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There could be circumstances when you want to change your plan to fly with Allegiant and need to cancel your flight tickets. But you may be worried whether you will be getting any refund for your ticket cancellation or not. Before anything, you need to understand the Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy.

As per the law, Airlines must offer refunds in some conditions and when those conditions are met, all Airlines need to provide compensations, refunds, free changes, etc. Here, in this guide, you will get to know about the Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy in detail.

More About Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy

Mostly, Allegiant Air does not provide refunds. But sometimes there are exceptions according to the situations. For the cancelation and ticket changes, Allegiant does not provide refunds or credit after the scheduled flight departure within 7 days unless you hold a Flexible ticket. Having a flexible ticket provides an opportunity to modify your itinerary at no extra cost.

If you had failed to board a plane then you will consider a No-Show and in that case, you will not be getting any refund. Your itinerary is going to cancel, and even on a return flight, you will not get refunds.

If the scheduled departure of the flight when you are purchasing a ticket was a week away then you can cancel your itinerary within 24 hours of allegiant booking, your ticket is eligible for a full refund without paying any additional charges.

As per the Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy, the refund amount will depend on different factors:

  • Your itinerary
  • Trip Flex Ticket (Protection you had purchased it or not)
  • Time frame (how long before the scheduled departure you cancel)

A General Procedure to Get an Allegiant Airlines Refund 

Allegiant Airlines offers basic steps to get a refund for a canceled or delayed flight. You can easily get a refund from Allegiant Airlines by following simple steps:

  • First, you need to visit the official site of Allegiant Airlines then go to the Manage My Booking option.
  • From that option, you can retrieve your booking.
  • After that press the “request a refund button”. You need to enter some information regarding your ticket.
  • Then fill in your reservation number along with your last name.
  • After that click on the ‘Next’ button. Check if your ticket is allowed for receiving a refund, if yes then proceed with your request.
  • After you have given a request for a refund for your canceled flight, the refund balance will be credited back to your account within 3-5 business days from where you had made the payment.

How Does Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy Works?

Refundable Ticket

Remember this if you hold a refundable ticket, you are going to get a refund, and vice versa. We understand that refundable tickets are costlier than non-refundable tickets, but they come with so many amenities like you are allowed to make any changes in your ticket without paying any fee. While requesting a refund you need to be as courteous as possible.

And if it is hard for you to get your refund from Allegiant Air, you may get assistance from the Allegiant Airlines customer support team. There are other ways to get in touch with Allegiant Flights. If you want to speak to an agent, you must contact them by phone. You may have to wait a few minutes, but you will speak to an agent who will walk you through the process. You can also get help from the help desk.

Award Ticket

The cancellation of the award ticket is similar to cash tickets in terms of the amount of charges. If you are holding an award ticket with Trip Flex protection, it will be free to cancel or change the award ticket. Whereas, if you are not holding an award ticket without Trip Flex protection then you will be charged $75 per ticket.

Conversely, if you had purchased your tickets with points, now you had decided that you want to cancel them then, unfortunately, you may not able to reflect those points in your registered account. But you may get a voucher which is given for the value of the reward itinerary.

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How to Use an Allegiant Flight Voucher?

In case you carry a credit voucher issued for the previous ticket and now you want to utilize it. Firstly, you need to start with a new ticket buying on the official website of Allegiant. After finding the new flight you would like to book, go to the given payment screen then press on the dropbox, now fill in your respective voucher number.

Remember the given things before booking your flight by using the Allegiant voucher:

  • You can not redeem vouchers in cash.
  • In case you had used some amount of your Allegiant credit voucher while purchasing a ticket, the remaining amount of the voucher can be used towards buying a new ticket in the future within one year of the original ticket purchasing date.
  • You can not transfer Vouchers to other person names. And they can be redeemed by the person whom they have been issued.
  • Vouchers could be utilized towards covering tickets and related baggage fees.
Contact Customer Service For Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy

Do you need any help regarding a refund then talk to the customer representative at Allegiant Air? Passengers holding a booking with Allegiant Air at some point need to contact a live person from the customer representative team for help. Allegiant Air offers their service to passengers so that they can contact a live agent for assistance regarding Allegiant Airlines Reservation, Allegiant Airlines Ticket Changes, Allegiant Airlines Cancellation , or refunds both online and by phone.

Allegiant Air customer service consists of people who are essentially trained to offer services to the customers who are requesting support by giving all necessary details regarding their reservation. You can get in touch with Allegiant Air live agent by using the given methods below.

Allegiant Air provides customer service via a registered mobile number with the Airlines that directly connects to a live agent immediately and gets help about how to get a refund from Allegiant Air.

You can find the customer service number on the official website of Allegiant Air to make a contact with that number to Airline. After that, an automatic voice welcomes you with options for different services once your call connects, and now you can talk to a live agent. Finally, after talking to the live agent of Allegiant Air, you may ask directly about your query.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Allegiant Air Refunds?

If you are allowed to receive a refund then you will receive it in the original form of your payment. According to the Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy, when you buy your ticket with a debit or credit card then it will take 7 business days to receive the refunds after you had provided all relevant documents to Allegiant Air.

In case you had paid for your respective tickets with Cash or Cheque, then expect to receive your refund amount within 20 business days through a cheque, once the Airlines gets all relevant documents.

Does Allegiant give Refunds for the Cancellation Fee?

Yes! Allegiant Air offers you a refund after canceling your ticket with Allegiant Air after deducting charges for cancellation. The refund amount will be reflected in your account in the e-credits form which can be used in future ticket booking.
This could only happen either if you had canceled your itinerary after 24 hours of purchasing is completed or if you are not holding a Trip Flex along with your ticket.

Can Allegiant Flight be canceled within 24 Hours of purchasing?

Yes, passengers can cancel their tickets within 24 hours of the original purchase without paying any charges, regardless of what fare you had purchased.

Can I get a refund after canceling my Allegiant Air flight?

As per the Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy, Allegiant may not be able to reflect the refund money directly in the card apply to pay for your ticket after cancelation. Instead, if you had the Trip Flex protection, the Airlines will be issuing you a full amount credit voucher for purchasing future tickets. And if you do not hold a Trip Flex protection then you will receive the amount after a deduction of $75 as a cancellation fee.