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There are a lot of customers who make mistakes while making the bookings for their airline tickets. For example, several passengers fill incorrect details or the spelling of certain information.

Well, if you filled in the wrong name while booking the tickets for Alaska Airlines, we have a solution for you. Alaska Airlines offer the service to change the name on their tickets.

So, let’s not waste time and get right to it.

Is it possible to change the name on Alaska Airlines tickets?

Yes, Alaska Airlines allows passengers to change names on their tickets. However, there are several guidelines that dictate this process. So, let’s learn about them.

Terms & Conditions Set by Alaska Airlines to Change Name on Tickets

In order to ensure smooth functioning, airlines set up specific guidelines for their day-to-day operations. Similarly, there are very specific guidelines that dictated name change on Alaska Airlines.

  • Airlines accept direct name change requests from passengers. 
  • Flyers can make this request through online and offline methods. 
  • Flyers can only modify up to three characters into their full name. 
  • Passengers can make free name changes if done within 24 hours of reservation. 
  • Airlines ask for a name change fee if the request is made after 24 hours of reservation.
  • Flyers can only make the name changes before the final PNR.
  • Passengers are not allowed to change their full names on tickets.
  • Passengers must make new reservations with the correct name for a complete name change. 
  • If passengers need to change their last name after marriage or divorce, they must submit the legal document.
  • Airlines don’t make changes to the tickets purchased from third-party agents. 
  • Make sure that the names should not be mismatched on their boarding passes, passports, and government documents. 

What is the procedure for Name Change on Alaska Airlines Tickets? 

Suppose a passenger wants to modify the name errors on their Alaska Airlines tickets. There are various methods for going about this request.

Below are all methods. Go through them briefly before proceeding with your ‘Alaska Airlines Change Name on Tickets.’

  • Through Website.
    • Firstly, visit Alaska Airlines’ official website.
    • Secondly, click on the option ‘Manage Booking’ available on the home page.
    • Therefore, enter the details: ‘passengers name’ and a ticket number.  
    • Afterward, the screen will provide you with the details regarding all your tickets.
    • Therefore, click on the respective booking you want to make changes to.
    • Then, a new page opens with the individual airline bookings.
    • Afterward, select the ‘Name Change’ option to proceed with the changes.
    • Therefore, follow the given steps as shown on your screen.  
    • Afterward, click the tab ‘Save Changes.
    • Make sure to review the ticket details once again.
    • Then, make the required payment.
    • Flyers are free to choose the payment method from the available option.
    • Afterward, the airline will provide flyers with their new e-ticket through the mail and on the respective screens. 
    • Lastly, flyers will receive confirmation of their Alaska Airlines change name on tickets. 
  • Through Customer Care Centre. 
    • Firstly, visit Alaska Airlines’ official website. 
    • Secondly, click on the ‘Customer Service tab.
    • Therefore, flyers will get connected to the airline’s customer care center.
    • Then, listen to the IVR instructions and follow them briefly.
    • Next, select the option for ‘Live Agent.’
    • Afterward, ask them to make the name changes and corrections to your original bookings.
    • Therefore, provide the agent with the details of your existing reservations.
    • Then, make the required payment.
    • Afterward, the airline will mail flyers with their new e-ticket.
    • Lastly, flyers will receive confirmation of their Alaska Airlines change name on tickets. 
  • Through Airport Ticket Counter.

Alaska Airlines also provide a ‘Ticket Counter’ service to the flyers traveling with them. Therefore, flyers can visit these counters along with all the details regarding the reservations.

Through these counters, passengers can directly contact the airline representative as these counters provide 24/7 customer care service to the flyers. 

All they need to do is visit the counters with the correct details of the ticket reservation. Then, ask them to make the changes or modify the name errors on the airline ticket.

Make sure to carry your legal documents also for specific name changes. Moreover, make the required payment to the airline after the name change procedure.

What is Alaska Airlines Change Name on Ticket Fee?

As noted above, if passengers traveling with Alaska Airlines tickets have a name error or any mistake in their ‘Passengers Name’ section of an airline ticket. 

Therefore, passengers can easily make these corrections with the help of ‘The Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy.

Moreover, requesting a name change within 24 hours of bookings is free of cost. But if the request is made after the cost-free period. Then, passengers need to submit a name change fee to the respective airline.

This name change fee is $125 per ticket. Also, it depends on the fare type of your ticket. Passengers can request a minor or major name change after the risk-free period. 

Although, passengers who are members of MVP Gold or Mileage plan don’t need to pay any name change fee to the airlines.

Alaska Airlines Types of Name Change 

  • Simple Name Change. 

Some name changes or name corrections can be requested or made simply without any support of legal documents. 

These changes include spelling errors, changes in the full name, etc. 

Therefore, passengers can make corrections and changes quickly with the help of the methods mentioned above, such as:

  • Errors in the First and Last name of the passenger.
  • Mistakenly filled your nickname instead of the first name.
  • Addition or removal of prefix title with the name. 
  • Changing between the first and last name. 
  • Legal Name Change.

Some name changes or name corrections can be requested and made only after the submission and support of legal documents issued by the government. 

Therefore, passengers need to submit their government-issued documents to the airlines for proceeding with their legal name change request, such as:

  • Marriage Certificate.
  • Divorce Certificate.
  • Other government documents with both (old and new) customer names. 

Some other guidelines Regarding Alaska Airlines Ticket Name Change

Here are some other significant guidelines provided by Alaska Airlines related to the name change policy.

Go through it briefly before proceeding with the ‘Legal Name Change Request.’

  • Passengers don’t need to make name changes on the tickets.
  • Therefore, passengers can carry their marriage certificate to confirm the name change.
  • If flyers wish to change their full name on the flight tickets.
  • They need to submit all the legal documents to confirm the legal name. 
  • Airlines don’t accept the request if the tickets are purchased from a third party.
  • Passengers need to contact the respective third-party agent. 
  • Passengers can make the legal changes before the flight departure.
  • Airlines don’t provide any ticket transfer policy to another person.
  • Is flyers are not able to change or correct the name. Therefore, they can bring legal documents to board the flight.
  • There is no need to provide the ticket’s middle name as it is not compulsory. 
Does Alaska Airlines Change Name on tickets possible?

Yes, passengers traveling with Alaska Airlines are eligible to make the name change or name correction request. In case they mistakenly filled the incorrect spellings or names of the passengers. 
Alaska Airlines provides a flexible ‘Name Change Policy’ through which flyers can proceed with their name changes without hassle. 

How do you change my name on my Alaska Airlines account?

Passengers can contact the Alaska Airlines Customer Care Number for a name change on the Alaska Airlines account.

Do you need a middle name on airline tickets?

As noted above, there are not compulsory to put the middle name while making the reservations.
Passengers can easily travel even after they don’t have any middle name on airline tickets.

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