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When the vacations are announced after a continuous busy schedule, we all make instant plans for our weekends, which is good to spend quality time with ourself and with our close ones . We look for admiring the beauty, exploring, and learning more about nature by visiting the newer places and wish to feel refreshed by getting from all the worries. We don’t wish for delaying or cancelling our plans but it’s excruciating and disheartened when some unwanted circumstances occur which may lead to delaying or cancelling our booked flight. 

Hence, you also stress about the fare you paid while booking the flights. All these happenings make you damn disappointed. To ease all such circumstances and worries cancellation policy is there to help you out so that you can cancel the flights timely and could get the refund for the next Spirit Airlines Reservations .

You can proceed with Spirit Airlines Cancellation Process through various modes like online, offline or telephonic. But before you choose any of them to cancel your existing air tickets with Spirit Airlines, you need to go through the entire blog throughly to avoid losses and make your life easy.

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Things to be Clear Before Proceeding with cancellation

You can go through the points explained below in detail before proceeding with the Spirit Airlines Cancellation .With this, you will not have any complaint that your refund has not been provided to you for a cancelled ticket. There are some significant steps you need to follow for an instant cancellation with a full refund.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation-In Detail

Below are some of the points highlighted to quickly and easily make you understand the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy. 

  1. You need to pay the cancellation fees while cancelling the existing air tickets at the last minute. 
  2. In case the company cancels or delays the flights itself due to bad weather, you do not need to pay cancellation fees. 
  3. You do not need to pay the cancellation fees while cancelling the flights within the 24 hours of bookings and the bookings made far earlier than the departure date.  
  4. If you cancel the flight beyond the risk-free period (cancellations within 24 hours of reservations or purchasing), your cancellations are subjected to the Airline Policies’ with respect to cancellation fees. 
  5. You are provided free accommodation while existing air tickets are cancelled by the Airlines on the departure date. 
  6. You must pay the cancellation fees whether the cancellation is made within the restricted hours if you are the non-refundable ticket holder. 
  7. If you have standard air ticket and cancel it after it expires, your cancellation is subjected to cancellation fees with zero refund amount. 
  8. As per the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy, you will not be charged any amount by the Airlines if you cancel the existing air tickets for the various reasons which include but not limited to military or court orders, death of relatives, government orders ,Illness etc.

The fact to Be Noted: Acoording to Spirit Cancellation Policy , cancellation fees depends on travellers route. For international routes, the customers need to pay more cancellation fees as compared to the domestic routes. The Airlines do not offer risk-free period cancellation for some of the regions. So, contact Spirit Airlines Customer Support for more information about Spirit Airlines Cancellation.

Refer to this information to get help with cancellations and other details about the Airlines:

Spirit Airlines Cancellations Phone Number+1-(855)-728-3555
Spirit Airlines Customer Services+1-(801)-401-2222
For More Information visit –Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Below are the points highlighted for your convenience to understand the term-Spirit Airlines Refund Policy quickly without any confusion.

  1. You do not get any refund amount for cancelled tickets if you have bought them from the unauthorized gateways.
  2. A full refund amount is provided only if you cancel the flight within the risk-free period or restricted hours (24 hours of bookings) and when there is a long-time gap between departure schedule and booking.There should be at least seven days gap between both to get instant cancellation with a full refund.
  3. You can save approx. $ 10 as cancelling fees while cancelling the existing air tickets online via Spirit Airlines Official Website.
  4. The Spirit Airlines would credit the refund amount within seven to ten days. In case, you have used the credit card while making payment for the reservations and if, you have used any other mode of payment then it takes 20 days for the refund process to be initiated.
  5. According to the Spirit Airlines refund policy, you need not to pay any amount of the cancellation fees if the Spirit Airlines cancels the flight itself.
  6. Spirit Airlines may waive the cancellation charges if you cancel your reservations due to a death in the family.

Steps to Make Spirit Airlines Cancellation

There are various options to cancel the flight

Steps to cancel the flight offline

You need to contact the air ticketing experts via Spirit Customer Service Number which is accessible 24/7 The steps for cancelling air tickets via offline mode are as follows:

  1. You need to dial the toll-free number and select the language as per your preference.
  2. Ask the air ticketing experts to cancel the flight on your behalf.
  3. Confirm the ID of your Bookings with the traveller’s last name.
  4. Share the reason behind your cancelling the flight to the agent.
  5. Pay $10 as the service tax apart from the cancellation charges.
  6. Once the payment is made you will be provided a confirmation mail on your registered contact number and email address.

Steps to Make Spirit Airlines Cancellation Online Via Official Website

For cancelling the flights via Spirit official website, you are supposed to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the Spirit Airlines official Website.
  2. Enter you Email Address and PIN for the sign in procedure. 
  3. You need to tap the “My Trips” key and fill up the passenger’s title with confirmation code and hit off the Continue button on the official website home page.
  4. Then, you need to cancel your bookings with a click on the same tab.
  5. Choose any reason from the given options for making Spirit Airlines Cancellation from the existing dropdown.
  6. Before finalizing your cancellation request,confirm the email and phone number once again.
  7. Once the cancellation request gets finalised, you would find the complete transparency of the refund amount on your screen. 
  8. Cross-check the refund value and note refund request reference number for future use.

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What Happens When Spirit Airlines Cancel Flight itself?
  1. Below are some of the benefits that you will be provided when Spirit Airlines Cancel the flight itself.
  2. Customers are enabled to book the next Flight without making payment.
  3. Customers are not subject to pay the cancellation fees.
  4. The passengers can get meals including complimentary refreshments , beverages free of cost.
  5. The customers can get full refund amount when the Airlines cancels the flights itself, they can enjoy the hotel rooms and transport facility for free.
  6. Customers can book the seats on the other flight free of cost.
How to Rebook Tickets with E-Credits? 

Follow the tricks to rebook the Spirit Airlines air tickets using E-Credit which are as given below:

  1.  Search the reservations credit number on your email regarding Spirit Airlines Cancellation before you proceed with your new reservations. It is the confirmation code from your cancelled trip which is of six-digit alphanumeric code.
  2. Visit Spirit Airlines Official Website and proceed with your booking procedure. Do not forget to review all the details while providing your personal information so that there won’t be any difference among the original reservation and the recent bookings.
  3. Select “Redeem A Voucher or Credit” option.
  4. Provide your six-digit Confirmation Code in the given section and tap the GO button.
  5. Fill the Amount to Pay for this booking. You are eligible to use the full or half value, then choose APPLY CREDIT.
  6. If any balance remains due, you need to follow the prompts to enhance the payment.
  7. Once rebooking procedure gets completed, you will be provided a new confirmation message including your flight details or information. If any of the amount remain due on your credit, you can apply for future travel.