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If you have planned to travel with Air France and somehow your plan change in the meanwhile then don’t worry. In this guide we will provide all the necessary details which will help you in getting a refund.

 While the Airlines can refuse to give a refund, it’s not very common.The Air France Refund Policy is highly consumer centric. If your ticket is refundable then you will surely and easily get the refund once you cancel the ticket.

 For this you can Contact the Air France Customer Service agent.He/She will provide you with all the necessary details regarding Air France Refund Policy and help you in getting the refund.

 The representative will try and help you figure out what was wrong with your booking, and will provide a refund (if applicable).

 If you have any trouble in cancelling or changing your Air France Flight then follow this comprehensive guide on it.

 Air France Refund Policy:

 Air France is a European low-cost Airlines and one of the world’s largest Airlines. It has a significant presence in the Caribbean, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

  The Airlines is one of the world’s most recognised brands and was awarded the Best Airline Brand Award by the 2004 Brand Finance World Airline Survey.

 Air France offers many different kinds of tickets, including tickets of partner Airlines such as British Airways or KLM. Refundability and non refundabilty of ticket depends on its type.

The refund policy also depend on the type of ticket you have bought, however there are some circumstances in which passengers can request a refund from Air France:

  Cancelled Travel

In case you have applied for Air France Cancellation and the reasons are beyond your control (e.g. bad weather) then do not worry. The fee for rebooking your flight is not refundable under these circumstances; you will have to contact the Airlines directly if you need to rebook your flight.

 Change of Flights

It happens for two reasons. Firstly as a result of a change in schedule and secondly due to technical issues or weather conditions that affect your travel plans .

  You can ask Air France for a full refund, but it will not be possible if you want to change the date/time of your flight back to when it was originally scheduled (for this case, we recommend asking for a partial refund).

 Changes in itineraries

This happens when Air France changes its itineraries, affecting travelling dates/timetables. For example, when it change its flight schedule from Paris–New York–Paris to New York–Paris–New York , it has no choice but to issue 100% refunds because their customers would not be able to fly any other way.

  How to get a Refund for Air France tickets

 If you have bought a ticket to fly with Air France or any other Airlines to Paris and then suddenly your plan change which mandate you to cancel your ticket then you can get refund in the following manner. If you have already purchased the flight ticket, go to official website of Air France .

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your account before continuing.
  2. When you arrive at Air France’s website, you will need to login with your username and password (same as when booking your flight).
  3. The following information will be shown on the screen.Firstly the name of the flight segment for which the refund was requested.Secondly the name of the person who made the request for a refund can be seen there.Thirdly the reason for the refund request can be seen there.Fourthly the date and time that the refund was requested can also be seen.
  4. Click on “refund request” under “Flight Info” in order to continue processing your request.
  5. Your flight may only be refunded depending on whether it is a first-class ticket or a first-class return ticket.
  1. If it is not a first class return ticket, then make sure that you also select “refund policy” under “Flight Info,” as shown above.
  2. It is important that if you are requesting a refund for a last minute flight, the date be at least three days before the departure date (three days before your departure date).
  3. Also, if your flight is departing from Paris or another city in France and landing outside Paris, make sure that the departure location has been indicated via an Airport’s name when selecting “transport.”
  4. Airport names are provided as links on Air France’s website for each Airport by clicking on one of these locations: – Orly Airport – CDG Airport – Charles de Gaulle Airport – Le Bourget Airport – Lille Airport – Lyon Airport – Marseille Airport – Nice Airport – Toulouse Airport – Venice International Airport

  Types of Air France Tickets

 Whether you’re a long-time Air France customer or a first-time user, you may have noticed that your air tickets have changed from time to time.

 This is not necessarily because the Airlines has made changes in policy related to the ticket (which can cost several thousand dollars), but due to the fact that Air France is an alliance member.

 This means that Air France has a “member-state” agreement with certain Airlines, which means that certain arrangements are in place with them.

 For example, American Airlines no longer offers full refunds on their flights if they are cancelled 30 minutes before the departure times. With Air France, it isn’t quite as extreme, but there are still some restrictions – especially if you’re flying economy class.

 In general, however, if you have a ticket booked on Air France and it fails to arrive within 6 hours of departure, your ticket will be considered “canceled” and will not be eligible for a refund or compensation once the flight leaves.

If you do find that your flight was delayed by more than 30 minutes a, then you will face a situation similar to what other Airlines users can face where their flight is not going to arrive at its scheduled time due to bad weather at the Airport (this is usually referred to as “airport rebooking fees”).

  In this case, when looking for compensation for your flight cancellation or delay by Air France, it may be more beneficial for both parties to negotiate directly with the Airlines rather than trying to get something out of the Airlines.

 How to get a refund for each type of Air France ticket

 Air France’s site is very easy to use. To get a refund, you need to follow these simple steps:

 1) Click on the red quote, “Refunds are not available for tickets bought on Air France.”

2) Select the type of ticket that you want to get a refund for (in this case, we are getting a refund for Economy Class).

3) Click on the blue button at the bottom of Air France’s page.

4) Enter your information.You will then be able to get a refund directly from Air France.

5) After you have submitted your request, you will be taken to the Air France website where you can check if your request was processed or not; and then follow up with them after receiving their confirmation email.


Do you want to fly with Air France? Are you planning a vacation in France? If so, you may want to check out this handy guide on how to get a refund for your Air France ticket.

 This article has given you an overview of the process and types of tickets that can be refunded.

Air France has a fairly straightforward refund policy: you’ll need to contact the Airlines directly and ask for a refund. This is normally done within 7 days of departure, but there are some cases where it can take up to two weeks.

 The main question here is whether or not your ticket is valid for a return flight. If your return flight is valid, the Airlines will give you a full refund within seven days of departure, and your information will be on file with them .

 If not, then try contacting Air France directly again and ask for the full cancellation fee back plus baggage fees (if any) and taxes. They will most likely agree at first but if they don’t then it’s worth checking with their agents in case there’s some kind of compensation available (which may happen).  As always, we recommend speaking with an experienced travel agent or agent at your departure Airport before making any travel plans, as well as having some printed copies of all necessary documents ready to go if needed (which isn’t usually needed). Air France reserves the right to contact, call, email, or text anyone at any time if they suspect fraud or wrongdoing.

Can I cancel an Air France flight within 24 hours?

Yes, regardless of the fare selected, all passengers can cancel their flight within twenty-four hours from the time they have booked the flight without being charged an Air France cancellation fee.

How long it takes for Air France refund?

Refund requests typically take 7 days to process however may also soak up to numerous weeks because of the huge quantity of requests for refund. If there are numerous tickets or paid alternatives on your reserving file, your vouchers can be despatched separately.