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This blog deals with Delta flights and their upgrades. The blog touches on every possible aspect related to the topic. Thus, all the sections below elaborate on Delta Airlines Upgrades in great detail. 

Thus, if you need to upgrade on Delta Airlines to some higher cabin, you can go through the blog or call — using the TFN on the web page. 

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Delta Flight Upgrade Close to Departure

Many times, passengers wish to upgrade to a higher cabin at the last moment. In such cases, they first book a flight with some basic cabin class and later feel that they should upgrade to the premium one. So, if that is your case, you should feel happy about it because Delta offers upgrades at much lower prices at the last moment than any time before.

Therefore if you are close to departure, you have a higher chance of grabbing a very affordable upgrade. That is because several airlines, including Delta, provide the option of before-the-departure-upgrade at low prices. 

Thus call +1-888-573-3166 to upgrade at an affordable price before departure if you want.

Upgrade Your Cabin to a Premium One after Making the Booking

We have discussed one possibility above. In other words, we have discussed that you can upgrade on Delta even before the departure at affordable prices. And it is also mentioned how to do that. You just need to make a call using the TFN given there. 

Now, let’s have a look at another situation. It might be the case that there is enough time before the departure, and you want to upgrade to a higher cabin. If it is you are in, you can still get an upgrade. However, that depends on the availability of the seats under the cabin class you want to upgrade to – among other things.

Moreover, for such an upgrade too, you can use the TFN on the screen and sort out any of your queries; call TFN to upgrade to a higher and premium cabin on Delta Airlines.

Types of Upgrades on Delta Airlines

This section will talk about the types of upgrades on Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines offers several kinds of upgrades to choose from. However, practically if you don’t have any elite level of Medallion status, it will be hard for you to grab any upgrade. Still, you may get a paid upgrade at an affordable price under favorable circumstances. 

All the types of upgrades on Delta Airlines are explained below. Thus follow the steps if you are interested in reading about that.

Complimentary/Free Upgrades

Complimentary upgrades are those upgrades for which you don’t have to pay anything. In other words, complimentary upgrades are free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything in exchange for them. 

For example, if you hold a higher level of the Medallion Status,i.e., Diamond Medallion, under the SkyMiles program and want to upgrade your reservation to First Class — suppose you have already purchased a Main Cabin ticket. Now you want the upgradation, then there are higher chances that you will receive a free upgrade, or you will be upgraded to the higher cabin free of cost if the seats are available under the First Class seating area.

So, in short, complimentary upgrades are free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything for them, neither your miles nor the money. However, such upgrades are not available for everyone. These types of upgrades are only for medallion elite status holders.

Now, let’s move on to the next type of upgrade on Delta Airlines, which is Global Upgrades. 

Global Upgrades

The type of upgrade we are going to discuss here is not available for every passenger on Delta Airlines. Global Upgrades are only available for Diamond Medallion members. To simplify the matter, let’s talk about it in detail.

Suppose you are a Delta Diamond Medallion member — I am presuming here that you know about the Choice Benefits program of Delta. If you don’t, you can first refer to the box below that talks about the exact thing. 

If you know, let’s continue our discussion — suppose you have a Diamond Medallion status. In that case, you are entitled to Global Upgrades. Such Upgrades become available to you once you have Global Upgrade Certificates. It is very easy to have such certificates. All you have to do is to choose the certificates under the Choice Benefits program. 

Further, the holder of the certificate can use it to get upgraded to any of the following premium cabins: Delta Premium Select or Delta One. Thus if you have a Global upgrade certificate, you can get upgraded to either Delta Premium Select or Delta One.

So, that is about Global Upgrades. Now, let’s move on to the following type of update. 

Choice Benefits: It is a facility offered by Delta Airlines only to its most loyal passengers, i.e., Diamond and Platinum Medallion members. Thus If you are one of them, you get access to the Choice Benefits. Under that, you can choose from several benefits according to your requirements. Saying it differently, under the program, you get the flexibility to customize your entitled benefits as per your needs and wants. 

Delta Regional Upgrade Certificates

Delta Regional Upgrade Certificates are also like Global Upgrade certificates but they are also available to Delta Platinum Medallion members. Thus if you are either a Delta Platinum or Diamond Medallion member, you are entitled to get such regional upgrades. 

You can use such certificates to get upgraded on most of the Delta routes. However, upgrades are allotted on a come-first-and-get-first basis. Apart from that, you can even use the certificates on most domestic routes to upgrade to Delta One. 

After that, below, we will talk about upgrading with miles. 

Upgrade with Miles

Like any other airline, Delta Air Lines, Inc. also offers the facility to pay for an upgrade in Miles to its passengers. Thus if you don’t want to spend your money to purchase an upgrade on Delta, you can redeem some of your miles to do the same. 

So, in conclusion, the upgrades that you buy in exchange for miles on Delta Airlines are called Mile Upgrades or Upgrades paid in miles. Now, let’s talk about the final item on our list of types of upgrades: Same-Day Standby Upgrades.

Same-Day Standby Upgrades

If you want to upgrade from your current cabin class to a premium one, you can put your name on the standby list once you have checked in. Moreover, you can also do that if you have missed your flight; in other words, if you have missed your Delta flight and now you want to fly in an upgraded cabin, you can use the same option.

That is the final type of upgrade that is available to Delta passengers. Further, in the following section, we will discuss how many ways you can pay for your Delta upgrades. 

Upgrade on Delta Airlines — modes of payment

On Delta Airlines, inc., you can pay for your upgrades either in miles or money. The mode of payment depends on you. Thus if you don’t want to spend your money on Delta upgrades, you have the option of payment in miles. And, if not that, you can also pay for them in cash. The main point is that you have two modes of payment that you can choose from while upgrading to a higher class.

Delta Flight Upgrade — Faqs

Q.1. How do I get a free upgrade on Delta?

If you desire to have a complimentary upgrade on Delta Airlines, you have to be holding any of the following levels of Medallion status – either Diamond or Platinum level. 

Q.2. Can I purchase an upgrade on Delta?

Yes, you can. You can do so either when making the reservation or after the same. If you have already purchased your booking on Delta Airlines, you can use the TFN on the website to upgrade to a higher cabin.

Q.3. How much is it to upgrade to Delta?

It depends on your situation. For example, if you are a Delta Medallion Diamond SkyMiles member, you become entitled to complimentary upgrades when needed. And on the other hand, if you upgrade before the departure, you may upgrade at a much more affordable price. Thus it depends on various factors as to how much is it to upgrade to Delta.

Q.4. How long before a flight does Delta upgrade?

You can even get upgraded after boarding the plane. However, there is very rare to happen because many people make upgrade requests well in advance. Thus there is no definitive answer to the question.