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The blog deals with Delta Airlines’ name change and correction policy. Thus if you need to consult the policy, you can go through the following blog. 

However, if you need to talk to someone for any assistance, you can call +1-888-573-3166.

The blog goes through the policy thoroughly and summarizes the same in the most concise way possible. Thus for any queries including how to change a name on a Delta ticket, you can rely on it.

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Can I change my name on a Delta Airlines ticket?

There is no simple answer to the question. It depends on what exactly you mean by that. It happens a lot in the world that people say something and mean something else. Thus that might be happening here too. 

Therefore, let’s first analyze what you mean by the question: refer to the sections that follow as they discuss the same in detail.

Why do you want to change your name on a Delta Airlines Ticket?

Here, decide what exactly you mean by the question and then find the best possible answer to your queries.

Can I change my name on a Delta Airlines ticket? — mean changing the full name 

By the question, if you mean as follows: changing the full name to something else and a different person would use the name-changed Delta ticket to travel instead of the one who made the flight reservation in the first place. 

If that is your intention, the answer is NO. That cannot happen. You cannot replace your entire name with a new one. And, when you are not going to fly on the same corrected ticket, there is no possibility that you can make such changes to your Delta flight reservations or tickets. 

Apart from that, there is one more possibility. It is that you want to change your full name — the existing one on the ticket — and get a new one replaced in place of that when you have made the reservation in the first place, and after such a name change, you are also the one who is going to use the ticket.

If that is your situation, I don’t think there is any possibility that anyone can help you. Still, you can the TFN on the website to make a call.

Can I change my name on a Delta Airlines ticket? — wanna change the full name for the transfer purpose

If you want to change your full name on a Delta ticket to a different one with the purpose of transferring it to another person, well, that’s not possible. It is not possible because changing a name on a Delta ticket for the purpose would definitely lead to the resale of the Delta tickets — which would further promote the black market in the same. 

Therefore it might appear that there is no other way to deal with the situation. However, there is still something that you can do to solve your problem. And, it is as follows.

The Only Solution —  Cancelation, and Rebooking 

The only solution, in this case, is:

  • First, cancel the flight that is ticketed with the name you want to change; and then,
  • Second, proceed to book a new one with the name of your choice. 

That way, you can get a Delta ticket with a new name or the name you want to be on the ticket. 

And thus only by the preceding way, it is possible to transfer a Delta ticket to another person. 

For such a cancelation and booking, you can make contact with us at +1-888-573-3166

How to Cancel a Delta Ticket?

For canceling a Delta flight online, consult the following step:

  • First, open your favorite browser;
  • Second, search the web for Delta Airlines Manage Booking;
  • Third, click on the link — Find Your Trip: Delta Air Lines;
Delta Name Change on Ticket
Delta Name Change on Ticket
  • Fourth, fill in the search system with the information it requires;
  • Fifth, wait until it retrieves your itinerary or booking details; and,
  • Sixth, go ahead and cancel your Delta flight.

That is the online process for canceling your Delta tickets. If you don’t find it easy to do, you can use the number mentioned throughout the content and also displaying at the top of the web page for making a call. 

How to Book a Delta Ticket?

After the cancelation, you can book a new flight. How you can book a Delta flight online is explained below. 

  • First, google or search the web for Delta Book a Flight;
  • Second, click on the link — Book a Flight | ‎Delta Air Lines;

The second step will take you to the following flight booking system or flight search interface. 

Delta Name Change on Ticket
Delta Name Change on Ticket

You can use the search screen shown in the image above to find all the available Delta flights. Thus after the second step

  • Third, enter your booking details into the search spaces;

For using the search system, first, you have to put the booking details of your choice into it, and then as you click on the arrow in the right-bottom corner, it will go ahead and find all the flights suitable for you as per the booking information you have entered. Therefore 

  • Fourth, click on the arrow at the bottom in the right-hand corner; 
  • Fifth, once it has pulled enough flight deals out of its database, choose one to book a Delta flight; and,
  • Sixth, finally decide a mode of payment and ticket your Delta flight.

However, for having someone else do that for you, use the following helpline number:  

Can I change my name on a Delta Airlines ticket? — mean name corrections 

If by name change on Delta tickets you mean name corrections, it is allowed and you can do that. All such name corrections are made as per Delta Airlines’ name correction policy. 

Here, you don’t want to change the full name. Instead, you only want to make a few corrections to the existing one. And, it is allowed under the name change policy. Thus you can easily make corrections to your existing name that is misspelled.

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy 

Under Delta Airlines Name Correction policy, there are various options that are available. Specifically, the policy discusses several ways in which a name can be spelled wrongly. And, thus if you have got your name spelled wrongly in the same way, you can get assistance in making the required corrections. 

Corrections to the First or Middle Name

If you need to make corrections to your First or Middle Name, it is allowed under the name correction policy. For example, if your name is Jim and you want it to be James, then it is allowed. You can do that. 

Therefore if your first name is wrong in any similar way, you can call using the TFN on the website.

Similarly, instead of your first name, if your middle name is put incorrectly, you can also use the same number for calling.

Correction to the Last Name

If you need to make corrections to your last name, you can also do that. Normally, it is allowed up to three characters. But, if you need to correct more than three characters of your last name, you can also do that.

You can just call and discuss your problem with someone competent. 

Addition to the Last Name without Changing the Name 

If you don’t need to correct any part of your name but add a new part to the last part of your existing name, you can do so. For example, suppose your last name on a Delta ticket is Lopez, and you need to add Christ after that, it is allowed.  

For any such additions to your existing name, you can use the same content as displayed on the website.

First and Last Names are Inverted on the Ticket

Apart from the options mentioned above, if your first and last names are inverted, you are allowed to correct them. 

By the inversion, Delta’s name correction policy means as follows. Suppose your name is George Smith. However, on the ticket, they have put it, Smith George. Then that is the case of the inversion the policy is talking about. 

In that case — if you want to fix this inversion, you can make a phone call.

Other Options Available — where you may require a name correction

Apart from all the cases where one needs to correct their name and that are allowed by Delta Airlines too, there are some other cases. These are more complicated than the one mentioned and discussed above. Still, you can call the same number and get it corrected. 

When the Flight is Operated by a Different Air Carrier

If you have a ticket where the flight is operated by any other carrier except Delta Airlines like KLM, Korean Air, Aeromexico, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, etc and you want to make name corrections, you can make a phone call by the TFN displayed on the webpage.

However, usually, it is not directly possible to make name corrections related to such tickets. You can always use the number mentioned above to make the name corrections you need.

Itineraries that Include Traveling to/from China or India

If you have a ticket that includes either traveling from India or to India and you need to correct your name on the ticket, you can use the TFN on the website.

If your name on a ticket involving travel to/from China is incorrect and thereby you need to correct it, you can call TFN on the website.

When More than Three Characters of the Last Name are Incorrect

If your last name’s more than 3 characters are incorrect on a Delta Airlines flight ticket and you need to correct them, thus — instead of going through a long process, use the TFN on the website.

However, it is not easy to get more than 3 characters of the last name corrected. Still, you can do that by making contact with us.

When the Ticket is Being Amended for the Second Time

If you have already corrected your name on a Delta ticket for the first time and now, you again need to correct your name, that is a complicated case.

Although if that is your case, you can use the following number to even get it corrected for the second time. 

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy — Terms and Conditions

There are also some terms and conditions that are discussed along with the name correction policy of Delta Airlines. These terms and conditions apply to everyone who needs to refer to the policy for making any type of name correction requests.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • The name correction policy of Delta applies to everyone who has made a reservation at Delta Airlines;
  • The flight or flights under your air travel ticket must be operated by Delta Airlines. It also includes Delta as a connecting carrier;
  • The name correction on a Delta ticket is only allowed once; and,
  • Once a type of name correction has been performed on a Delta ticket, it must be used by the same passenger who made the reservation in the first place and later on, made the name correction request.

FAQs — Delta Name Change On Ticket

Can I add another passenger to my Delta reservation?

Yes, you can make a booking for an additional seat for accommodating a passenger’s comfort. Follow the given steps:
• First of all, you need to generate a new PNR i.e., Passenger Name Record with the help of the flyer’s EXST for the first name and last name for booking an extra seat.
• Then, provide the PTC i.e., Passenger Type Codes for matching the code of your requested seats.

How do I add a passenger to my flight?

No, you can not add a flyer to your flight. More passengers will not add to your flight after making the reservations. You need to book a separate flight ticket for the left passengers.

Can I transfer my Delta credit to someone else?

No, you can not transfer your Delta credit as it comes under the non-transferable category. It is not possible from one to another Member’s account, however, you can apply it towards other’s tickets without any limitations. Also, the recipient of the voucher not necessarily should be the original owner of the voucher.

How many times can I change my Delta flight?

Delta Airlines allows making changes in your flight as much you want. Plus, Delta does not demand any change fee in booked flights only if the relevant changes have been made within 24-first hours of the booking before the scheduled departure date.