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Is it enjoyable to become a sandwich into economy class on a long-haul flight? Of course, the answer is no. However, if you are traveling long-distance, the business class offers significantly more personal space and luxury, and if you play your cards right, you won’t have to spend a fortune to upgrade. So, let’s look at the inexpensive way in this blog to move closer to the front of the plane.

Is Air Canada’s seat upgrading to business class worth it?

Every passenger feels important when flying in Business Class. It enables individuals who need to work while traveling to do so in a relaxed setting. You just receive more of everything in Business Class, so if it won’t save you a lot of money or break the bank, it might not be worth it for you. However, the Air Canada business class seat upgrade is worthwhile.

Types of Upgrades

There are a few different sorts of airplane upgrades to be aware of to get an Air Canada seat upgrade:

●      E-Upgrades:

Upgrade with Air Canada’s credit card. These tickets are valid on Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge flights.

●      AC Bid Upgrade:

Bid cash to upgrade any economy or premium economy ticket. Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge are eligible.

●      Last Minute Upgrade Purchase:

Upgrade using cash or a self-service check-in kiosk upon check-in. This initiative aims to fill seats that might otherwise be left vacant just before departure.

●      Star Alliance Upgrade Awards:

You can use currencies from other airlines to upgrade your Air Canada and Air Canada Express tickets with participating partners.

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About Last Minute Air Canada Seat Upgrade Purchases

  • Upgrade purchases made at the last minute are subject to availability.
  • The cost of the Last-Minute Air Canada Seat Upgrade is determined by the flight segment for which it is purchased.
  • The following items are not included for purchase as part of the Last-Minute Upgrade:
    • Air Canada offers codeshare flights and flights operated by other airlines.
    • Bookings with more than one traveler are permitted if one of the passengers does not feel willing to upgrade.
    • Not all guests can be confirmed when more than one person is booked in a Business Class or Premium Economy cabin.

Highlights of the Last-Minute Air Canada Seat Upgrade Purchase –

Treat yourself to the comfort of Business Class!

  1. You may be offered a Last-Minute Upgrade Purchase to the Premium Economy cabins or Business Class the next time you check in online, on your mobile device, or at a self-service Check-in Kiosk.
  2. Experience the comfort and enhanced benefits of Business Class and Premium Economy travel, including premium wines, spirits, cuisine, and lie-flat beds on most international flights, priority boarding, and security clearance.

Last Minute Air Canada Seat Upgrade Terms & Conditions

  • Prices are determined by the specific flight segment for which the Last-Minute Upgrade Purchase is requested.
  • Last Minute Upgrades are subject to availability in the Executive class and are not offered on all flights or markets.
  • Prices differ by flight and market and will be decided and provided to the consumer only during the check-in process. The customer will make the final purchasing choice for all qualifying flight parts of his itinerary.
  • All relevant taxes are included in the Last-Minute Upgrade Purchase price.
  • Passengers accrue miles, including Air Canada status mileage, in accordance with the initial fare choice paid.
  • Customers who purchase a last-Minute Air Canada seat upgrade from cannot be guaranteed a Business Class dinner service.

How to buy a Last-Minute Air Canada Seat Upgrade:

You can complete your Last-Minute Air Canada Seat Upgrade Purchase. Please refer to the table below:

Within 24 hours of departure, at Web Check-in or on your mobile device, and at least:45 mins before departure for flights within Canada;1 hour before departure for flights between Canada and the U.S.;One hour before departure for all other international flights departing from Canada
Within 12 hours of departure, at a self-service Check-in Kiosk, and at least:45 mins before departure for flights within Canada;1 hour before departure for flights between Canada and the U.S.;One hour before departure for all other international flights departing from Canada


You can upgrade to business or first class based on the availability of the flights with Air Canada. If possible, you can bid on the upgrade or pay for it. You have the option of paying at the last minute. Upgrades are available up to 24 hours before your flight. As long as there are still available seats in business class or first class ten days before departure, bidding will be possible. Contact the customer service staff in case of any concerns or need help upgrading.

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1. How much does an upgrade to business class on Air Canada cost?

The cost of upgrading from an economy or premium economy to a business begins at about $400. After that, most improvements cost up to $1000.

2. Is it possible to change seats on an Air Canada flight?

After purchasing a trip on Air Canada’s website, you can alter your seat. If you bought a discounted ticket, you probably couldn’t modify it. If you purchased a completely flexible fare, changing it will only cost you a few dollars.

3. How can I receive a free Air Canada upgrade?

If you are a frequent flier with elite status, you are more likely to earn a free upgrade. Join the airline’s rewards programs; for example, Air Canada Altitude can assist you in receiving an upgrade on your travel.

4. How much more is a business class ticket than an economy ticket?

A business class ticket is often three to four times the cost of an economy class ticket. So, yes, it is dependent on the route you take and the level of competition. It will also affect where you may depart from.

5. Is Air Canada Seat Upgrade worth it?

The process of upgrading is often lengthy. Unless you are tall and concerned about legroom, paying for an upgrade on a short flight is generally not worth it. On the other hand, you might be relieved that you spent a bit more on transcontinental flights since you’ll receive a private cabin and even lie-flat chairs.