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In the post, we will talk about Allegiant Air Ticket Name Change. In particular, the post discusses everything important related to the subject. Thus if you need to know whether you can request a name change on your ALlegiant flight ticket, have a look at the reference below. 

Can You Change Your Name on Allegiant Air Tickets?

No, you cannot change your name on Allegiant tickets — once issued to you with the name you want to change. For example, suppose your name is John Smith, and you have ticketed an Allegiant flight with the same name. Thus you get a ticket with the name (John Smith) on it. 

Now, after some time, if you want it to be Roberto Eileen, that is not possible. So you cannot do that.

In technical terms, you cannot replace your full name on an issued ticket with a new one. The reason is that if it were allowed, there would be a thriving black market in Allegiant tickets. 

Therefore to stop it from happening, that is not allowed. There is no such thing as changing your name on Allegiant Air. 

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Way to Change Your Name on an Allegiant Reservation — The Other Way Around

No one can change their name on an issued Allegiant flight ticket whatever they try. Because that is not legally accepted. But, still, one thing that they can do is to get to the goal or achieve the goal another way around.

And that way goes through the stoppage of cancelation. So, in simple terms, for an Allegiant Air Ticket Name Change, you can first consider canceling your ticket and then move on to rebooking with the name of your choice. 

How to Cancel an Allegiant Air Ticket?

The only way to cancel your Allegiant Air ticket is through the manage booking facility on Allegiant. Every airline maintains a Manage Booking facility. However, one airline may use a different name than another to refer to the same facility. 

Thus on Allegiant Air, too, if you want to cancel your itinerary, you must first access the manage booking facility. 

There are three ways to access the manage booking facility. These are as follows:

  • First, you can access the facility by the official website of Allegiant online;
  • Second, you can also get access to the service by the Allegiant official app; and,
  • Third, you can make a call to talk to someone at the Allegiant help desk regarding the register of your cancelation request.
How to Access the Manage Booking Facility by Allegiant’s Official Website to Cancel Your Flight Ticket?

The following are the steps you can use first to access Allegiant Air manage booking facility and then proceed towards canceling your Allegiant flight ticket.

  • Firstly, google Allegiant Air Manage My Travel, which will take you to the following link:
Allegiant Air Ticket Name Change
Allegiant Air Manage My Travel
  • Secondly, click on the link, and it will lead you to the following interface:
Allegiant Air Ticket Name Change
Use The Interface to Access Your Allegiant Bookings
  • Thirdly, use any of the three options to retrieve your itinerary at Allegiant; and,
  •  Fourthly, once you have accessed your booking, go ahead to make the cancelation.
How to Access the Manage Booking Facility by Allegiant’s Official App to Cancel Your Flight Ticket?

You can also use the Allegiant smartphone app to deal with flight cancelations. The process of cancelation remains the same on the app too. 

However, ensure you are signed in to your Allegiant account before using the app. You can do that right after installing the app on your smartphone.

Thus if you are logged in to your Allegiant Air account, follow the steps to make a cancelation:

  • Firstly, go to the menu;
  • Secondly, locate the Manage My Travel button; and,
  • Thirdly, observe your booking details and cancel your booking.
How to Access the Allegiant Manage Booking Facility over a Phone Call to Make a Cancelation Request?

If you don’t want to use any of the methods of cancelation mentioned above, you can do it over the phone. All you need is a TFN. 

You can use the following TFN to cancel your Allegiant Air flight — +1-888-573-3166. Further, the process is the same. You need to make a cancelation request over the call, and they(whatever talks to you from the other end) will help you.

That is how you can cancel an Allegiant flight by the Manage My Travel facility, which is part of Allegiant Air’s customer support service. 

And, further, once you have canceled your flight, you can book a new one with the name that you wanted to be on your canceled ticket.