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In this guide, we will talk about Spirit Airlines Group Booking. The guide deals with the group booking in great length and thereby includes everything important. With the purpose of making it super easy to understand, we have divided the discussion into two parts.

The first part deals with the booking of 10 or more passengers. And, the second part talks about the situation when not more than 10, but just below 9 passengers are required to travel together. 

Overall, the guide includes everything you need to consider!!! Thus either go through the entire post or any particular section that you need. By the way, for booking a group reservation, you can talk to us at +1-888-573-3166. 

Spirit Airlines Group Booking — booking for 10, or more than 10 passengers 

To deal with group traveling consisting of more than 9 passengers, Spirit Airlines has formulated a policy. The policy is called the Spirit Airlines Group Travel Program.

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Who can be the beneficiary under the program?

If you ask who can use the Spirit Airlines Group Program, the answer is as follows. The answer is so simple everyone can take the benefit from the program. However, one condition applies. The condition, which applies to you, is your group should have at least 10 members; it can be greater than 10 but not less than that. 

For example, if you are a total of 10 and you all want to travel somewhere together, you are eligible to take the advantage of the program. Further, if your traveling group has more than 10 persons, you are also eligible for the benefits under the Spirit Airlines Group Travel Program.

Thus, in conclusion, any group which consists of more or 10 passengers can be a beneficiary under the program. The word beneficiary means you can take the benefit from the program.

How to use the Program to get benefited?

If you qualify for benefits under the program, the most important question that comes to mind is what follows next. How to make use of the program. In other words, how you can benefit from the program is the biggest question now. Thus the process of using the Spirit Airlines Group Program is given below.

The Group Form Request Process:

1. Google Spirit Airlines Group Booking;

2. Click on the link to the official website;

3. Scroll to the bottom of the web page;

4. Locate the following sentence: Please fill out the | Group Travel Form; | 

5. Click on the link to the Group Travel Form;

6. Locate the selector positioned on the left side below the Complaint or Compliment heading line;

Spirit Airlines Group Booking Form
Spirit Airlines Group Booking Form

7. Select Group Reservation out of the options the selector offers;

The group reservation version of the page includes black blocks to be filled by you to make a Group Travel quote request. These blank blocks are as follows:

  • Group Name
  • Group Type
  • Email Address
  • First Name 
  • Last Name
  • Subject
  • Description
  • Phone
  • Number of Guests
  • Round Trip or One Way
  • Origin City
  • Date of Departure
  • Preferred Departure Time
  • Destination City 

Thus once you have reached the 7th step,

8. Fill in all the blank blocks with all they require; and,

9. Hit the blue button saying submit.

That is all. It is the process of making a group reservation request on Spirit Airlines. It is very simple to do. 

Warning: The form as discussed above must be filled out completely as per the instructions listed under the document that the following link goes to link.

Spirit Airlines Group Booking — Terms and Conditions

1. The same pricing applies to all the members belonging to the same group under one group reservation.

2. Group travel does not include any special discount offers.

3. Any prices mentioned anywhere for group traveling are only valid till the completion of 24 hours from the time when the prices were first made public.

4. For any queries related to your group booking that you have already had on Spirit Airlines, you can talk to a competent person at the number that will be mentioned inside your booking-related documents. 

4.1. while taking to someone as given in the preceding sentence, you must already have the following information available at your disposal: your confirmation code or contract number. And, you should do that so you can get better assisted by Spirit Airlines or the person who picks your call up. 

5. Other Important Conditions:

5.1. For booking a group reservation on Spirit Airlines under the program, a fee of $5 will apply to your group; and, it will apply to each member of the group separately. Further, the fee will not be refunded in any case; therefore the fee is called the non-refundable booking fee. 

Thus if you want to book a group reservation for your group traveling on Spirit Airlines, you will have to pay the non-refundable booking fee. Its value is just 5 dollars for each passenger in the group; it means the fee applies to your group individually. 

To understand that with more clarity, let’s have a look at the following example. Suppose your group is of 10 members and you have confirmed a group reservation for the same on Spirit Airlines. In that case, the total amount as a fee for the same, which you have to pay, is 50 dollars. That is how Spirit Airlines computes the value of the total applicable fee in the case when you confirm a group booking. 

5.2. If your group travel is to start not before the 60 days, you have to at least deposit an amount of $40 within 7 days of making the booking. Moreover, the amount so paid will not be refunded in any case once deposited; thus the deposit is called the non-refundable deposit. 

5.3. If your group travel is to take place inside of the 60 days counted from the day when you made the reservation, no deposits of less than the full itinerary value will be accepted. And, thus, in that case, you have to pay the full due when you make the reservation for your group travel on Spirit Airlines.

5.4. The above statement is in conformity with the following rule to which the entire Spirit Airlines Group Program is subject. The rule is that you have to fully pay for your group travel booked at Spirit if it is going to start 60 days from the day of making the reservation.

5.5. With Spirit Airlines, you don’t need to worry about the payment method. If you rely on Spirit Airlines for your group travel, you can pay for your group travel reservation with almost all the major credit cards and checks. 

However, there applies one condition; it is as follows. 

While paying for your group travel, you cannot pay using more than one payment method. For example, if inside your group, there are 10 members, Spirit will not accept that one member of the group pays differently or uses a different mode of payment than another one. That will cause trouble for the airline. Thus the payment for a group travel reservation must be with the use of a single method of payment.

Spirit Airlines Group Booking — Name Change Policy

There is no such thing as Spirit Airlines Group Booking Name Change Policy. However, we have mentioned that in the heading. It is mentioned in the heading only because the section sort of talks about the same. 

The most important thing, which is related to making name changes on a group reservation is as follows. For changing names on the group reservation — when only 30 days are left before the scheduled departure, a change fee applies to you. 

The change fee will cost you around 49.99 dollars. You can take $50 as a round figure. 

If you noticed… the fee of $50, only applies to you if the travel is to take place 30 days from now. In other words, if you have ticketed a group reservation and your scheduled departure will occur on the thirtieth day counted from now and you want to make some name change requests, in that case, the change fee applies only. 

The change fee of $50 you don’t have to pay if you need to do name changes on the group reservation more than 30 days before the day of departure.

Spirit Airlines Group Booking — Cancelation Policy

If you have purchased a group travel reservation on Spirit Airlines, the cancelation policy is divided into the following two sections. The first one deals with the case when the entire group reservation gets canceled at some point in time after the booking. And, the second one deals with individual cancelations.

The first type of cancelation is allowed while the second one is not. Let’s talk about it in detail. The second cancelation is the individual cancelation. For example, suppose your group travel includes the traveling of 10 people together. And, after making the reservation, something bad happens to three persons from the group and thereby they want to cancelation the travel. In that case, the cancelations the three persons demand is called individual cancelations. 

It is this cancelation that Spirit Airlines does not allow once a group travel ticket has been purchased.

Spirit Airlines Group Booking — booking for less than 10 passengers

If your group consists of less than 10 passengers, you can don’t need to fill out any forms for making reservations. In that case, you can simply book for 9 or less than 9 people by the flight booking mechanism on the website. However, for that, you must know how to access the flight booking mechanism.

The flight booking mechanism looks like the one below:

Spirit Airlines Group Booking
Spirit Airlines Group Booking

The process of accessing it is given below:

1. Google Spirit Airlines booking;

2. Click on the link to the official website of Spirit Airlines;

3. Locate the book link inside the navigational bar; or,

4. Observe the flight deal finder will be in front of you; and,

5. Use the finder to book for any no. of passengers till the max limit of 9 passengers — as given below.

Spirit Airlines Group Booking
Spirit Airlines Group Booking