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Southwest is the largest budget Airlines in the world, with a fleet of 735 Boeing aircraft, and operations in over 10 other countries outside the US. Given this, it’s their humble heart that they provide their customers with some options in case they make a mistake while booking their tickets.

Today we will discuss Southwest’s policy for requesting a name change or correction on a flight ticket, for ease of understanding, we’ve divided this information into 4 sections, namely –

  • Definition
  • Types of Edits
  • Guidelines for Changes & Corrections
  • Methods of Requesting Edits

These will be followed by FAQs to clear any remaining doubts.So, let us start.

What is the Southwest Name Change on Ticket Policy?

Southwest Airlines provide the passengers with freedom to make corrections in their names, or in some cases even change their names completely. These are directed by the Southwest Name Change on Ticket Policy. They classify what type of changes are available to passengers, based on the type of ticket, the time of change request, type of flight the passenger is boarding.

Under the Southwest Name Change on Ticket Policy, these edits can only be requested and processed through the official Southwest channels like Southwest Customer Services , Website, Customer Care, etc. No third-party entities (like – travel agents, booking agencies, travel websites, travel agencies, etc.) can process these changes or name corrections.

Types of Changes/Corrections Allowed by Southwest Airways

Passengers have the option between making two types of edits on their name, depending upon the guidelines of the Southwest Name Change on Ticket Policy –

Name Correction – This option allows the passenger to edit up to 4-letters (including the First name, middle name, and last name) of their name printed on the Southwest Airlines tickets. This process can be performed by the customers themselves.

Name Change – Under special circumstances, the passengers are allowed to request a complete change in their name (First, middle and last name included), in the Southwest Airlines record/ticket. This request can only be processed through the Airlines.

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Guidelines of Southwest Name Change on Ticket Policy

Name Correction/Edit

  1. A passenger can request/make an edit of up to 4 letters in total, including the first name, middle name, and last name.
  2. Editing titles and spaces in between the words, are to be included in the 4-letter limit.
  3. The Southwest Name Change on Ticket Policy only dictates the editing of names on the ticket, in case of errors or mistakes in any other information, like – Passenger Type Code (PTC), Date of Birth (DOB), Sex, etc. is to be processed in the re-issuance request.
  4. In case, the error/mistakes exceed 4-letters, the passenger may call the Southwest Airlines Reservation Phone Number (1-800-435-9792) to make the edit request.

Changing the Name

  1. Passengers who are members of the Rapid Reward Club & Frequent Flyer Contract, cannot change their names on their account in case of a mistake unless their name is legally changed.
  2. A passenger cannot transfer the ownership of a ticket to someone else, i.e., a PNR can only be utilized by the person it was originally titled to.
  3. Southwest Name Change on Ticket Policy, only allows a passenger to change their complete name in certain situations, like –
    1. Marriage
    1. Court Order
    1. Divorce
    1. Annulment
  4. After processing the name change, a new fare is issued. A name change fee is to be deposited, along with any increased fare amount (happens in case the reissued fare is of an upgraded class). The name change fee depends on the time passed since the original booking in which the name change is requested,
    1. Name change requested within 24 hours of the original booking – $150/fare.
    1. Name change requested after 24 hours of the original booking – $200/fare.
  5. Under the Southwest Name Change on Ticket Policy, if the passenger is traveling on an Interline or Codeshare flight, the name change is only applicable on tickets for the flight segments that are operated by Southwest Airlines. The passenger will have to contact the other airlines operating the rest of the flight segments, to request their names to be changed for those fares/itineraries (if possible).
  6. During the process of the name change, the rules that are most restrictive will be applied to the fare.
  7. Passengers who have been allotted a new seat with the reissued fare, cannot swap it with the seats allotted with the original fare.
  8. For multi-segmented flights (flights operated by multiple airlines), the segments which did not have the name change option, will have to be canceled i.e Southwest Cancellation and requested for a refund.

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How to Request Name Change on Fares for Southwest Airlines?

According to the Southwest Name Change on Tickets Policy, there are five methods for requesting a name change or correction:

Name Change – If the name of the passenger is incorrect (more than 4 letters or entire name) on the tickets, they can simply,

  1. Cancel the Fare.
  2. Claim for a Refund
  3. Rebook the flight using correct information.

This method is completely free of charge, provided it is done within 24 hours of making the reservation.

However, if the Southwest Airlines Reservation with the incorrect name has been made more than 24 hours before, the passenger must make a request to get the name changed on the fare/rewards account, there are two ways to do this –

  1. Contact Southwest Customer Relations
    1. Call at: 1-855-234-4653
    1. Provide them with the following information:
      1. Name
      1. Address of the Passenger
      1. Proof of the change of name
        1. Old and New Government ID
        1. Divorce Documents
        1. Marriage Documents
        1. Annulment Agreement
      1. Phone Number
      1. Rapid Reward Account Number (if the passenger is a member of one)
    1. Your name will be changed.
  • Inform/contact Southwest Airlines through their official social media handles, and send them proof of the name change via private messages.
  • Phone
    • Contact Southwest Airlines at 1-800-435-9792.
    • Give the Southwest Agent the 6-digit Booking Reference Number.
    • The agent will direct the passenger to submit the photocopies of the following documents via post – 
      • Proof of Name Change
        • Divorce Document
        • Marriage Certificate
        • Annulment Agreement
      • Current ID 
      • Old ID
      • Other Legal Documents (if asked).
    • Pay the change of name fee, along with additional fare (if any).
    • Southwest will send a confirmation once the request is processed.

*Passengers who had checked in with the original ticket, will need to check in again.

Name Correction – In case of minor mistakes in the spelling of the passenger’s name in the booking, the passenger only needs to request/perform the far simpler name correction. Southwest Name Change on Ticket Policy provides 3-methods to passengers for name correction.

*Important – Name correction can only be made to a maximum of 4-words in the whole name, including any edits in spacing and titles.

  • Website
    • Click on the Flight tab.
    • Under the header (Flight), click on Manage Reservations.
    • Enter the information requested.
      • Confirmation Number
      • First Name
      • Last Name
    • Click on Search.
    • Click on Change Name.
    • Correct the name.
    • Pay the fee.
    • The Airlines will reissue a new fare with the correct name.
  • Mobile Application
    • Install & tap open the app.
    • Tap on the Menu icon (top left corner).
    • Tap on Look Up Reservations.
    • Enter the information asked.
      • Confirmation Number
      • First Name
      • Last Name
    • Tap on Retrieve Reservation.
    • Tap on the Edit icon next to the name of the passenger.

*IF there is no Edit icon next to the passenger’s name and the name is not highlighted, it means that they are not eligible for a name correction.

  • Edit the name.
    • Tap on save/tick mark.
    • Southwest will send an email, confirming the name correction.
Can you change name on plane ticket of Southwest?

Yes, under the Southwest Change Name on Ticket Policy, in specific circumstances the passengers can change the names on their tickets for a fee of $150 /$200 per fare, depending on –
• Before or After 24 hours of booking the fare.
• Passenger’s name is legally changed.

What happens if you put the wrong name on a flight ticket?

Depending on the size of the error, passengers can either request for a name change (if their name has legally changed) or just correct their names by themselves, if the mistake can be corrected by editing 4 letters/letter space.
However, if the mistake is caught before 24 hours, the passenger may just cancel and rebook the flight, using the correct name.

Does your Airlines ticket name has to match with passport name ?

Yes, a passenger’s name must be the same in all the travel documents, otherwise, they will not be allowed to get past the security checkpoint.

Can I book a flight with my maiden name?

Yes, a married woman can book an Airlines ticket using her maiden’s name. However, to avoid any confusion or delay, authorities advise married women to book a flight reservation, using the name that is written in their passport and ID.

Does southwest require middle names?

No, it is not necessary to use your middle name while booking a ticket from Southwest Airlines. However, it is advised by the Airline & authorities to give your full name (as mentioned in your passport & government ID) while booking a ticket, to avoid any misidentification and delay.