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There are possible instances in uncertain life when we have to make changes according to situations in life. One of such instances can be changing booked flights. In this high-tech world, nothing is impossible. And also, Swiss Airlines is one of those airlines that believes in providing comfort and luxury travel journey to its passengers. Changing a booked flight is no longer a hassle, but a passenger should understand the policies and procedures.

Read this blog carefully to get insight into the Swiss airlines change flight.

Tickets that are eligible for flight Changes

  • 724 must be the first digit of the ticket number.
  • The ticket was not bought with barter or a voucher since vouchers have certain restrictions. However, in some cases, it could be possible to rebook a ticket online if it was purchased entirely with a voucher.
  • In the case that you are unable to rebook online for any reason related to the payment method, you will be advised during the rebooking process.
  • Your ticket requires a scheduled and available flight. It is not feasible to rebook online tickets that are open or do not contain the required flight segments.
  • You may only rebook outbound (one-way) and return tickets with the single flight routes (point-to-point) online at this time.

Tickets that are not eligible for flight changes

  • Bookings that include flights on several airlines.
  • Bookings without tickets include reservations.
  • Reservations that include multiple valid tickets for the same passenger and route.
  • A ticket’s status that isn’t O (open) (A).
  • Reservations comprising flight segments having a status other than OK (such as Waitlist) (HK|RR).
  • Tickets without a tariff computation display (IT tickets).
  • Reservations that include specific services, such as those for transporting animals, medical equipment, specialty sporting equipment, etc.
  • A group reservation includes a ticket.
  • Tickets on which the tariff code does not match the booking class (RBD) (FareBase).

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Swiss Airlines Change Flight – Methods

There are multiple options to change your flight tickets of Swiss airlines.

Swiss Airlines Change Flight – Online Procedure

If you book a Swiss Airlines flight and you want to change it, then follow the instructions:

  • Firstly, go to Swiss Air’s official website.
  • Secondly, select the Manage Booking tab for Swiss Airlines.
  • Thirdly, enter your 6-digit booking number and last name.
  • Click ‘Edit Booking.’
  • Choose the flights you want to change and click the ‘Change flight’ option.
  • Make a new time and date.
  • Go through your new flight schedule.
  • Pay the fee if any fare differences are there.
  • Finally, you will get the confirmation with changes at your registered mail address or the phone number.

Swiss Airlines Change Flight – Offline Procedure

You can make a change to your Swiss Airlines booking by calling the Swiss Airlines contact number. You will receive complete support with the following services – flight change, flight cancellation, reservation check, change seat, same-day flight change, and assistance with Swiss Airlines refunds. The kiosk or support team is also available at the airport if you are there. They will help you over there to change your flight booking for the available one. You must, however, pay the discrepancy if changes exceed for your next flight booking.

Swiss Airlines Change Flight Fee

  • All pricing ranges and service levels allow you to change the date & place of departure for both short- and long-haul flights.
  • Swiss Airlines cancellation policy states that all reservations are eligible for a refund if they are canceled within the 24 hours risk-free window.
  • Within the 24 hours of the original purchase, Swiss Airlines does not charge for changing flights.
  • Swiss Airlines will charge a fee of approx $200.

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Swiss Airlines Same Day Flight Change

The highlights introduced the same-day flight change policy:

  • There is no charge for rescheduling flights in the Flexible Economy and Business Class categories on the same day if the flight is earlier or later.
  • Even if the selected fare type is no longer available, Swiss Airlines will not charge an additional surcharge or flight change fee.
  • Swiss Airlines change booking can only be initiated on the day flight is scheduled, only if the seats are available in the selected class of service.
  • Swiss Airlines flight changes for the same day can be done by calling customer care or online via the manage booking tab.
  • Swiss Airlines same-day flight change would not be valid on the codeshare flights or for those who already completed the check-in process or purchased essential travel services like extra baggage, meals, etc.

Bottomline –

The blog covers all the important points related to Swiss Airlines Change Flight policy and procedure. Passengers can easily change their flight according to their convenience. They have to check availability also. In case they feel any hassle they can connect with customer care representatives. They are professionals and guide with the best possible options.

Can you change your flight with Swiss air?

●      You have the option of changing your flight and travel dates.
●      Online changes of origin and destination, as well as name changes, are not available.

Can I change my booking after check-in online?

●      No, you cannot change Swiss Airlines tickets online unless they have the status “open.”
●      Use the Swiss Airlines contact number to rebook or reschedule the flight that has been checked in.
●      As part of the caller verification process and to move through with the changes to the flight, the customer service representatives could ask you for your six-digit booking reference.
●      It is always a good option to read Swiss Airlines Change Flight policy when you proceed to make any changes.

How can I change flight with Swiss airlines?

●      You can modify your flight date for Swiss Airlines by going to the ‘Manage booking’ link on the airline website.
●      You can avoid paying the Swiss Airlines change fee if you make adjustments within the 24 hours of your purchase.
●      The only difference that would apply is the fare.

How passengers can get Swiss airlines refund for the unused ticket?

●      Swiss Airlines does not accept refund requests for unused tickets online.
●      In order to avoid receiving a No-show status if you purchased a refundable fare but did not use it, call Swiss Airlines and ask one of their executives to cancel your reservation.
●      Swiss Airlines will then process your refund automatically.