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This guide talks about Delta Group Reservations. In particular, you will know how to make a Delta group reservation, how far you can book from departure, terms, and conditions applicable to you, etc. Thus for everything about the group travel on Delta, refer to this ultimate reference.

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How to Make a Delta Group Reservation? — for 10 or more passengers…

To make a group travel reservation on Delta Airlines, you have to fill up a request form. The form is called Group Travel Request Form. 

You can easily access and fill out the form. To access it, you have to google the form name, as mentioned above. It will look like the one below:

Delta Group Reservation
Delta Group Reservation Form

Once you have accessed the form, fill it out and submit it. However, if you want to delegate the task, you can talk to us at +1-888-573-3166.

Delta Group Reservations — How Far Can You Book before Departure?

  • If you need to travel within the United States and Canada; to the Caribbean; to Central America; to Asia-Pacific; to Europe and North Africa; to Southwest and West Africa; or to the Middle East, you can book 240 days before departure. 
  • If you plan to travel to Europe and North Africa; Southern and West Africa; or the Middle East, you can book 331 days before you need to depart. 

Delta Group Reservations — Terms and Conditions

Before making a Group Reservation on Delta Airlines, you must satisfy the following two conditions:

  • You must book for ten or more passengers; and,
  • All the members of a group reservation must travel together.
Pay Attention:
If you are not a group of 10 passengers but fewer, you can book a Delta flight as usual because the Delta Travel facility is only for those who are ten or above. 

When you book for your group on Delta Airlines under the Group Travel program, you become entitled to several benefits.

Further, to secure your group booking, you have to pay a booking fee and deposit. You can refer to the quantum of such charges on your contract; for your knowledge, the contract means your group reservation.

Warning: The terms and conditions discussed here are subject to change. Thus Delta Airlines has the right to change them anytime without any prior notice. However, you don’t need to worry about it. The terms and conditions, at the time of booking, will apply to you even after they are subsequently changed. 

  1. You may also be subject to other restrictions besides the terms and conditions.
  2. Under the group reservation, at least for one flight segment, all ten or more members must travel together; otherwise, the group reservation stands canceled.
  3. Suppose your group reservation has been canceled because of the preceding reason. In that case, Delta will not refund any amount to you that you paid at the time of booking, i.e., booking security deposits, booking fees, etc.
  4. If Delta cancels your group booking, you can rebook individually at the available fares.
  5. Changing your group reservation on Delta is not like any other flight reservation. If you need to make changes to your group itinerary at Delta, it is different:
  • Changing your group reservation means renegotiation of fare and terms. 
  • If you add new members to the group reservation, the applicable fare might differ from the one the existing members booked.  
  • If you want to replace a passenger with a new one under your group reservation, you may do it with additional charges.
  • Your Group Travel will not bear any SkyMiles-related benefits.

      6. Having purchased a group reservation, you are also subject to Delta deviation and utilization policies.

How to Make a Delta Group Reservation? — for 9 or fewer passengers…

If your travel group is not more than 9, you don’t need to consult Delta Group Travel. Instead, you can proceed to book as usual. For example, suppose you are a total of 6 members and you want to make a group reservation on Delta Airlines. In that case, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Google Delta Airlines flight booking;
  • Click on the link to the official website of Delta Airlines;
  • Get to the flight booking system on the website; and, — refer to the following image,
Delta Airlines Flight Search - 9 or fewer passengers
Delta Airlines Flight Search
  • Use the system to book for a group including 9 or fewer passengers. 

If you click on the passenger’s section, you will see that up to 9 passengers are allowed to be booked normally. Have a look at the image below:

Delta Airlines Flight Search - 9 or fewer passengers
Delta Airlines Flight Search

Thus in case you are fewer than ten, you can book a Delta flight for your group as usual. Further, for such a group, you can also use the phone number and the app to book. You can even use the TFN — +1-888-573-3166 to book for your group; you don’t need to fill out a form for such a group.