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Do you have questions about the baggage allowance on your recent booking with Lufthansa Airlines? There is nothing to worry about. Scroll through to gather all the information on Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance and travel hassle-free and worry-free. It can be puzzling even for flyers who frequently travel by flight as the baggage policy changes from airline to airline. Do not worry, simply read through and know all about it. 

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the largest European Airlines and operates in more than 200 destinations, both domestic and international. These airlines assure their passengers a world-class experience of in-flight service along with multiple special amenities and benefits. Therefore, flying with Lufthansa is the wisest decision to make for travelling. 

Lufthansa Airlines baggage Policy-

  • On average, Lufthansa allows one personal items bag, including a purse, laptop bag, or briefcase.
  • It allows one carry-on baggage of 8kg. The dimensions of the bag should not exceed 55x40x23 cm.
  • Also, one check-in bag is allow. The bag should be under 23 kg for economy class and up to 32 kg for Business Class. 
  • Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance also allows excess baggage with additional costs. Sports and musical instruments are also allow. But will be charged separately according to the ticket type, weight, and route for travel. 

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Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance for students

Lufthansa Airlines understands that as students you will be travelling from your home to your place of education. You may be carrying lots of books and extra baggage while flying from home to a new place. And so, it offers an extra baggage allowance for students. If you are a student and meet the terms and conditions laid out by the Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance for students, you will surely attain them. 

All students qualifying under the baggage allowance for students for Lufthansa Airlines will be allowed to carry two bags weighing a maximum of 23 kg each. This means every passenger will get one extra bag free. So, booking with Lufthansa Airlines to enjoy your extra baggage allowance. 

Learn more on Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance for Students

  • Students will have to make the booking using their valid college ID. Provide detailed information on your institution and your course of study. 
  • Carry your ID card, Student Visa, and admission papers for verification at the check-in counter at the airport. 
  • This is valid for economy class only. And will be applicable for students only.
  • Extra allowance is permissible only while you are traveling towards the destination of your university or institution. It will not be applicable while traveling back home. 
  • Students may have to mail their details a minimum of two days before the travel to Lufthansa Airlines. Information of travel, ticket itinerary, students documents along with students visa for confirmation. And in case of any discrepancy, feel free to contact the Lufthansa Customer service team for support
  • You will not be allowed to make a name change on the ticket after completion of the reservation to avoid any misunderstandings. 
  • Further, if you have pre-added two bags for check-in while booking, then you will not be allowed any extra baggage allowance. 
  • Also, to avail of this benefit, it is best to book from the Lufthansa Airlines Official Website. 

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Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance for Economy Class

Booking a Lufthansa Airlines Economy Class would not be a bad choice to make if you are travelling light. You can save money and also travel with utmost comfort. Sometimes, travelling with excess baggage can be a headache. But not with Lufthansa. With Lufthansa, you can experience utmost comfort along with ample Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance for each passenger. 

Here are some key points to know about the baggage allowance for economy class-

  • All passengers will be allowed one personal item bag, the same as all other passengers. 
  • One carry-on baggage is allowed not to weigh more than 8kg. 
  • The carry-on baggage should be of the dimensions 55x40x23 cm. and it can extend up to 57x54x15 cm for all foldable garment bags. 
  • This carry-on baggage is applicable for both economy and premium economy classes. 
  • Further, all Economy class passengers are allowed to carry one check-in bag of 23 kg with the linear dimension of 158 cm. it can be extended up to two bags for premium economy class. 
  • Additionally, if you have booked a light fare ticket, you can later add your check-in baggage by paying an additional cost. Therefore, if you are aware that you will be traveling with check-in luggage, it’s best to avoid a light fare ticket. 

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How much baggage is allowed on Lufthansa International Flights?

International flights have mostly similar Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance as the domestic flights. There are not very different. It may differ slightly. However, refer to the chart to learn better about the actual allowance of baggage for an international flight-

Class of TravelNo. of Bags AllowedWeight of Each BagLinear Dimension of the Bag
Economy123kg/ 50 pounds158 cm / 62 inches
Premium Economy223kg/ 50 pounds158 cm / 62 inches
Business Class232kg/ 70 pounds158 cm / 62 inches
First Class332kg/ 70 pounds158 cm / 62 inches

This is applicable for most travel routes of Lufthansa Airlines. Apart from this, passengers of Business Class and First Class are allowed to carry Two Carry-On Bags that fit the criteria of the carry-on bag size. 

Can I take a handbag as well as hand luggage on Lufthansa?

Yes, you may easily carry your handbag along with your hand luggage on your Lufthansa Airline flight. 

The Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance identifies handbag and hand luggage separately. Therefore, you may easily carry both of them without any hassle. Do not confuse yourself with a handbag and hand luggage. 

Handbag- a personal item bag can be categorized as a handbag. It can include any purse, laptop bags, backpacks, and briefcase. In case you are travelling with kids, you will be allowed an additional handbag for your child. This bag has to be kept under the seat or in the overhead bin at all times during travel. 

Hand Luggage- can be categorized as carry-on baggage. All passengers are allowed a minimum of one hand luggage fitting the size of 55x40x23 cm (57x54x15cm for foldable garments bags) and weighing 8 kg. But, it can also be increased to two bags of the same size and weight for Business and First Class passengers. 

Therefore, you can carry both a handbag and hand luggage along with you. 

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Is Lufthansa strict with baggage?

  • The Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance is not very rigid, yet quite abiding. Therefore, It has laid down strict rules to be followed. Passengers can benefit a lot if you are better to know about all the terms and conditions of the baggage allowance. 
  • It is quite strict for the allowance of a piece of carry-on baggage. Lufthansa Airlines allows carrying carry-on luggage that fits on the overhead bin only. Any bag that exceeds the size or does not fit on the compartment, may be allowed on check-in only. 
  • Additionally, all check-in bags should fit the above mention dimension and weight criteria. However, if you are carrying a bag that is slightly oversized or weight is exceeded marginally, talking with the staff at the counter may be helpful. They may allow the bag without any extra charges. And if not, they may charge you for extra baggage and allow for check-in. 
  • If the bag is flexible than, you can fit it in the rectangular-sized bag and check in for free. 

What is a 2 PC baggage allowance?

A 2 PC baggage allowance means that you will be allowed to check in two pieces of bags. However, each of them has to weigh a maximum of 23 kg only. It is applicable on few aircraft only. Therefore, you should always check the bag tags allowed according to your ticket. 

In case, it is written as 3 PC then you will allow carrying 3 pieces of a bag for your travel that fits the weight and size of the bag. Lufthansa Airlines also allows this 2 PC baggage on few routes. Check while you are making the booking. Hence, you can easily state that Lufthansa Airlines baggage allowance is neither too rigid nor too loose. It is just the way to make it convenient for all its passengers to travel easily and comfortably always. For any query contact Lufthansa Airlines Customer Services.