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Air France is the national flag carrier of France. Its headquarters are in Paris. It has its global hub at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The top destinations for Air France are Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse ad many more. The frequent flyer program at Air France is known as Flying Blue. The fleet size is 216 for Air France. The total destinations covered by Air France are 211.

Modes to do a Reservation!

Talking about the ways to book a flight both offline and online, you can book Air France Airlines flight tickets online at the ease and comfort of your home as well as offline through agents or airport.

Online Flight Bookings: You can book your Air France Airlines tickets online by going on their official site or other travel partners like, etc.

The site gives you several options when you open it along with two options to book the flight that are:

1-Book Flight- In this option you have to select a few preferences like round trip or one way, the number of passengers. Then you have to select which class you wish to travel in like economy, premium economy, business or LA premiere.

The next thing you have to select is where your departure is from and the arrival spot. You also need to select the travel dates to get you the best and cheapest flights according to the timings and prices.

When you are done filling all these details there’s another option which is optional that is whether you are travelling for work. If you are taking a work trip you can select that option or leave it otherwise. You’re almost done with that you just have to click search flights.

Now you can see the different flight prices and timings available. Selecting the best option according to your needs will take you to the final step of making the payment. You can easily make payments online using Diners club, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, and UATP/Airplus. Please take a note that some banks charge the bank fees for online payments. The payments made through Visa, Maestro or Mastercard are subject to 3D secure payment authentication.

2-Book Flight With Miles- Booking flight with miles is termed as flying blue. Wondering how this works? This is as simple as booking flights normally is. Whenever you spend on purchasing a flight ticket from Air France Airlines you earn miles. You can collect these miles on different things like flight bookings, hotel bookings, food and beverages, vacation packages, car rentals etc.

You have to follow the same procedure in booking flight tickets with miles. Select round trip or one way, number of passengers travelling, the class you wish to travel in economy, premium economy, business or LA premiere. Then selecting the departure from and arrival destination, selecting the travel dates so you can be directed to the pricing page. Work travel will also give you some deals and discounts on your reservation.

Booking your tickets online will give you some benefits. You can search for the flight any day anytime. You can avail discounts using relevant internet discount codes. You can also save up on the extra service fee that you need to pay offline. Booking for additional luggage online will charge you lesser amount. Also the payment methods are flexible.

3-Offline Flight Bookings- For the offline flight bookings you will have to make a little extra effort. Calling the airport staff or visiting the airport or you can also book your tickets through travel agents. The agents charge some extra amount which is their fee for providing you with tickets in hand at the comfort of your home or office. You can also book the ticket online and make the payment offline with the reservation policy. You just have to contact our ticketing office and they will help you complete the payment at your convenience and also provide you with travel advice.

Refer this information to get help with Reservations and other details about the Airlines:

Air France Reservations800-237-2747
Customer Service1-800-237-2747
For More Information visit –Air France Airlines

How To Make The Reservation reservation?

When you open the Air France official site you get several options you need to select from.

BOOK A FLIGHT- For booking a flight you need to select your preferences from the options given. The options given there are:

  • Round Trip or One Way
  • The number of passengers travelling
  • Booking Class- Economy, Premium Economy, Business or LA Premiere.
  • Departure from (Name of the place)
  • Arrival at (Name of the place)
  • Travelling Dates
  • Travelling for Work (Optional)

You need to fill these details step by step which will take you to the page where you can see the flights available at different time and different prices from where you can select which one suits you the best. The next and last step is to make the payment.

Air France Airline gives you different options of making the payments. You can use AIR FRANCE KLM- AMERICAN EXPRESS, American Express, Diners Club, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron and UATP/Airplus. Also in some countries bank charges are applicable for making payments. Payments done through Visa, Mastercard or Maestro may be subject to 3D secure payment authentication.

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Documents You Need To Book Your Flight

When you are making Air France Airlines Reservations there are a few documents you need to have for your personal identity proof. Also, while you are travelling you need to carry along some documents like id card, passport for international flights etc.  

  1. Documents needed for Booking the Flight- You will be needing an identity proof and age proof. In case of travelling internationally passport will also be required.
  2. Travelling- While you are travelling by Air France Airline you will be needing an identity proof to be shown at the airport and also at the time of check-in for all domestic and international flights. When travelling internationally you also need to carry the passport along.

How To Check The Reservations Status?

When you need to check the reservation status of your Air France Airlines Reservation you can search for the PNR option on the Air France Airline website and click on the bar that says ‘click here’. You will be directed to the page where you can check the status of your reservation within seconds by adding your PNR number or booking id. This is known to be one of the several features available which is mostly used by the customers.

You can also review or modify your reservation by adding meals, additional baggage etc.

Bookings and reservation status checking is made simpler these days all thanks to Air France Airlines for providing everything under one website. For any query contact Air France Customer Services.

FAQs about Reservations

Here are a few Frequently asked Questions about Air France Airlines Reservations that might help you.

1. What is Fly Blue Program?

It is a program where you can fly with Air France by using miles you earned previously.

2. How can you earn new miles?

You can earn new miles every time you spend on Air France , and KLM flights. You can also earn miles by the extra amount you spent on additional baggage or food. Before you finish the booking, you’ll know the amount of miles you’ll be earning.

3. What are the perks of Miles?

You can use miles to reserve your tickets. Also if you are short on miles you can pay some amount in cash as well. Bookings made simpler with Miles.

4. What card benefits you will get?

 You will earn 3 miles for every $1 spent on Air France, Royal Dutch Airlines, KLM and SkyTeam member purchases.  

  1. miles per $1 spent on all the other purchases.

No foreign transaction fees.  

Upon approval you’ll get 60XP (Experience Points)

5. What is elite Mastercard?

You will be getting 25000 bonus miles if you spend $1000 or more for the total purchases in the first 90 days of your account opening.