in what she does. She cares about clients and it shows. Janet booked us on the Celebrity cruise on the Edge in suite class, and it was the most luxurious vacation. In addition, we flew to Paris for 4 nights and Janet’s recommendations were absolutely incredible. Thank you, Janet for being the best travel agent out there. We appreciate you more than you know and look forward to planning our next vacation with you!”

Andre B.

Chicago, IL

“I am currently planning a two month + in Asia trip and Liberty was a pleasure to work with. I am an independent traveler and I had a certain distain for package deals and the ilk. So when I approached Liberty Travel, I was expecting the worst : never-ending pitches and sales person runaround. However when I talked to Robyn,  I found it to be a pleasant experience. No pitches, no BS. In fact, Robyn saved me some money by recommending a cheaper travelers insurance (a must for a month + trip). Robyn, who took a similar trip, seemed generally exited for my trip and recommended a few dishes to try in Cambodia. Highly recommended !

The only problem is parking. It’s very hard to find a parking space, but it isn’t their fault for that.


would book with them again”

How does AirlinesTips Help to Gather Accurate Information?

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