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Southwest Airlines’ headquarter is located in Dallas, Texas. It is one of the most popular Airlines in the United States and the largest low-cost carrier in the world.

 Southwest operates scheduled flights to one hundred and three destinations in the United States and ten other different countries. In the year 2018, the company reported transporting one hundred and sixty-three point six million passengers.

What is Southwest Airlines’ Refund policy?

If Southwest Ticket is eligible for a refund, the refund will be made in accordance with the ticket and its regulations. Tickets purchased with a credit card will be refunded within 7 business days, and in the case of cash payment, it will take 20 business days after the refund request is received.

  1. Unused and fully refundable tickets are refundable and may be used for future travel or within one year of issuance.
  2.  If you do not wish to travel, please cancel your ticket 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Otherwise, it will be considered a “no show” and the total refund amount will be increased.
  3.  Refundable tickets may be requested by phone or in writing
  4. If your outbound flight has departed, you may submit a refund request in accordance with Southwest’s refund policy.
  5. Non-refundable tickets may be canceled by visiting Official website of Southwest Airlines or online within 24 hours of booking.
  6. You can accept your original payment method or have credit for future travel.
  7. All refunds will be made to the original payment method.

Don’t forget to confirm your booking or Southwest Airlines flight changes. When you cancel your ticket, you can choose to collect your card balance or in the form of travel credits, depending on Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy. Travel funds must be used within one year. If you do not use it, it will expire.

How do I get a refund?

 Southwest Airlines provides the following conditions for refund processing after cancellation. If you are booking a refundable ticket as a passenger, you may choose to receive your refund using your original payment method.

 Refunds may also be converted into future travel credit. The non-refundable amount will be converted into travel credit, which can be used to purchase future flight credits.

 Business Class tickets will be converted to travel credit in accordance with Southwest Airlines cancellation policy unless the ticket is canceled 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

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How do I know if I am eligible for a Southwest Airlines refund?

1. In accordance with Southwest Airlines refund policy, only Anytime and Business Select tickets are refundable.

2. Southwest Airlines may issue a refund if the passenger cancels the ticket at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

3. You will receive a refund using the original payment method used to make the reservation.

4. Not all tickets are refundable in accordance with Southwest Airlines’ return policy.

5. Business Select and Anytime tickets are refundable.

6. Wanna Get Away fares are essentially reusable.

7. It can be exchanged for travel credit instead of cash.

8. Southwest Airlines’ refund policy states that non-refundable tickets may be used for future travel for up to 12 months.

9. Passengers can convert their travel tickets into travel credits.

How do I get a refund on Southwest Airlines?

 Refund request through the website:

1. Go to the Southwest Airlines homepage on the official website.

2. Now select the Cancel flight option and press the button.

3. Enter your Southwest Airlines Reservation number and last name.

4. Available travel credits are displayed next to the reservation number.

5. Now click Refund to initiate a Southwest Airlines refund on our website.

6. Now choose your original payment method to get your Southwest Airlines refund.

 Use Phone to request a refund:

1. Call Southwest Airlines toll-free at +18005483192.

2. Enter the reservation confirmation number.

3. Easily store flight information such as date, origin, and destination.

4. Select the no payment option from the voice menu.

5. Notifies passengers when the account manager answers a call.

 Southwest Airlines is aware that travel has been limited due to the ongoing outbreak of the epidemic due to government orders. These restrictions include:

  •  possible quarantine.
  •  Coronavirus screening on arrival and/or departure.
  • Will check your temperature Test.
  • In this scenario, the Airline offers maximum flexibility.

 Southwest Airlines, No Cancellation or Change Fee Non-refundable tickets such as the Wanna Get Away fare for canceling or rescheduling flights to or from travel dates may apply.

 Southwest Airlines’ no-show policy (Southwest Airlines cancels flight reservations) up to 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

 Anytime and Business Select fare cancellations on the date of travel may apply to future travel.

Can I get a full refund if I cancel my flight?

Passengers get a refund if the Airlines has canceled the flight for any reason and the passenger chooses not to go.

Can you cancel part of a round trip ticket Southwest?

If you book a return trip, you can change both routes online without affecting the other routes. The exception is if you try to change your return after a one-way flight and you will need to call customer service. You can only cancel your entire itinerary online.

How soon before a Southwest flight can I cancel?

You can change or cancel your flight at least 10 minutes before your scheduled departure time. For example, if you have a flight that is scheduled to depart at 8 am, you will need to make changes or cancel the flight by 7:50 am.

How many business days are taken by Southwest Airlines to refund your flight?

Southwest Airlines typically takes 10 business days to process a refund to a passenger. This will help passengers buy tickets in the future. You can contact your customer service representative to complete the refund process.