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An Easy Guide For American Airlines Cancellation!

American Airlines: The world’s largest airline has been flying several domestic & international destinations globally & providing many services for more than one decade to all its prestigious passengers. It is famous for its friendly services keen to give the best for their travellers. Moreover, it always cares about its passengers’ comfort & convenience. That is why it offers social services to all its passengers regarding their journey with American Airlines. Besides the reservations, it provides easy cancellation, changes, or rebooking options with all your refund/non-refundable tickets. Now talking about American Airlines Cancellation, it can be a hectic job. Not anymore, you can cancel your tickets via the official site or via merely dialling the cancellation service helpline number. But Before proceeding with your cancellation, learn all these mentioned points of cancellation policies.

All the below-mentioned information is arranged by taking into consideration the problem of a large number of passengers. If required, you can take quick support from the experts by dialling the American Airlines Cancellation Phone Number.

Refer this information to get help with cancellation and other details about the Airlines:

American Airlines Cancellation 1-800-433-7300
Customer Service 800-433-7300
For More Information visit –American Airlines

Here is the detailed cancellation policy of American Airlines:

American Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy 

Before canceling your air tickets, let’s take a brief to know about the American Airlines Cancellation policy & know how you will be compensated for any of your refundable & non-refundable tickets.

Cancellation Policy:

  • On your ticket cancellation, for refundable tickets, you are entitled to zero-fee. Still, for non-refundable tickets, you have to pay up to $200 on domestic & $750 on your international flights. Also, the compensation will depend on your fare type. 
  • You must also know the 24 hours cancellation policy; for example, if you have to cancel your tickets within 24 hours of purchase, you don’t need to pay any cancellation charges onwards. This scheme only applied when you cancel your tickets within 24 hours & your flight departure is two days later.

There is a different refund policy for the type of tickets or services you have purchase. To know more about it, keep reading the refund policy section that is given below. Or, in case you need help with any of your cancellation issues, you are free to dial the American Airlines Cancellation Phone Number.

Refund Policy:

If you cancel your trip with 24 hours of purchase: American Airline’s 24-hours cancellation policy applied to all ticket types & to get a full refund, and you need to cancel your tickets within 24 hours of purchase. Still, your departure must be at least two days earlier. Also, check the terms to get the full amount (refund), less:

  • Sale-imposed non-refundable taxes
  • The service charge for booking through Reservations

Note: Also, keep this in mind, group reservations do not qualify for the 24-hours refund. 

You have refundable tickets but not going to use them: If you have purchased your tickets from the airline’s official site, you can request the refund online or offline (via dialling American Airlines Cancellation Phone Number). The agent will process your refund back to the original credit card within 8-10 working days. & for cash/check, your refund will be processed up to 15-20 working days right after receiving a complete refund request. If you have purchased your tickets from the travel agent or other website, please contact them directly. 

If you have a non-refundable ticket:  There is no refund back on non-refundable tickets, but in some conditions (death of a close family member, etc.), you can have your money back. In such situations, supporting documents are required.

Conditions to get a refund:

  • Cancellation with 24-hours of purchase
  • If a scheduled change of more than 4 hours
  • Death of the passengers or traveling companion
  • Military orders/change in duty

Also check:

  • Taxes/fee will not be refunded (in case if the airline must pay regardless of travel)
  • Only refundable taxes & costs will be refunded 
  • Upon writing request, taxes or prices will be refunded for specific destinations

Non-refundable tickets for future travel: As per the American Airlines Cancellation policy, the new value of the tickets can be used for a future trip as long as:

  • The recent trip should be under one year (from the date of your purchase)
  • Your tickets must be cancelled before the departure of your flight & in case if your tickets lose any remaining value, then it could not be used for future travel

Refund on the unused products & services: There is no refund on the paid alternate flights; however, on some products, you can claim the refund that you didn’t use; those are:

  • Priority boarding
  • Same-day flight change/standby
  • Bag fees (refund does not apply to bags bought online)
  • Pet fees

Online Process of American Airlines Cancellations

The cancellation process is easy; you can perform this on your own by following a few steps that are mentioned below:

  • For online tickets cancellation, open American Airlines official site (
  • On the homepage, look for the “FIND MY TRIP” option.
  • To cancel your tickets, you need Record Locator (6-character conformation) (you will find it in your email that you received after your booking)
  • Now on the toolbar, choose “cancel a trip.”
  • When you enter the same, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your ticket cancellation that includes your ticket number. It is suggested to keep this handy for your future booking. 

This is how your American Airlines Cancellation will be made. Just in case if you face any hassle or need help, then dial American Airlines Cancellation Number. The experts available at the helpdesk will serve you accordingly.

Also know: Individuals can make a change in their trip only once & the change fee will be waived. If you want to cancel your trip for now & rebook later, keep in mind that you will owe for any difference in fare when you rebook your trip.   

Compensation For Flight Cancellation:

American Airlines is famous for its punctuality & it has made significant progress. However, there is still room for improvements as it flies to several destinations worldwide, so there is no surprise if it gets to experience delays or cancellations. However, the main goal is to always depart on time, but it can impact the schedule due to such conditions (bad weather). Undoubtedly, this is frustrating when a flight delay/ canceled, but in such a case, the airline compensates its passengers who claim the same. The American Airlines team knows your time is valuable & they know how to deal with compensation claims & offer services/refunds immediately. If your flight is delayed more than 5 hours, you can withdraw from your flight without any cost regardless of distance. Well, the airlines try their best to offer you alternative transportation to your destinations so that you won’t face such a hassle. Anyway, if the team is not able to arrange alternative options, then you can claim compensation. 

NOTE- American Airlines will not pay any compensation if they have already arranged an alternative flight similar to the original one.

Flight Compensation

DistanceCompensation (in EURO)
Flights under 1500 kmUp to 250 per ticket
Internal EU flights over 15,00 kmUp to 400 per ticket
Non-Internal EU flights (1500-3500 km)Up to 400 per ticket
Non-Internal EU flights over 3500 kmUp to 600 per ticket

NOTE- Well, to claim the compensation, do check first you are eligible for the same or not. You can use an online compensation calculator to determine your suitable delay compensation with the airline (it takes only a few minutes).

How to Rebook Tickets with E-Credits? 

American Airlines issued three types of travel credit such as:

  • Flight Credit (can be used only for flight booking)
  • Travel vouchers
  • Trip credit

NOTE-All these e-credits can be used up to 1 year from the issued date.

To rebook your tickets with E-credits, follow the process:

  • Visit American Airlines official site (
  • Here find the options for new flight booking & enter the required information.
  • Now on the payment time, choose “ADD FLIGHT CREDIT” & enter the ticket number (from your last cancelled trip). Also, know that there are separate ticket numbers for add-ons.
  • If you have to pay more, then for the remaining value, you can pay with your any of your credit/debit card.

This is how you can rebook your tickets with E-credits. For more information regarding the cancellation, feel free to dial American Airlines Cancellation Number.