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When it comes to making flight reservations, none of us are above making mistakes. Unfortunately, one such mistake that is very common is filling in the incorrect name. So, the only remedy is requesting a Spirit Name Change on Ticket.

Read the blog below to learn all about the name change process.

How Does Spirit Name Change on Ticket work?

You must be aware of the company’s or airline’s name change policy and the steps necessary to make it happen before you may fix your name. Passengers can manage their reservations by taking a few easy steps.

For example, you can update your name on your reservation ticket online as a customer or contact Spirit customer care for help with a name change.


  1. First, visit the Spirit Airlines website.
  2. Then, select the option “Manage My Travel.”
  3. Click next after entering your information, including the passport’s last name and booking number.
  4. Next, tap the “Edit Booking” option from the booking window.
  5. Update your name, passport number, and other information in your Spirit itinerary. When finished, press “confirm.”
  6. Then pay the required amount of charges once your changes are confirmed.
  7. Lastly, you will receive the confirmation mail with the changes to your tickets.

Over Phone

Passengers can call Spirit Airlines to seek a name change due to limits on specific fares or legal requirements.

  1. Call the agent at Spirit Airlines for name changes and wait for the agent to ask for help.
  2. Correctly handle the Spirit Airlines name change issue.
  3. Verify whether the fare regulations applicable to your reservation permit the change of name or not.
  4. The representative will look for the legal documentation for validation if the name changes are allowed on your reservation.
  5. The passenger’s name must match the name on the government-issued id Card, as per Spirit Airlines’ policy regarding name changes.
  6. Pay the appropriate Spirit Airlines name adjustment fee after completing the paperwork to continue.

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Spirit Name Change on Ticket Policy

  • According to Spirit Airlines’ policy on name changes, customers may modify up to 3 characters in their first, middle, or last name. Therefore, please do not interpret the three characters as three unique characters for the first name, middle name, and last name.
  • If a legal change occurs, Spirit Airlines will process the request, and there will be no additional fees.
  • The name change policy of Spirit Airlines does not apply to any further information about the traveler, such as contact information or gender.
  • It is advised to include the middle name or any other prefixes or suffixes to ensure the name matches what is on the government-issued id Card.
  •  If a Spirit Airlines passenger travels numerous flights, the change name request only applies to the Spirit Airlines flight segment.

Spirit Name Change on Ticket Policy enables customers to update or correct the names on their tickets. The rules are what determine,

  • Types of Name Edits for Passengers
  • What may be altered or corrected?
  • The terms and circumstances determine one’s eligibility for it.
  • Correction/Name Change Procedure.

You can follow this procedure via Spirit Airline’s official channels. However, a third party cannot amend a booking’s passenger name. As a result, there can be some fees or charges.

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Spirit Name Change on Ticket – Terms and Conditions

Several factors determine the eligibility for a name change or correction and the procedure. The terms and conditions of the Spirit Name Change on Ticket are:

  • Name correction is a free service that passengers can use. They must, however, request at least 7 days before the departure date.
  • The cost to change a name may vary from ticket to ticket. However, it can cost up to $120.
  • Up to 60 days before departure, cancelation of tickets is free of charge. There are then three different categories for flight change fees.
  • Only when a passenger’s legal name has changed can they request a name change. Alternatively, in scenarios like –
    • In case of divorce, marriage, etc.
    • The Spirit Name Change cover only the Name Changes Ticket policy.

How much does Spirit Name Change on Ticket cost?

The fare type you select when making the reservation will determine whether you can modify the name on the Spirit Airlines ticket, as was previously mentioned. The following are some significant name change charge elements to meet your needs:

  • If you alter your name after the risk-free time, the airline charges you about $225.
  • After confirming the name change on a flight, you must pay $250 to amend it.
  • Pay about $175 if you want to alter your name with the airline’s special permission.

If you follow the Spirit Airlines name change rules, you should be able to correct mistakes without any hassle. Spirit Airlines experts are also available to assist you if you need assistance. They will help you understand the policy or handle the name change process.

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Reasons to Change Name on Ticket

Name Correction: You do not need to request a name change if there is only a minor spelling error in your name. Instead, you may just update/correct their name with your own.

Change of Name: The airline lets customers alter their tickets and names. However, doing this is a complex process; you can only complete it through authorized channels.Passenger Details: The passenger may request a change to their personal information using the “Passenger Detail” section. Alternatively, to modify a person’s DOB, gender, contact information, etc.

Does Spirit allow name changes?

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to change their names with a minor error for free for a limited period. Passengers can also ask for a legal name change by providing the airline with supporting documents.

How much does Spirit charge for a name change?

You can start the modification process using the manage my booking option or customer support. However, for Spirit Name Change on tickets, you must pay the change fee of $120.

Can Spirit Airlines ticket be transferred?

Though Spirit Airlines allows passengers to make changes to their tickets, or they can even cancel them. But it doesn’t let passengers transfer their tickets in someone else’s name. Spirit Airlines tickets are non-transferrable.

Can you change one person’s flight on a group booking Spirit?

Passengers can make changes to their names on their tickets. However, they must pay a $50 fee as a name change before 30 days of departure date. Significantly, on group bookings, passengers cannot change their bookings.