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Need to know about the baggage allowance of southwest airlines? What are the charges of Southwest airlines’ baggage allowance domestic? Baggage allowance for infants, carry-on size limits, fee for carry-on… gets all the information related here.

Southwest baggage allowance domestic (overweight and oversized)

Every airline has set its limits. Southwest airlines have set the limits for the baggage allowance. Passengers are allowed to carry two checked bags for free but they should not exceed 51lbs and 62 inches(L+W+H). However, Southwest Airlines will accept overweight items from 51 to 100 pounds, and oversized items not exceeding 62 inches will be accepted at the charge of $50 to $75 per bag one way.

How early can you check bags for a flight?

For most international flights or flights within the US, baggage is not accepted for check-in before the 4 hours of the departure. It should also be noted that passengers should not check-in their baggage within 45minutes of departure. although this policy varies by airport and daily check-in counter hours.

Southwest domestic flight baggage allowance for infants

Passengers can carry their infants for free who is not occupying seat between the age 14 days old or two(2) years. However, older children are allowed to carry the same checked baggage as their parents can have.

Do babies get luggage allowance on flights?

Passengers who are traveling with their babies or infants under (2 years) can carry an extra bag with some needful items such as:

  • Nappies
  • Toys
  • Foods

Older children are allowed to have the checked baggage allowance and also bring carry-on bags as their parents can have.

Does a stroller count as a checked bag Southwest?

Passengers who are traveling with their infants are allowed to check one car seat or one child restraint system (CRS), stroller per child without any charge. Parents can also check their CRS, car seat, or stroller at the ticket counter, gate, or curb.

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How many bags are you allowed on Southwest?

Passengers who are traveling with the southwest domestic airline can carry their baggage in two categories such as:

Carry-on bags– Customers are allowed to have one smaller bag, one bag plus and some personal items, camera bags, food containers, daypacks but you can carry from one of these items with your carry-on bags.

Checked baggage – Southwest airlines allow two (2) pieces of checked baggage per ticket counter.

Southwest carry-on fee

Do Southwest airlines charge any fee for any carry-on bag?

However, most airlines do not charge for any carry-on bags. Southwest Airlines allows one (1) carry-on bag and one personal item ( briefcase, laptop bag, purse ) per passenger fee-free. Southwest airlines have set the limits for carry-on bags 50 linear inches (24 x 16 x 10 in) or 127 centimeters (61 x 41 x 28 cm) including wheels and handles.

Is Southwest strict with carry-on size?

Southwest airlines are impartially strict with the size of carry-on bags. Passengers can bring carry-on bags onboard southwest airlines. The Southwest airline carry-on size limit is 10 x 16 x 24 inches. This is one of the most flexible carry-on size limits in the world. Additionally, Southwest Airlines gives you an extra 2 inches of width, 1 inch of depth. If we compare to other US airlines, Southwest Airlines provides you with an extra bite of inches. However, baggage weight is mentioned on the Southwest Airlines website. Be sure you can lift the bags in the overhead bin without disturbing your co-passengers and cabin crew.

What if my carry-on is one inch too big Southwest?

If passengers are carrying a 1-inch big bag then airlines might ask you to measure it at the boarding gate and force you to pay a checked bag fee. Usually Southwest allows you to check in the first two bags for free. But, if you have to convert your carry-on baggage to check-in at the check-in counter you may incur charges.

What size luggage can I carry on Southwest domestic flight?

Southwest airlines are very accurate with their luggage sizes. So it is recommended to all the passengers as well as employers to measure the size of the luggage. Southwest Airlines has set the dimension of carry-on bags 10 x 16 x 24 inches. If the limit exceeds then passengers need to pay a fee.

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What is not allowed in a carry-on bag?

Gel food or Liquid items larger than 3.4 kz are not allowed in carry-on bags. If possible, passengers can keep it in checked baggage. TSA may instruct travelers to keep the food items separate from carry-on bags like powder, foods, and any other material which is sharp in an object, clutter bags, and the objects which obstruct getting the clear image from X-rays. Some of the restricted items are listed here, such as:

  • Self-defense spray
  • Alcoholic beverages over 140 proof
  • Fireworks
  • Golf clubs
  • Any liquid over 3.4 oz (excluding medication and breast milk/formula)

Can you take two backpacks on a plane?

Southwest airlines have a rule that every personal item you carry should fit under the seat in front of you. Many people carry their second bags and make an excuse as their items. This could be inconvenient for the co-passengers and as well as the cabin crew too. So try to carry your bags according to the rules of airlines. Carry-on bags should be lifted easily by yourself.

Can we carry musical instruments on Southwest airlines?

Musical instruments can be carried onboard if they fit under the seat in front or can be kept in an overhead bin. If passengers who have a larger instrument want to carry in light then they need to purchase a separate ticket to keep it safe with you.

Carry-on exceptions

Southwest airlines consider some items exempt from one personal item and one carry-on bag rule. This means if you bring any of the items you are not supposed to board the Southwest flight. Some items are:

  • Outer garments like jackets
  • Carry the food for flight should be in disposable packaging.
  • A duty-free item that is purchased at the airport.
  • Child restraint devices for a ticketed child (like car seats and stroller).
  • Assistive devices for disabilities (wheelchairs, crutches, etc.)
Southwest safety measures tips:

Southwest airlines requested all the passengers and their staff to wear a proper mask covering with nose and mouth. Take proper sanitization of hands. And maintained a social distance also for the protection of everyone. Southwest Airlines recommends you reach the airport 3 hours before departure.

How strict is Southwest about masks?

Not only Southwest airlines but every airline suggested wearing a mask properly. The children who are above 2 years old should wear a mask. If your child refuses to wear a mask then could be able to leave the flight before its departure. So, try to get your child to wear a mask before the departing date.

Do you have to take a Covid test to fly Southwest?

Yes, all the passengers must submit their Covid-19 negative report or the passenger has just recovered from covid -19 and that should be verified by the US government. These are the mandatory rules that everyone needs to follow.