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Are you searching for a budget airline? If yes, book your tickets at Flair Airlines reservations

and enjoy your trip without busting your pocket. The airline has a basic airfare that passengers can book. This basic airfare includes travel between two cities and a personal item (laptop bag, backpack, handbag, purse, etc.).

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However, if needed, passengers can customize their experience by adding extra services such as checked baggage, carry-on bags, priority boarding, Flexiplus, seat selection, special meal, etc. You can add these items to your basic bundle. Bundles include the basic fare plus the additional item, which you can get at a discounted price.

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How do You Book a Flight on Flair Airlines?

Passengers can book a Flair Airlines reservation anytime with ease. Therefore, the online method of securing the flair airlines booking is a piece of cake. First, however, you have to follow specific guidelines when making the reservation and also follow these steps to start the reservation process:

1. First, browse on your browser and then click on it.

2. After that, you will see a homepage of Flyfair where you can start booking your reservation.

3. Then check the box for round trip or one-way.

4. To proceed further, provide the details of flights such as:

  • Origin airport
  • Destination airport
  • Departure date
  • Return date (if round trip)
  • Number of passengers

5. Next, click the “search” button, redirecting you to the available flight options list.

6. Select the preferable flight that suits your schedule.

7. A page will open where you must select a bundle from the:

  • Basic Bundle
  • Big Bundle
  • Bare Bundle

8. Once you select the bundle, click on the continue tab.

9. Afterward, you must provide your personal details and select any special assistance if required.

10. After you provide all those details, a payment page will open. Then, make the required payment through a different payment method.

11. Lastly, you will get the confirmation mail in your inbox, and you are all done Flair Airlines Reservation process.

Flair Airlines Reservations- Terms and Conditions

  • Fares can be changed anytime until the final purchase of tickets.
  • All domestic fares are per passenger, per way of travel, levies, taxes, and fees.
  • They also include one personal item and a seat randomly chosen by the airline.
  • Add extra items and services.
  • The website of Flair Air offers all terms & conditions for its services.
  • Flair Air provides a variety of fares, some of which may have availability limitations and other restrictions.
  • All reservations are non-refundable, with a few exceptions.
  • In addition, bookings are non-transferable in any circumstances.
  • If the fare increases between the time of ticket issuance and booking, then the fare or charge applicable to the carriage of passengers shall not be imposed.
  • Confirmed ticket reservations are valid, will not change, and will not be reissued at the passenger’s request.
  • Notably, Flair Airlines reserves the right to cancel a reservation without notice in the event of an unpaid or payment dispute.

Furthermore, for more information, see Flair Airlines Booking Terms & conditions in airlines tariffs.

Flair Airlines and the Check-in Process – In case, you need …

The passengers are eligible for online and airport check-in for Flair Airlines Reservations.

Online Check-in

Online check-in is available for Flair Airlines passengers. Also, passengers can check-in online 24 hours before their scheduled departure. In addition, passengers can print their boarding passes at home to save time & expense at the airport and proceed directly to baggage claim or security. However, you need to pay the fee for checking in at the airport. Travelers only need to go to the Flair site with their flight information.

Airline Check-In

The Flair check-in ticket counter at the airport is what travelers who could not check-in online should use. This service will start 3 hours before the scheduled flight’s departure time and end 45 minutes for domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights before takeoff.

In addition, Flair airlines recommend passengers come to the airport at least two hours before their scheduled flight departure. In addition, you must pay a fee of $25 plus taxes when you check in at the airport. Therefore, failure to arrive at the airport on time or before time may result in missing your flight.

Flair Airlines FlexiPlus

Passengers can buy TravelFLEX when making the Flair Airlines reservation for their air tickets. In addition, TravelFLEX allows passengers to change their Flair Airlines reservations with no change fee. However, passengers need to pay the fare difference if there is any. The permitted changes include time and date of travel, destination, and departure airport.

Moreover, to get more information regarding the TravelFLEX, it would be better if you contact the customer support team of Flair airlines.

Flair Airlines Reservations – FAQs

Q.1. What is Flair Reservation Number?

To make bookings call +1-888-573-3166, or you can send a text to the airline. Furthermore, for any delays or related issues, send an email to the airline at

Q.2. Does Flair Air offer refunds?

Flair Airline’s 24-Hours free cancellation policy allows the passenger to cancel their flight free of cost. In addition, the airline will provide you a full refund of your ticket value if you make Flair Airlines booking one week or more before your flight scheduled departure.

Q.3. How early should I be at the airport, Flair Airlines?

Airport counters for check-in open three hours before departure and close 60 minutes for international flights and 45 minutes for domestic before the scheduled departure. In addition, Flair airlines ask passengers to come at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. Therefore, late arrival can cause you to miss your flight.  

Q.4. Do you have to pay for seats on Flair?

The airline will assign a random seat at no additional cost if you don’t want to pay for your seat selection. And if you want an aisle or a window seat or sit with your family or loved ones, pay an extra amount to have a seat of your choice. Moreover, you will surely enjoy the journey with Flair Airlines reservations.