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Lufthansa Airlines manage booking is a way to manage your existing bookings at Lufthansa. After making Lufthansa reservations, passengers do have to manage them; it might be anything — for example, they may need to cancel, change or upgrade them. 

Thus, to deal with the same (managing Lufthansa flight reservations after making them), the option they have to use is Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking.

Therefore the blog deals with what you can do with the facility and how to access it. 

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Things You Can Do by Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking

You can do Several things under Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking. However, you can use it to either cancel your Lufthansa itineraries or modify them. If you cancel a Lufthansa flight, that is a simple story. But, if you need to modify it, it might be a little complicated. 

In the following section, we will discuss all the available options under the same facility.

The Manage Booking Facility — Options Available

The section talks about all the things that you can do with the use of the Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking facility. All the options under the same facility are discussed in detail in this definitive guide. 


The first and the most important option available under the manage booking facility is the cancelation option. Passengers need this option after making their flight reservations. In other words, the requirement of the option comes when someone need not use their reservation for some purpose, and thereby, they just want to cancel the same so that, if possible, they can at least get refunded. 

Thus one option available under the facility is you can cancel your Lufthansa flight reservation. Now, the second one is discussed below.


The second most important option or thing that you can do by the facility is flight modification. Flight modification is also available under the facility. So, if you need to introduce some changes to your existing Lufthansa flight reservations, you need to use the manage booking facility.

For example, suppose you need to change the no. of passengers to your Lufthansa itinerary. Thus, in that case, first, you need to access your Lufthansa itinerary using the Lufthansa Airlines manage booking, and then you can change the no. of passengers to your itinerary. 

Similarly, the same facility can be used to make other changes to the itinerary, such as changing airports, dates, etc.


The facility can also be used for upgrades. For example, if you need to upgrade from your current cabin to a higher one, you can also do that by the facility — Lufthansa Airlines manage booking.

First, you have to access the manage booking facility, and then you have to use it to retrieve your booking details at Lufthansa. The ways to access it are discussed below; there is one section solely dedicated to the same.

Seat Selections

Apart from all the options mentioned so far, seat selection is also one. You can use the manage booking facility to select your seats too. There are two ways you can select your seat on Lufthansa Airlines; that is true in the case of all the airlines in the world. 

The first option is that you can select your seat at the time of making the reservation. And the second one is making a seat selection after making the reservation. In the second case, you need the Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking facility. 

When you have already booked your Lufthansa flight, and afterward, you need to select your seats, you have to make use of the manage booking facility. 

If you need to know the process of accessing and using the facility, you can refer to the section.

Extra Baggage Purchases

The final option discussed here and available under Lufthansa Airlines manage booking is Extra Baggage Purchase. If you need to purchase or add extra baggage to your current itinerary at Lufthansa, you have to use the facility for the same. Whenever we use the term facility, we mean Lufthansa Airlines manage booking. So don’t get confused by the language.

You can use Lufthansa Airlines manage booking to add extra baggage to your Lufthansa bookings. For more information on doing that practically, you can consult the section below.   

How to access Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking?

This particular section deals with ways of accessing Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking. Before actually using the facility of booking modification, you have to access it. Thus the process of accessing it is given below in detail.

The section also touches on how many ways you can manage your bookings when flying on a Lufthansa flight. 

In general, there are mainly three methods of managing your Lufthansa bookings. These are as follows. 

Access by the Official Website

First of all, the manage booking mechanism can be accessed by the official website. The official website of Lufthansa is The way to access it is laid down below.

  • First, google Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking;
  • Second, observe the link to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines;
  • Third, Click on the link: View and manage flight | Lufthansa;
  • Fourth, Log in to your account to access your booking details regarding the Lufthansa flight reservation; and,
  • Fifth, proceed to initiate the desired process — cancelation, change, upgrade, etc. — once the booking details have been retrieved.

The log-in facility that you have to fill in to retrieve your reservations at Lufthansa will be like the one given below:

Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking
Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking

Access by the Official App

Further, you can access the manage booking facility by the official app of Lufthansa. For that, you must have the app installed on your smartphone. For managing your Lufthansa bookings, follow the process given below:

  • First, download the Lufthansa Airlines app on your smartphone;
  • Second, open it once it has been fully installed on your smartphone;
  • Third, locate the manage booking or my trips option;
  • Fourth, click on the same; and,
  • Fifth, proceed as it instructs you.

Access by Phone Number

Managing a booking by phone is available on Lufthansa Airlines. However, it might not be easy because it may take a lot of time before you finally manage to talk to some or someone picks your call up.

For managing your bookings at Lufthansa by phone, you can use the TFN displayed on the screen.