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It’s not always simple to transfer miles and points between airlines, particularly if Partners Airlines forbids the practice. Long processing times and difficult stages are genuine problems you could face while transferring miles or reward points.

In extreme circumstances, you might need to contact the airline immediately, which requires standing in line to talk to customer service agents. Additionally, there are good chances that your efforts will be ineffective.

So, why not save your time & learn a little about the Emirates Transfer Miles process.

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A General Procedure of Emirates Transfer Miles

It can be a hassle and a bit complex to transfer points & miles to Emirates. In addition, you will likely grow weary or lost during the transfer process. Another possibility is that the procedure won’t work.

If you want to know how to transfer the Emirates Miles, follow the given step-by-step points:

  1. But, first, visit the official website of Emirates and log in to your account.
  2. Once you log in, use the homepage’s search bar to look up “points” or “rewards” and then choose the rewards program or points you have.
  3. You can decide whether you want to sell your points for cash, transfer them, or check your point balance.
  4. If transferring your miles to family or friends, tap on the transfer button, and the airline will transfer your miles to other accounts.
  5. You could view your point balance or transfer the points if you choose between the first two choices. If not, we can assist you in locating the most excellent offer.

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Terms and Conditions of Emirates Transfer Miles

  • For each transfer to Emirates Skywards Miles, a minimal requirement of 1,000 Rewards miles (in increments of 500 points) and just a maximum of 50,000 miles each year are applicable at the cost of $15/1000miles.
  • Upon request, the airline will transfer their Rewards miles within 48 hours to their Emirates Skywards account.
  • A Skywards mile is equivalent to one Membership Reward point. After being transferred, Membership Rewards points are no longer returnable to their Membership Rewards program account and are subject to the Emirates Skywards Program Rules.
  • Upgrades and redemption flights on Emirates are subject to fees, taxes, and carrier charges.
  • In addition, when you use your Miles to get flight rewards, there are additional taxes and surcharges. Passengers can find details about Emirates Skywards Program Rules at
  • To transfer points, you should be an Emirates Skywards member. By visiting, you can enroll.
  • The number of times customers can link their Rewards Account each year may be impacted by the Emirates Skywards program conditions, which apply to account linkages.
  • If you’re having trouble linking your Rewards Account, contact Emirates for further details.
  • Rewards that have been used are not refundable, replaceable, transferrable for cash, or credit. Contact Customer Services if you have any queries about your transfer.
  • Please be aware that once you transfer your miles, you cannot transfer them back.

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Emirates Transfer Miles- Important Concerns/Prerequisites

Consider these three points before transferring your points:

  • Ratio: Number of times Skywards miles are awarded for each exchanged point
  • Transfer Times: When will the points appear in the Skywards account?
  • Bonuses: Are any transfer bonuses available now that could boost your value even further?

We advise American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, & Citi Thank You Points as their go-to transfer currencies due to their favorable 1:1 ratio and quick transfers.

Emirates Skywards accepts Capital One miles at a 2:1 ratio. So, you may earn 1X Emirates miles for every dollar spent if you use major Capital, one cards such as the Capital One Venture, which get 2X on every purchase.

This is not a bad alternative, but the 4X and 5X earning potential of the Chase, Amex, & Citi cards with 1:1 transfer are vast.

The transfers can be highly profitable if you take advantage of the 5k bonus for every 60k transferred from Marriott Bonvoy to Emirates. However, on average, it takes them three days to transfer points to Emirates Skywards miles. Because you can’t say with certainty that reward points would still be available when your transfer is finished, this could lead to unneeded stress during the booking process.


Can I transfer Emirates Miles?

Emirates Transfer Miles is not that easy; you have to follow specific guidelines to do so. For example, using the Points Platform (“Transfer Miles”), an Eligible Skywards Member can only transfer Skywards Miles to another person in blocks of 1,000 miles for a fee of $ 15/1,000 Miles.

What can we do with Emirates miles?

With partner airlines, you can use your Skywards Miles and reward points to enjoy your trip, hotel stays, and many more. 
Other Examples are:
●      Emirates Airline Foundation
●      Airlines
●      Car Rentals
●      Hotels
●      Retail & Lifestyle

Can I transfer Emirates miles to American Express?

Select your home country and sign in to your American Express account to exchange your Membership Rewards points for Skywards Miles. For example, to complete the conversion, you can call the American Express team if you reside in Malaysia or Thailand.

How do I use my skywards family, Miles?

Passengers can join their “My Family” account and enjoy their Skywards miles together faster. You can name your family account and set the percentage of your miles to transfer.

How do I transfer skywards Miles to another member?

Transferring the Skywards Miles to family or friends will allow you to combine them to earn more rewards if you aren’t quite able to use all of your Miles toward one. Miles can be transferred for a fee of $15 per 1,000 miles, with a yearly limit of 50,000 miles.