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At times, passengers wish to change the name they mention on their ticket. Therefore, Lufthansa airlines allow us to make modifications when we make any mistake in the name on the Lufthansa ticket. Furthermore, Lufthansa airlines is one of the most reliable airlines. And it keeps in mind to provide all services to its Flyers to make traveling a hassle-free experience. Lufthansa Name Change On Ticket is one such option that makes it easy for the flyers to not stress about the name change.

Moreover, an individual can easily change the Lufthansa ticket if they have enough information about it. If you are one such traveler who wants to make any changes to the ticket, you will find all the required information below. Therefore, let us first start knowing about the Lufthansa name change policy. 

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What If Lufthansa Name Change Policy?

Before we head to find other information associated with the name change, first we must know about its policy. Lufthansa airlines has set up a name change policy to make the whole name change procedure easy. Once you go through the information given below, you will find out about this policy in detail- 

  • Firstly, individuals who booked Lufthansa airlines reservations it officially through this carrier are eligible to make any changes to the name. This means one can make any changes or corrections if he/she buy a ticket directly from Lufthansa Airlines. 
  • Furthermore, no flyer is eligible for requesting a name change on departure or flight. The airline will not consider this request. 
  • Moreover, passengers who hold tickets except for non-refundable and promo fares can complete the name change procedure even on the flight departure day. All other passengers are not eligible for the same. 
  • If you buy a ticket on the day of departure, you are not eligible to make any changes to your ticket’s name. 
  • Also, in certain circumstances like marriage or divorce, you might have to submit the documents which prove the same. 

Know Detailed Procedure To Correct Your Name On Lufthansa Ticket

Each passenger is different, and thus he/she might look for another method for completing Lufthansa name change on ticket procedure. So, keeping in mind the needs of all of its Flyers, Lufthansa Airlines has set up various ways for the name change. As there are multiple methods, one can use whichever method he/she find best for themselves. 

Go through the information below and find out various methods of Lufthansa name change on the ticket. 

  • Online method 

In today’s time, everyone relies on online ways of doing things. This is because it helps one save enough time and complete the task quickly. Furthermore, Lufthansa airlines have set up a very straightforward method of the name change. This allows all kinds of individuals to follow this method in no time. Moreover, complete the Lufthansa name change on ticket procedure quickly; you need to follow some steps. 

Please go through the information given below and find out the steps one needs to follow. 

  • Firstly, open the official website of Lufthansa Airlines
  • Now, login into the page by using the credentials. 
  • Once you log in, you need to look for the “my bookings” option. Click on this option. 
  • Furthermore, you need to enter information like booking code first and the last name in this step. 
  • As soon as you enter this information, click on the option to find bookings. 
  • Once the booking opens up, you will be able to complete the Lufthansa name change on the ticket procedure. Go ahead to make the necessary changes to your name. 
  • When you are done with making all the required changes, you need to click on the option of save changes. 
  • Lastly, confirm the new ticket. 
  • For any query contact Lufthansa Airlines Customer Services .
  • Via phone call 

In addition to the online method of Lufthansa name change on tickets, one can rely on this method. This method includes using the phone number of Lufthansa Airlines and asking the travel expert to complete this procedure for you. Furthermore, you will find the phone number once you visit Lufthansa Airlines’ official website. Use this number to contact travel experts and complete the name change procedure in no time. Also, make sure you are ready with your booking code once you contact the travel experts. 

What is Lufthansa Name Change Fees ?

Lufthansa Airlines has set a very minimal fee. As they keep the budget of flyers in mind. Each flyer has a different budget, so Lufthansa Airline does not charge a considerable amount. 

  • Firstly, remember that if you make changes to your name within 24 hours of making the bookings, you do not have to pay any name change fee. But once the risk-free period is over, you are entitled to pay the Lufthansa name change fee. 
  • Furthermore, you can even waive your name fee if your tickets are not issued. But once the tickets get issued or risk-free passes, you have to pay the fees set by Lufthansa airlines for the Lufthansa name change on the ticket. 
  • Moreover, the name changed feet starts from 100 Euros. Remember, the fee varies according to the flight destination and the type of change you make. 

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More Details On Lufthansa Name Correction Process

In addition to knowing about the name change policy, there are some additional criteria that one must know. There are some criteria set by the Lufthansa Airlines for making the modifications via the official website. Go to the points given below and find out about these in detail 

  • An individual is eligible for making only one modification to each ticket via the online method set by Lufthansa Airlines. This means when you use the official website for the Lufthansa name change ticket, you can modify your name only once. 
  • Furthermore, no passenger is eligible for changing or switching their names with any other passenger. 
  • Moreover, you are eligible for name change or correction for individual reservations only. Remember, you cannot request the name change on a collection of tickets simultaneously. 
  • Lastly, if the PNR number of your ticket is combined with that of any other airline, you are not eligible for making any online changes to your ticket. In that case you can Cancel Lufthansa Flight and rebook it.
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I eligible for completing the Lufthansa name change on the ticket procedure?

Yes, an individual can modify the name on their Lufthansa flight once they make the reservation. Furthermore, with the help of the name change option offered by Lufthansa airlines, one can make certain changes by using various methods of the name change.

On what things does the name change fee of Lufthansa airline depend?

Lufthansa airline does not charge a considerable amount for the name change. Also, if one completes the name change procedure within 24 hours of making the bookings, no passenger has to pay any name change fee. Furthermore, the name change fee of Lufthansa airlines varies according to your final destination and the type of change you make.

How can I complete the Lufthansa name change on the ticket procedure?

An individual can use either the online or the offline method to complete this procedure. Furthermore, in the online method, one needs to visit the official website and follow some steps. Moreover, for the offline method, you need to use the phone number of Lufthansa airlines and contact their travel representative to make the required changes to your ticket name. 

This was a detailed guide on Lufthansa name change on ticket. The travelers will make the name change procedure hassle-free and manageable by going through all the information above. So, if you wish to complete the name change procedural Lufthansa airlines in no time, then use the information given above.