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Stuck With Spirit Airlines Change Flight Procedure? Here’s All You Need To Know!

Each of us wants to complete our traveling plans in the best way possible. But somehow, due to some situations, one has to make changes in their flight. An airline on which most individuals depend is Spirit Airlines. Also, an individual chooses this airline for various reasons.

Furthermore, if you make bookings with Spirit Airlines and now want to make changes to your flight, you can do it easily. Spirit Airlines process will allow you to complete the whole procedure in no time. Moreover, Spirit Airlines has set up a change flight policy to make the entire process easier. So, if you are one of the flyers who want to make any modifications to your flight, you need to know enough information about Spirit Airlines change flight policy.

Let us first start by knowing all about the policy set by the airlines.

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Spirit Airlines Change Flight Procedure

Due to the existence of Spirit Airlines change flight policy, the whole procedure becomes straightforward. Once an individual is aware of the policy, he/she can complete the procedure keeping in mind those rules. So, if you want to make any changes to the flight you booked with Spirit Airlines, read the points given below.

• Firstly, an individual must change their flight bookings within 24 hours of making the Spirit Airlines Reservations

• Furthermore, an individual is eligible for making any changes in their flight booking if they face unpredictable situations like the death of a family member. Remember you should provide the document supporting the same. In this case, Spirit Airlines will not ask you to pay any change fee.

• Moreover, if the leaving and arrival time of the booked flight was changed by Spirit Airlines, then the Flyers do not have to pay any change fee for changing their flight.

• Lastly, Spirit Airlines allows you to change your flight without paying any change fee. But this is only possible when an individual purchases a flexible ticket directly through spirit airlines. Remember this is not applicable if you buy a ticket via a travel agency.

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Spirit Airlines Change Flight Process

As various kinds of Flyers choose Spirit Airlines for their air travel so this airline makes sure that they provide multiple ways using which a flyer can do change flight process. Spirit Airlines change flight procedure involves both online and offline. So, it entirely depends on an individual. Once the passengers go through the information given below, they will find detailed information on online and offline flight change methods.

Change Name on Spirit Ticket Online

If you wish to complete the Spirit Airlines change flight process online, then visit the official website. Once an individual opens the official website of Spirit Airlines, they need to follow some steps to complete this whole process. Go to the steps given below and learn about the online method of flight change set by Spirit Airlines.

  • Firstly, open the web browser and then open the official site of Spirit Airlines or enter
  • Here login into your account and then press the option of “my trips.” on the homepage of the official site.
  • Furthermore, enter information like the confirmation code and the passenger’s last name in this step. Now click on the “continue” option.
  • Click on the flight which you want to change. Moreover, you will find some other instructions on your screen which you need to follow to complete Spirit Airlines change flight procedure.
  • Once an individual follows all these steps, they will get the confirmation for the new flight via phone or email.

Spirit Airlines Change Name on Ticket Offline

In addition to the online method of flight change, one can even rely on the offline one. If you want to change your flight via offline mode, contact the travel representative. First, find the phone number on the official website and use it to reach the travel expert. Once you talk to them, you need to provide them with the passenger’s booking confirmation code and last name. Once they have all the information, they will complete the flight change procedure for you.

Spirit Airlines change flight fee and Charges

Passengers tend to worry a lot about the fee when they decide to change their flight with Spirit Airlines. But there is nothing to worry about as this airline makes sure to set their prices which their Flyers can afford. Furthermore, there are some terms and conditions based on which one needs to pay the fee.

Go to the points given below and find out all about it.

  • Firstly, remember that the change fee depends on the type of fare an individual bought.
  • Furthermore, individuals can change their flight with Spirit Airlines without paying any charges if they complete this process at least seven days or 24 hours from the scheduled flight time.
  • Moreover, if your ticket is in the refundable category, you can ask to get a refund. For more details contact Spirit Airlines Customer Services .

Below is the table which summarizes the charges which are applicable while Spirit Airlines Change Flight :

Time PeriodAward TicketFlight Flex Ticket Normal Ticket
Within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket (at least 7 days before the departure time) No fee No fee No fee
After 24 hours of purchasing the ticket (at least 7 days before the departure time)$110Make changes once cost free$90- changes made via online method
$100- changes made via offline mode
Within 24 hours after purchasing the ticket (for less than 7 days or more before scheduled departure)$110Make changes once cost free$90- changes made via online method
$100- changes made via offline mode
After 24 hours of purchasing the ticket (for less than 7 days or more days before scheduled departure)$110Make changes once cost free$90- changes made via online method
$100- changes made via offline mode


Am I eligible to change my flight with Spirit Airlines?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows its passengers to change their flight with ease. Spirit Airlines change flight online and offline methods to help you complete this procedure in no time.

Is it possible to change flights of all types?

Sometimes Spirit Airlines does not make it possible for the Flyers to make changes. So, you need to make sure that you check the type of ticket you bought. Because one is not allowed to change all kinds of ticket. Therefore, one needs to check the type of ticket they buy.

On what thing does Spirit Airlines change flight fees depends?

The change flight fee varies according to the time of changes made and the class of tickets that an individual buys.