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What is ‘Wanna Get Away Southwest Airlines’

All of us want to travel to most places around the world. To cover most destinations, we need to keep our focus on our budget too. But what If you can travel to all the destinations according to our budget? Wouldn’t it be a dream come true for us? Southwest airlines heard this wish of all the travelers and introduced the program for the same-named ‘Wanna Get Away Southwest Airlines’. One can choose to fly with Southwest Airlines Flights without a doubt.

What is this exclusive program?

The name ‘Wanna Get Away Southwest Airlines’ itself is enough to tell how one can get away with Southwest Airlines Flights. All of us want to take a worthy break from our same lives. An individual mustn’t compromise with their budget to explore their favorite destination, so southwest airlines introduced this unique program. The “Wanna get away’ program is a non-refundable fare.

The fares of wanna get away have been the cheapest fares of southwest airlines. When you choose Southwest Airlines Flights and buy tickets for this program, the individual is allowed two free checked bags. These tickets are non-refundable, but an individual can still cancel the flights without paying any charges or penalty. And the flyer can use that amount in the future when they book Southwest Airlines Flights. But it is essential to know that the ticket can be used by the flyer who made the Southwest Airlines Bookings; no other passenger is eligible to use that ticket. One can use this program to book Southwest Airlines Cheap Flights.

Talking about the eligibility period, one needs to know that they should complete their trip within one year from the purchase date.

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Benefits of this program –

There are endless benefits of using this program. Apart from book Southwest Airlines Cheap Flights, one can enjoy many other facilities and benefits of this program. Here are some of the points explaining the benefits associated with this “wanna get away” program-

  • If you use this program, you are eligible to earn rapid reward points. An individual gets to earn 6 points on a single dollar on the fare they pay to make the bookings.
  • You are eligible to get the travel credit in case you cancel your flight. There are times when an individual has to make the cancelations at the last minute. In case you do the same, you will not have to pay any amount for the cancelation.
  • If you are the one who can’t sit ideal and need to keep yourself busy, then this program of perfect for you. There is no space for boredom as one can enjoy various movies during the flights. All you need to do is download the southwest phone application and watch the movie of your choice.
  • Along with all these benefits, there are many other benefits too that a flyer enjoys. You can even satisfy your taste buds by enjoying the complimentary snacks and other soft drinks offered to you by the airline. If you are a coffee person, the airlines also solved this as you will get to enjoy the perfect coffee.
  • The flyer can use the option of online check-in when you use this program. Along with the online check-in, curbside check-in is available. You can go for online check-in 24 hours before the departure timings of your flight.
  • You can go ahead to board your flight without waiting in a queue. An individual doesn’t have to wait in the security lanes. This makes the flying experience more comfortable and relaxing.
  • Another fantastic benefit this program provides you is that a flyer can change their flight at the eleventh hour. In case you want to change the flight, you can do it without paying any extra amount. You can switch to the other flight on the same day.

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Types of fares at southwest airlines-

There are three types of Southwest fares. The names of those fares are business select, anytime, and wanna fly away.

  • Business select

The first type is business select. This is the chief fare of southwest airlines. These tickets are fully refundable, and the flyer is eligible to change the ticket whenever they want to. Apart from this, an individual earns rapid rewards points on each dollar they spend. In addition to this, the person gets a cocktail and a beer. In case you Cancel Southwest Airlines tickets, you can use that amount if you travel with southwest airlines in the future.

  • Anytime 

This type of fare is fully refundable. This fare enables the customers to make the changes in your ticket without paying any amount or charge.

  • Wanna fly

This is the non-refundable fare. This is not a basic economy fare. In this type of fare, an individual is eligible to carry two checked bags. For more info :- Southwest Airlines Customer Services.