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Are you looking for information related to Alaska airlines? So here we come to provide all the information which is relatable to it such as Alaska airlines baggage charges, baggage policy, limits, and all.

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Alaska Airlines baggage charges

Like every other airline, Alaska airline have also their rules and norms regarding baggage charges and policy. Please read all the information below to know more about Alaska Airlines’ baggage policy.

Standard Bag Fees –

First Bag$30
Second Bag$40
Third + additional bag$100 each

Baggage charges may vary on peak seasons that can be checked per passenger. Certain items can be free from charges such as:

  • Car seats 
  • Strollers 
  • Mobility aids

Alaska Airlines baggage policy

Alaska Airlines ensures passenger’s baggage safety so that they all reach their destination without mishandling them, it’s our responsibility to make it happen. To learn more about it read all the information carefully.

In Alaska Airlines baggage policy people are allowed to carry-on bags plus one personal item such as:

  • Laptop computer 
  • Purse 
  • Briefcase. 

Prohibited Items –

Some items seem very common that can be used in workspace or home but they can also be so harmful when they are contaminated with air or carried by air. Pressure in flight or variation in temperature can cause leakage, initiation of fire, or generate toxic vapor. Some of the major items that can be very dangerous such as:

Explosives and flammable solids and liquids:

  • Fireworks
  • Signal flares 
  • Gunpowder
  • Lighter refills
  • Fuel Paints
  • Stern
  • Mothballs

Household items:

  • Solvents
  • Drain cleaners
  • Corrosive Solids and
  • Liquids

Non-Prohibited items –

They are listed as checked bags and carry-on bags.

Carry-on bags –

Electronic smoking devices must be kept on safety mode to prevent the ignition of fire or any accidental activity. Items such as:

  • E-Cigarette 
  • USB charged cigar
  • Cigarette 
  • Breast milk 
  • Liquids, aerosols, or gels of 100ml or 3.4 oz.
  • Lithium batteries are installed in electronic devices in checked bags. 

Checked bags – 

  • Liquids, aerosols, or gels
  • Glass or wood pottery,
  • Personal air purifiers
  • Powder Like substance or powder
  • Sharp objects can consist of many items such as: 
  • Knives, cutting scissors, straight razors, ices-picks, folding or rectangle blades, box cutters

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Information about Alaska Airlines bag size limits –

The bag size limit for flight has been revised to 22”x 14”x 9”. It will include all the wheels and handles. Please make sure to measure your baggage before you fly so that items can fit in the overhead bin.

One of the items will be placed under the seat and another one can be placed in the overhead bin.

  • Hold luggage/ checked baggage– fee will be increased accordingly per bag
  • Sports equipment– it can be charged for certain items
  • Oversized/overweight bag – Fee can be increased accordingly per weight and size of the bag.

Oversize / Overweight Luggage –

Bags under weigh51-100lbs – $100
Bags under equivalent dimension63 – 115″ – $100

What are the baggage fees for carry-on bags?

 Every airline has its limits for carry-on bags. So, people should read it carefully before boarding their flights. Alaska Airlines has determined the size limits of carry-on bags which is 22”x 14”x 9”. If these dimensions exceed then it would be automatically converted into checked baggage.

How many bags can you check for free on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, it is possible with Alaska Airlines that the passengers can avoid baggage fees or can make their first baggage free with the airlines. Like many airlines, Alaska airlines allow all the passengers with one personal item and carry-on bag to travel. Alaska airlines suggested to all the passengers to measure their carry-on bags after packing them to make sure if it’s soft-sided and also expandable. The carry-on bag should not exceed 22”x 14”x 9”. Although Alaska Airlines has not limited the dimension for the personal items, it must be enough to fit under the seat.

How do I avoid baggage fees on Alaska Airlines?

There are several ways to avoid baggage fees:

  • If the passenger is the primary cardholder for the account and has allotted Mileage Plan number with their alaska airlines reservation and is traveling with Alaska airlines then airlines will automatically waive off the amount of the first checked bag. This same can be done up to 6 for the passengers. With this card, passengers can get the benefit for free two checked bags per flight.
  • Passengers can also take the benefits with an Alaska airline visa signature card and an Alaska airline visa business credit card. With either card, passengers can get free baggage per flight along with their companions but with the same reservation.
  • If the passengers are serving in the US military, then you and your five companions can check-in free five bags per flight.
  • If a passenger booked the tickets for first class, then the passengers’ can check-in free of two baggage per flight. They can also get priority in boarding and avail security screening in airports.

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How strict is Alaska Airlines with carry-on luggage?

Alaska airlines are not very strict with the passengers but it is recommended to the passengers that the items they are carrying with them are not harmful or dangerous so that they are not able to carry them. It should be convenient to put it in the overhead bin and can lift easily without any help. It should not make any disturbances or hindrances to all the co-passengers and cabin crew team.

Passengers are not charged for the carry-on items but Alaska airlines recommends to all the passengers that they should be able to bear the carry-on bags and can manage them in the overhead bin without any assistance. Alaska Airlines has set the dimensions of 22”x 14”x 9” for the carry-on bags, so passengers should keep in mind to maintain the size of the bag.