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Are you in a situation where you are willing to transfer your flight tickets to someone else? Then, at least your flight ticket won’t completely go to waste. So, now you’re looking for information on Air Canada Ticket Transfer to Another Person.

Well, you’re at the right place if you are. So, continue reading this blog to know all about it.

Can passengers transfer their Air Canada tickets to another person?

No, Passengers can’t transfer their tickets to someone else. There is no policy or rule for transferring tickets to another person. 

Most airlines in business don’t have such a policy by which the transfer of tickets can be done. Therefore, if passengers are willing to transfer their ticket to someone else. They can simply cancel their tickets and then make the rebooking in another person’s name.  

Making cancelations within 24 hours of the risk-free period won’t ask you for any cancellation fee. Also, passengers will receive their full refund from the respective airlines. New bookings can be made by using these refunds.

Reasons why Air Canada Ticket Transfer to Another Person is Not Allowed

There are several reasons why airlines don’t allow any transfer of tickets for passengers.

  1. Airlines Security

If passengers make the transfer of tickets to another person without the consent of airlines. This will be considered an illegal act and risk the security of airlines.

Moreover, if tickets are transferred to another person. There will be a problem while boarding due to the mismatched information of the original passenger and transferred ticket passengers at the airport. As the airline is not aware to whom the tickets have been transferred. 

Also, airlines are free to take legal action or blacklist both passengers from the airline’s system.

  1. To Avoid Speculation

If Air Canada allows passengers to transfer their original tickets to another person, there are chances that passengers will start reselling their tickets as an illegal third-party dealer at a very high price. Therefore, to avoid these circumstances, several airline groups don’t allow ticket transfers to another person.

  1. The decline in the Revenue

If passengers flying with Air Canada are allowed to transfer their tickets to another person. As noted above, their high chances of passengers buying their tickets from a third party that is not authorized to avoid the high prices offered by the airlines.

For example, some dealers purchase airline tickets for less price. Then resell them to the passengers at an affordable but higher price. When the airline’s ticket rises, their ticket cost. 

This effect the revenue growth of the airline. That’s why Air Canada Transfer Ticket to another person are prohibited. 

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Alternative to Air Canada Ticket Transfer to Another Person

The only way is if the flyer wants to transfer their tickets to another person. They need to cancel their original tickets and then rebook a new ticket for another passenger. As airlines don’t allow or offer any policy through which tickets can be transferred to another person. 

Therefore, passengers can make a new reservation payment by the refunded amount they received after making cancelation their original tickets.

To proceed with your cancelation, request hassle-free; make sure to understand its policy and procedure.

Air Canada Cancelation Policy 

  • Passengers can cancel their tickets through online and offline modes.
  • Airlines don’t accept cancelation requests for tickets booked through third-party. 
  • Passengers can request cancelation within 24 hours of ticket purchase which is free of cost.
  • After 24 hours airline will ask for a cancelation fee that starts from $200 and on your fare type.
  • If passengers are traveling on Non-refundable tickets, they are not eligible for a price refund.
  • Rather than they will receive ticket vouchers or future credits.
  • Airlines do refund the full amount for refundable tickets if requested within 24 hours of ticket purchase. 
  • Make sure to request cancelation 7 days before your initial flight departure.
  • Passengers can also make cancelation 2 hours before the flight departure in case of emergency. 

Air Canada Cancellation Procedure

Passengers traveling with Air Canada can make their ticket cancelation requests by two different modes provided by airlines.

  1. Online Mode 
  • Firstly, visit the Air Canada Airlines official website.
  • Secondly, click on Manage Bookings.
  • Next, enter your six-digit reference code and your last name.
  • Afterward, click on continue.
  • Therefore, the screen will provide you with the details regarding your original flight tickets.
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘Cancel’ tab.
  • Next, make the payment for cancelation if required.
  • Afterward, click on proceed.
  • Lastly, wait for the confirmation message or mail of your Air Canada Ticket cancelation.
  1. Offline Mode

There are two offline modes offered by Air Canada Airlines that can help passengers to proceed with their cancelation requests. 

  • Via Customer Care service. 

Passengers are free to call at airline’s customer care number. If they are unable to make their cancelation request by online procedure. Therefore, flyers can visit the airline’s official website and click on the helpline number that will connect to the airline’s live representative. The airline representatives are there 24/7 to help the passengers and to solve the issues regarding the bookings and the airline. Moreover, make the payment if required.

  • Via Ticket Counter service.

Airlines also provide another offline mode known as ticket counter service to their passengers. If passengers are unable to reach out to airlines customer care. They can directly visit these ticket counters and ask them to make your ticket cancelation request.

Moreover, passengers can also ask for further details if they are facing any other issues regarding the airlines. 

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Air Canada Rebooking Policy

Air Canada offers its passengers a flexible rebooking policy. Through this flyer can make their rebooking’s easily without any hassle. As noted above, after cancelling the tickets passengers receive a refund. If it’s a non-refundable ticket then the airline will provide flyers with travel vouchers and coupons. Therefore, airlines refund the full amount to the flyers if they are traveling on refundable tickets.

Air Canada Rebooking Procedure. 

Rebooking can be a little stressful for the passengers. As they have to go through to complete all the formalities again. Well, below mentioned rebooking procedure that will help passengers to make the rebooking.

  1. Online Method
  • Firstly, visit the official website of Air Canada.
  • Secondly, click on ‘My Bookings’.
  • Next, enter your six-digit reference code and your last name.
  • Then, click on find.
  • Therefore, the next page will provide you with the history of your previous reservations
  • Next, select the bookings you want to rebook.
  • Afterward, details will appear on your screens regarding your flight.
  • Then, click on rebook tab from the change flight option.
  • Therefore, fill in all the details of your new flight.
  • Along with the details of passengers and press find. 
  • Afterward, select your preferred flight from the available options.
  • Select your desired seat from the seat map.
  • Next, click on Save Changes.
  • Afterward, make the payment if required. 
  • Wait for the confirmation message or mail of your Air Canada rebooking.
  • Lastly, the airline will provide E-tickets to the passengers on their respective screens and via their email.
  1. Offline Method. 

Two offline methods are offered to the passengers that help to rebook tickets with ease.

  • Via Customer Care Service

Passengers can contact to airline’s customer care service by visiting the airline’s official website. Therefore, passengers need to follow the IVR instructions. This will lead them to the live agent of the respective airline. Then, passengers can ask them to make rebooking on their behalf. Although, passengers have to submit all the details regarding their new desired flight and passengers’ details. Lastly, make the payment and get your e-tickets from the airline.

  • Via Airport Ticket Counter

Passengers also get the facility of ticket counter by the airlines. Through, this service passengers can directly go to the ticket counter. Along with all the details regarding the new flight and also passengers’ information. Therefore, visit there and ask them to rebook the flight on your behalf. Lastly, make the payment if required.

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Does an Air Canada ticket transfer to another person possible?

As noted above, Air Canada doesn’t have any policy that allows passengers to transfer tickets to another person. 

Can passengers get their money back if cancel the airline tickets?

Yes, passengers are eligible to get their money back only if they cancel their refundable tickets.

How much do passengers have to pay for rebooking?

Airlines don’t charge any rebooking fee if made within 24 hours of ticket cancelation. Although, if done after the risk-free period of 24 hours, then the fee depends on the fare of your tickets.