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Your Ultimate Guide Too Make Changes in Name on Delta Airlines Ticket Online

Delta Airlines allows its passengers to make changes in their name on the flight booking. So, if you made a mistake in the spelling no need to worry. Delta airlines ensures passengers to make easy changes for a comfortable flying experience. The process of making changes in delta airlines name is simple and quick.

The policies of delta airlines are passenger friendly to make changes. Through the official site is the easiest way of making changes in the reservation. Passengers can also contact customer service department for help regarding changes in the name and make sure to check the delta airlines change name policy before going ahead with making changes. Charges are applied if the name has been corrected once and it required any further correction.

Delta Airlines Change Name on Ticket

Mostly minor corrections in the name are done without contacting Delta airlines for assistance. Name corrections are easy but some guidelines need to be followed. Make sure that the PNR is documented correctly to avoid cancellations of changes. The policy is applicable for all the tickets on Delta airlines worldwide. The flights must be operated by Delta airlines. this also includes Delta connection carriers.

Delta airlines allows changes in the name on ticket free of cost within 24 hours of making the reservation. After 24 hours of making the reservations some charges are levied as a change fee. The cost of changing name on delta airlines ticket is $75 to $500. The charges for making changes on the flight ticket depends on the fare rules and time left for departure. The changes also depend on the reason of making change and the type of change you wish to make.

Can You Change Passenger Name On Delta Airlines Ticket?

Delta airlines allows one time changes in the name free of cost. If you accidently added your first and last name in each other’s place. You will not face any difficulty on boarding the flight. The changes are not mandatory but you can still make the changes if you wish to. Changes in name can also be made by going on the delta airlines website by going on your account. Retrieve your booking by adding the details and make changes required. For more details on information related to changes in the name on ticket you can connect with agents available on the customer service department.

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How To Change Delta Airlines Ticket Name?

Follow the steps to make changes in delta airlines flight tickets:-

  • Go on the official website of Delta airlines.
  • Click on manage my booking option.
  • Add your ticket details including confirmation number and passenger last name.
  • Click on next.
  • Then click on the booking on your screen to make changes in name by going on the edit option.
  • Follow the on screen instructions after that and confirm the changes made in personal details.

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Does Delta Require Middle Name On Ticket?

Middle name requires changes when there is a spelling error. Travel agents usually make corrections in the first and middle name and reissue the ticket without a waiver code. The changes airlines need for proper approval are:-

  • The name changes must be done in the PNR.
  • An OSI message needs to be added to the PNR saying name correction has been done.
  • The OSI corrections are done to first and middle name only.
  • The ticket needs to be reissued as an even exchange.
  • No waiver code is required for making changes in the name.

The corrections in the last name have a limit of three characters. If you require to make changes in more than 3 characters get in touch with the customer service agents.

The changes in name need to be corrected in PNR. Add a message to the PNR that correction in the name has been made.

First and Last Name Turn Around On The Ticket

If you have mentioned GEORGE/SHETTY on the ticket it should be SHETTY/ GEORGE.

Make sure to correct your name on the PNR.

Then don’t forget to add a message OSI DL name correction FIRST and LAST name inverted to the PNR.

In case the middle name is mention like MR., MS. OR MRS. And the FIRST and Last names are inverted you need to get in touch with Delta airlines customer service for help regarding this.

How Much Does Delta Charge for Name Change?

Delta airlines allows its passengers free changes in the name if the changes are made within 24 hours of making the reservation. After 24 hours there are some charges for making changes in the name of delta flights. The charges for making changes in the name on delta airlines flight ticket range between $75 to $500.

Some tips you need to know:-

  • First and middle name corrections are possible without a waiver code.
  • All the passengers can request for name changes 7 days prior or 24 hours before the flight departure.
  • If someone wants to make changes in the last name, make sure that first and middle name is correct.

The charges for making changes in the name on ticket depends on the type of ticket passengers holds and the time left for departure. Before making changes in your name on delta airlines flights, you should know about the Delta airlines name change policy which will help you make changes in an easier and effective way.

How to get in touch with Delta Airlines phone number for help?

Do you need more information on the change policy of Delta airlines or you are struggling to make changes in the name? Get in touch with the experts available at the customer service team to guide you about the policy and help you make changes in the name on the ticket. You can resolve all your queries at the delta airlines phone number. The agents help passengers in making changes in the flight tickets. They also help passengers to make sudden changes in the ticket in a short span of time. The agents are available round the clock on this number to assist passengers with changes in name on the ticket for a smooth journey.