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The entire globe is going through the strangest but the most interesting of times, where people are yearning for their loved ones sitting thousands of miles away from them and at the same time ruminating about all the moments, they could have made that reservation and flown to see their family and friends. Therefore, it’s your time to seize the opportunity by making an reservations right now.

Air Canada Airlines was founded on 10th April 1937 as Trans-Canada Airlines. Air Canada is a flag carrier is considered the largest airline in Canada crediting to its fleet size and the passengers it carries.  It is headquartered in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It has a fleet size of 166 and provides air transport to 222 destinations worldwide. Air Canada has an impressive list of subsidiaries as well. It is the founding member of the largest alliance, named Star Alliance. Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), Vancouver International Airport (YVR), and Montreal-Trudeau International Airport(YUL) are its largest major hubs.

Air Canada has come a long way from being declared almost bankrupt to reconstructing themselves to this huge status. Air Canada was named “Best Airlines in South America “by Skytrax.
The philanthropic side of Air Canada shines through their Air Canada Foundation which focuses on providing financial support to improving children’s health and general well-being, by connecting them to advanced and quick medical care and tools to alleviate poverty.

Air Canada Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Planning to make an Air Canada Airlines reservation, but don’t know where to begin? The highly trained and compassionate Air Canada Customer Support team would resolve all your doubts with blink of an eye.  The assistance is provided 24*7 in a plethora of languages and further translations to bring ease to the process.

How to make an Air Canada Airlines Reservations

Air Canada operates on world class technology when it comes to making reservations , in terms of their online and offline reservation platforms.  The reservation process is simple and hassle free. The official website of Air Canada provides multiple icons on their screen which when clicked , direct you to the Air Canada Reservations Phone Number and further, to the Customer Support  who guides you to the best of their abilities , thus resolving your queries(if any) . The website is updated regularly to keep people know about exclusive offers and deals. A pop up square shaped sticker on the right of screen is also designed to save time consumption and bring ease into the reservation process.

Reservations via Online modes

  1. Air Canada Official Website– The official website of Air Canada is and offers multitude of ways to book a flight. The website is designed in such a way that all touch points of your travel itinerary are taken care of. Starting from zeroing on a destination, booking a flight, finding the cheapest deals, to hotels and rented cars and pick up; everything is just a click away.
  • Air Canada Mobile App If going through the website, somehow feels like a bother ,or the website connectivity is down, Air Canada also has their Mobile App, infused with the latest updates. Air Canada Airlines reservations number is also provided to check up on latest updates and deals.

Reservations via Offline modes

If you are someone who struggles with technology or simply prefers in-person connection, then Air Canada offers two simple offline ways to solve your problem.

At the airport: The staff at the airport is highly professional and empathetic. Once you reach at the airport, ask any staff to point you towards the Help Desk, rest assured you will be given proper assistance.

Air Canada Airline Reservations Number: Air Canada provides round- the- clock customer support assistance in a plethora of countries to cross that language barrier. The reservations and queries are dealt without any unnecessary need of putting you on hold.

Air Canada Airlines Reservations Phone Number and details

  • Air Canada Airlines Reservations Number                    1-855 -695- 0023
  • Customer Service USA                                                      1(888) 247- 2262

 (The numbers mentioned above are toll-free unless stated otherwise.)

Making a reservations via Website (Step by step)

Open the Website – Visit Official Website Of Air Canada on your electronic device. The website is designed in such a way that all the required details and links are mentioned on the Home page itself.  You can easily switch to the language of your choice as well

Flights Tool – Click on the icon named Flights with an airplane icon next to it. Select the currency and type Aeroplan points (if any) . Type the destination, number of passengers travelling (adults or kids), class(Business/ Economy) . Type a promotional code, in case given to you.

Best Match – Specify the dates of your trip and/if it’s a round trip. Click on the icon that says Find, and you will be directed to the flight schedule that best matches to your requirements. You will get a notification confirming your booking.

Please keep your Air Canada Reservations Number handy with you at all times.

Additional Perks – The website offers several choices in terms of Hotels and Cars for rental. Pick one that fits you the most and the hassle to look for hotels and transport on other sites, is completely eliminated.

Documents Required

  • When you are booking the flight, make sure you have your passport updated to avoid last panic. An identity proof such as Aadhaar Card , apart from passport is advised.
  • It is essential for children, regardless of age to carry all the required documents including but not limited to valid passport with them, at all times. The legal parent/guardian travelling with the minor must also have proper travel documents along with the permission and documents evidence of relationship with the minor.
  • If there is no legal parent/guardian present with the minor, it is mandatory to inform the airlines in advance so that further inconvenience can be avoided, as every country has different guidelines regarding the same
  • The documents declaring you COVID-19 negative are mandatory to be carried with you and shown at all check points
  • Air Canada asks you to show Electronic Travel Authorization as a requirement if you are travelling to/via Canada , if not a Canadian, US Citizen, or permanent citizen of Canada.
  • Carry a copy of Air Canada seat reservations with you to ease the process check-ins.

 Checking the Reservation Status

In order to make their customers feel relaxed and secure from the moment they book a flight to the moment they deboard and beyond, Air Canada has an impeccable assistance system. Any query or complaint can be forwarded to the Support team via different methods. By clicking the ‘Help’ icon on the official ,Air Canada website, the potential customer is exposed to a plethora of options. From intelligently designed FAQs to assistance regarding booking, boring and Cancellation of Air Canada Flights, every minute detail is mentioned. Furthermore if you are still not satisfied and wants further help with anything, 24*7 help is provided.

To check your booking, click on the My Bookings icon on Home page. Enter your Ticket Number/Booking Reference and Your Last name, and you will be directed to your bookings.

Similarly, if you want to check the status of your flight, click on the icon saying Flight Status . It shows two ways to check your flight status, one is By flight number and the other By Route.

 Air Canada Airlines Reservations- Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cookie policy of Air Canada Official Website?

The website uses cookies to make the user experience better and fuss free and therefore it would advisable to use the cookies.

2. Do Aeroplan points come with an expiration date?

As long as stay active. The points won’t expire. With that being said, if there has been absolutely no activity in your account for 18 months, that is no points have been earned, redeemed or converted , the points will expire and go to waste

3.What is the carry-on baggage policy of Air Canada?

Regardless of your location, you are free to bring one standard article and one personal article. The dimensions for the personal articles should not exceed 33*16*43cm and of that of standard article is 55*23*40cm. These maximum dimensions, also includes wheels and handles. There is however no weight limit that applies to the carry-on baggage, it is advised to keep them light to secure the comfort of passengers.

For restricted and prohibited item, please go through the list, available on their website.

4. What is ticket-refund policy of Air Canada?

In case you have already travelled, then fill the Ticket Refund Application form, very conveniently located on the website and get access to the all the details.

In case you have not travelled yet and you have booked at official site , them click on Cancel your Booking Online. Your refund process will start immediately.

If you have booked with Air Canada Agent, it is advised to contact Customer Support directly.

If the booking is done by a travelling agent or any other website then you should them first and resolve your issue.

  • How do I cancel my reservations online?

Click on Manage by Bookings tab at the top of the homepage of the official website, find your booking, click on Cancel my booking and after following some easy steps as guided, you will be able to cancel your booking.