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Have you booked your next trip with Delta Airlines? Delta Airlines understands the pain of packing and repacking luggage to save baggage charges. Delta is one of the most pocket-friendly airlines that travel to multiple destinations. It ensures comfort, low fares, and maximum services. And in case you question how much is baggage check for Delta? The answer will make you even more satisfied to fly with Delta.

Delta Airlines is a low-budget commercial carrier. It maintains extremely low flight fares for all routes and in all travel classes in comparison to other airlines in the market. Therefore, by making a reservation with this airline you can say that most of your travel worries are resolved. Delta Airlines manages low costs in all sectors. Similarly, for baggage, you will be paying a lot less than your expected. But, first, you will have to know about the Baggage Policy of Delta Airlines.

Baggage Allowance Policy for Delta Airlines

  • Delta Airlines allows one personal items bag. This includes purses, laptop bags, briefcases, and backpacks. It is free of cost. Passengers are recommended to keep their bags in the overhead bin or under the seat. 
  • One carry-on bag is allowed for each passenger for free. However, the bag cannot exceed the size of 56 x 36 x 23 cm including the handles and wheels of the bag. These bags are also mandatory to be kept in the overhead bin during the flight. 
  • The standard number of bags allowed is two per passenger of size 62 linear inches weighing a maximum of 23 kg each. However, you may be allowed to carry a maximum of 10 check-in baggage for extra charges. 
  • Delta Airlines also have a separates policy for excess and oversized bags. A maximum of 46 kg of bags will be allowed as overweight baggage and 115 linear inches as oversized bags.
  • Charges For Check-in Baggage

    Baggage CategoryWeight and SizeCharges
    1st Carry-on Bag50 lbs, 62 inches$30.
    2nd Carry- on Bag50 lbs, 62 inches$40.
    3rd Carry-on Bag50 lbs, 62 inches$150.
    4th Carry-on Bag and more50 lbs, 62 inches$200.
    Overweight Bag51 lbs- 70 lbs, 62 inches$100.
    Overweight Bag71 lbs- 100 lbs, 62 inches$200.
    Oversized Bag50 lbs, 63inches -80 inches$200.
    • The charges may differ from route to route. Also, you may get free check-in bags for one or two depending on the traveling route. 
    • These charges are applicable on each bag and not collectively. Charges will be calculated based on the size and weight of each bag per passenger only.

    Do you get a free checked bag with Delta?

    Fortunately, Delta Airlines offers free check-in bags on multiple routes. Flyers can take note of this opportunity while booking tickets. Some routes offer the advantage of free check-in baggage that meets the standard size and weight of Delta Airlines Baggage Policy. This free baggage is also provided according to a class of travel.

    Further, as a loyal guest of Delta Airlines, you may avail free check-in bags if you book with your Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express card or any other than it. This will provide your first check-in bag for free to any route you are travelling. This offer applies to all domestic and international destinations. It can be applied to 8 passengers travelling with you or on the same itinerary.

    Additionally, Delta One, Delta Premium Select, and First class ticket holders may get the first two check-in baggage for free.

    Again, persons travelling under active military duty receive baggage waivers. They may carry up to 5 bags weighing 32 kg each for free.

    Passengers travelling with infants are allowed to check in strollers and car seats for free. However, it will be applied at the curbside check-in and only applied for infants travelling on a seat. Infants travelling in lap will not be allowed free strollers or car seats.

    How many bags does Delta allow for free?

    Delta Airlines is popularly known for low airfare and low cost on all factors. No other airline can offer prices such as Delta. Frequent flyers are always delighted and well-satisfied with their experience. If you choose to fly with Delta then you can save more than you realize.

    But travelling with excess baggage or check-in baggage can be slightly costly on the budget. Like other airlines, Delta does not offer free check-in baggage for all guests. You will have to bear a cost for your check-in baggage. This cost differs from route and class of travel. Since it offers a low base fare, it can adjust the cost only through its baggage and extra services. Therefore, be careful while booking with Delta Airlines.

    That does not explicitly imply that there is no room for free check-in baggage. Passengers can still avail of the free check-in facility provided they meet the terms and conditions for it. 

    • Depending on the route and class you are traveling will decide the maximum number of free bags allowed. In general, mostly the first baggage is free of cost. But second and more are charged. 
    • Therefore, before calculating the charges, you will have to figure out few things- Class of travel, traveling route (to and from), booking methods, and weight & size of each bag, and the number of bags. That will help you determine whether and how many bags does Delta allows for free?

    Free Bags allowed for Economy class-

    Route of travel1st check-in bag2nd check-in bag3rd or more check-in bags
    Inside USA, Mexico, Canada$30$40-$55.$200-$285.
    USA to Middle EastFreeFree/ $75.$200.
    USA to South AmericaFree/ $60.Free/ $100$285.
    USA to AsiaFreeFree$200.
    USA to Africa & EuropeFree$100.$285.
    Canada to South America$60.$100.$285.

    For Delta One, Delta Premium Select and First class-

    Route of travel1st check-in bag2nd check-in bag3rd or more check-in bags
    Domestic TravelFreeFree$100-$200.
    International TravelFreeFree$100-$300.

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    How much is a checked bag on Delta Basic Economy?

    The basic economy is the lowest fare class for travel. Delta offers a basic economy so that it is convenient for passengers to fly with ease and comfort at a low cost. Delta recommends Basic economy only if you are not traveling with check-in baggage. It will be cost-effective to book Delta and fly with carry-on baggage only.

    Delta Airlines have a strict baggage policy. As it is that the fare is low, they do not compromise on baggage charges. You will have to bear the cost of the charges. However, it is applied to some routes and not all.

    • Delta charges $30 for the first check-in bag for Economy Class for a one-way trip.  
    • And $40 for second check-in baggage. 
    • These charges are applicable only if you meet the criteria of the standard size of 50 lbs and 62 linear inches. 
    • If the size exceeds or is overweight, you will have to bear the cost accordingly. It may cost a total of $100-$200 for each bag. 
    • Also, the charges increases for third and any more bags than that. Passengers will bear a cost of $150-$200 each. 
    • Further, Basic Economy Passengers may waive baggage fees on few routes for first and second check-in baggage. 
    • Some international routes also provide a free check-in baggage policy. Kindly check for them before booking.
    • Booking with Delta SkyMiles express card or a Silver Medallion member may be available first check-in bag for free. This may be applied to a maximum of 8 people under the same booking ID. 
    • Also, flights to Africa and Asia do not include Delta Basic Economy. Therefore, make sure you check before making any reservations.
    • And in case you need any help and support, directly reach out to customer service. They will assist and provide more information on the route and baggage policy applicable to your ticket.

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    Delta Airlines Customer Support

    Official Website
    Contact Number800-692-6980.
    Working Hours24×7.
    Best Time to Call8:15 am.
    Average Waiting Time12 minutes.
    Alternate Contact MethodsPhone, Website, Email, Twitter, and Facebook.

    Reservation of tickets is the easiest part of the travel. But to be worried about how much does Delta charge for baggage? It is tiresome. So, manage your baggage and save money.  You may book an economy class, but ensure to book tickets in a manner to avail of free check-in bags to avoid any extra pay.