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Delta airlines deal with one of the major and modern airlines in the US. Every airline has its policy regarding any information. So, here we gather all the information before making any reservation for their babies. Such as:

What is Delta airline infants policy? Delta airlines infant bookings? What are the requirements of documentation we need for infants? Do Delta airlines charge for babies? Do babies under 1 need a plane ticket?

What is the Delta airlines infant policy for bookings?

Passengers who want to know the infant policy of delta airlines then read it here. Here we are providing all the details which are relevant to your queries.

Do we need to make a reservation for my infant?

If you are traveling with your kids under 2 years, you don’t need a reservation for them. You should inform Delta Airlines that you will be traveling with an infant on your lap. They allow you only one lap child per adult. If you are traveling with more than one infant up to 2 years of age, then you have to reserve a seat for each additional infant.

You can also choose to reserve a seat for the infant if they are traveling with proper child restraint devices. Delta offers these seats at discounted fares.

Certain child restraint devices are allowed

All child restraint devices have labeling that determines if they are meeting certain safety requirements or not. The restraints devices are allowed which has a label that encircled with the letter “e”. That is followed by the specific number approving. And that indicates the seat’s category and mass group.

Do car seats fly free on Delta?

If you are traveling with infants for up to 2 years get Child Safety Seats, Complimentary Checked Strollers & Other Infant Items. These items do not count as checked baggage or standard baggage. And this is why they can be easily checked for free. For your convenience, these items can be checked at the ticket counter or curbside.

What are delta airlines infant identification requirements

If you are traveling with your infant then you should know the details about traveling. So here is what you need to know for delta airlines infant identification requirements. Infants who are traveling with adults have not required any identification.

Is there any age restriction for infants to travel on delta airlines?

There is no age bar for infants or babies who are traveling with an adult. Except when passengers are traveling with a newborn up to 8 days old. It is mandatory to get consent from the doctor if you are traveling with a less than 7 days old infant.

Nonetheless, Delta Airlines has a restriction if you are traveling with two or more infants. In this scenario, passengers have to purchase a ticket as infants are allowed per adult.

 Can babies fly free on delta?

Passengers want to know that, are infants free on Delta? if you are above 18 years old can travel with their babies up to 2 years old for free on domestic Delta Airlines flights.

Seating arrangements

Passengers may view or change the seat arrangements, before arrival at the airport. Be sure, while traveling with an infant, passengers are not allowed to use some seats because of FAA regulations!

Here is a tip for adults who are traveling with their infants that Infant in Arms will be shown on their boarding pass to alert the flight crew. This alert is because if any seat is empty or not occupied then it will be allotted to the passengers who are with their infant and the time of landing and take-off.


Passengers are not allowed to carry a piece of separate baggage for their non-ticketed infants. Infant’s baggage will be counted as an adult’s baggage allowance. Strollers and children’s safety seats can be checked for free because they are not included in the standard baggage allowance.

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Do Delta airlines charge for babies?

Any infants or babies up to 2 years old can travel free with their parents or legal guardian. Passengers can request bassinets or sky cots through delta reservations.

For babies, up to 20 lbs. or 9 kg weight and up to 26 inches or 66 cm long are available free of charge on some international flights.

Do babies under two fly free?

Yes, babies or infants who are up to 2 and traveling with their legal guardian or parents can fly for free (domestically) on the lap. However, it is recommended that passengers should purchase a ticket for their babies to own a seat on the aircraft which is approved by FAA for child safety.

Can a 2 month old baby travel on a plane?

However, doctors do not recommend babies travel on any flight due to low immune systems. But if a legal guardian or parents wants to travel with their infants then it is recommended to get a consent letter from a doctor for granting permission for travel. It is also recommended to keep the crew on alert for infants in the arm so that if a vacant seat would be available and will be allotted to the passengers.

Does Delta require birth certificate for infants?

However, many airlines do need age proof for the infants along with their parents. But delta airlines do not require any of the documents which prove age information.

At What age does Delta Ask for a Passenger’s ID? Do you need ID to fly Delta?

Delta airlines ask the passengers for valid ID proof, who are 18 years or above.

Do babies fly free internationally delta”

Passengers can get a discount on infant fares if they are traveling outside the US. The price of the ticket will depend on the age of the child. Taxes & fees may also apply to infants held in the adult’s lap.

Here are some details where you can find information:

AgeInternational FaresDomestic Fares
Up to 2 years or Lap infantusually, 10% of adult fare + International fees or taxes, must notify Delta so they can list your child on ticketFree within the US, must notify Delta so they can list your child on ticket

(Child on separate seat)
Must pay for seat and bring FAA-approved child safety seat for childMust pay for seat and bring FAA-approved child safety seat for child

Additional information people may want to know:

  • If you are traveling with a toddler or infant, passengers may find it helpful to take a little extra – time between flights for taking some rest.
  • If the destination requires a passport and/or travel visa, you will also need a passport for the child, and some documentation. To review required documentation in each country you’re visiting or stopping over in.
  • Delta respects the women who are lactating mothers and if they want some lactation room and private location to feed their baby. If you need it, you can ask the airport authority to help you out.

If you want to connect with Delta airline customer service to know more about infant policy then contact on their customer service number.